• 02/07/2009, 01:09PM ET

who has the better fantasy team.[redwing list first]

husky pride (10-104-3) vs Somebody of Note (43-13-5)

obviously me here is my team but before i start this tourney is between members of nba fanz debating on who has the better fantasy basketball team. heres mine.

Pg- Jason Terry

Sg- Kobe Bryant

Sf- Danny Granger

Pf- Zack Randolph

C- Mehmet Okur

6th man- Derrick Rose

just look at that team i have the future nba rookie of the year, and 2 all stars plus 4 20 ppg scorers

I might as well copy and paste my opening argument from the Joe Dew TD here. As much as I hate list-first Throwdowns, I'll take pity on your soul. One slight change, though.

PG: Tony Parker
SG: Andre Iguodala
SF: Rashard Lewis
PF: David West
C: Dwight "Superman" Howard
6th: Tayshaun Prince

My team isn't the only thing I'll be listing though.

Offense: Dribble-Drive Motion

For the uninformed, this is the offensive style that was used by the University of Memphis last year with great success. It revolves around one post player playing under the basket (Howard), and four players on the perimeter. The point guard drives to the basket, then kicks out if pressured. It relies on the players' decision making, speed, and often explosiveness to score.

Defense: Man-to-Man

I think that is self-explanatory. Each player is tasked with defending another.

Good luck!

while talented your team is not as good as mine for a few reasons. i have you beat at the sg,pf,sf,and 6th man position. now to do a head on head comparison.

heres why i dont needa sg comparison obviously.

sf is a bit odf a competition but danny is the beter all star player and averges about 22 ppg and about 6 rpg to.

pf is hard to say but azch has more ppg [22] more rebounds per game [10] and is the better all around player with a more diverse and versatile game.

at the 6th man it is obvious with derrick rose who is already a play maker who has an amzaing upside

Basketball isn't made up of a tiny bunch of head-to-head matchups. Basketball is a TEAM game. What is this Throwdown about? To create the greatest fantasy TEAM. Plus, your logic is flawed.

There are certain things that you need to take into account here. One is the DDM and its effectiveness. The other is defense.

My players fit into the DDM perfectly. Tony Parker is an incredible driving point guard, and an incredible scorer. He's very smart, very savvy, and is a very capable passer. He's the perfect guy to run this dynamic offense. If he feels pressure, then he can either kick it out to Iguodala, another great driver and scorer, or Lewis, another big strong driver who can bomb it from three (41.5% this year). Then there's West, an old-school guy with a fine mid-range jumper. Under the basket, Howard will quite simply eat Okur like a fat Turkish guy eats a plate of baklava. He will be a monster rebounder, ridiculous scorer (think talented Joey Dorsey), and lock-down defender.

On D, Kobe will be a tough task, but everybody else can be totally shut down by my guys. Your team will get next to nothing around the basket. Zach won't be able to bully Howard and push him around.

you think no one on my team plays defense come on. danny granger is one of the top guys each year in steals and zach is always getting blocks. another thing you can not deny that kobe is one of the best defensive players in the league with the task of guarding and succeding at guardign the best players in the nba. plyus okur can kick out and rebound.

Well, I've perused through your 1,300 characters of debate. Suffice it to say that your arguments are so ugly that you could put a box over its head and still not protect everyone around them from the stank.

First of all, Randolph does not have a very versatile game... and nowhere near as diverse as West's. Randolph's strengths are pushing his opponents around underneath the basket. Against Howard, he isn't going to have that weakling to push over and take advantage of. He's going to have no room against the long beast. Meanwhile, on D, he will be unaccustomed to playing from outside the paint thanks to the DDM, and West can quite easily take advantage of the fact that Zach is not fleet of foot.

If you think Memo will slow down Dwight, then I have an oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you. Dwight is the linchpin of this offense, and he will take advantage of a soft inside to become an automatic bucket.

Okay, Kobe's a great defender. Who are you going to put him on? Tony? AI? Reshard? Whoever he shades to, that means that there will be a scoring stud just waiting for a bomb or a slash. That's the thing about this team running the DDM: there will always be an open stud.


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