• 02/15/2009, 12:53PM ET

Top 5 Sleeper teams that can make the Final Four (list first)

mizzourah8108 (1-4-0) vs Agrippa: (120-61-23)




Michigan State

Louisiana State

Define sleeper. Well its obvious we are not going to argue logic here and are going to get into what ifs. Teams I'm going with teams that could make it outside of the final four I have now.

Michigan State - You can never count a season coach like Izzo out.

Texas - They have one of the best back courts in the nation wit Mason , James and Abrams. They have been on a slide but have bounced back with some solid wins. This is a 7 loss team that beat Villinova , Wisconsin and UCLA.

Clemson - That win over Duke in impressive manner was a performance to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball. Coach K doesnt lose like that often.

Kansas - Another coach that gets it done in Self. Despite loosing their top 3 scorers Kansas is 20-5 in a tough Big 12 conference. Probably the deepest team talent wise in the Big 12

Memphis - Another team that has bounced back from losing its stars to the draft, Freshman phenom Tyreke Evans has lead them to wins over the Vols and Zags. John Calipari has been a brilliant coach this season and should carry over into the tourney.

Sleeper, for me right now is a couple different meanings. A team that wasnt exactly expected to be so great, or not as great as what everyone expected. Or maybe a team that has just lacked over the season.

How is Memphis not a Sleeper? I'm pretty sure not too many people picked them to even go to the Elite 8 this year. They are a young team that lost some of there Natl Championship contenders. Making the Final Four would be HUGE for this team.

For your Kansas, I was going to pick them, But I think Kansas can make the Elite 8 and possibly the Final Four.

Louisiana State is 21-4 and is NOT ranked. They will make a statemant in the Ncaa Tourny and I have this team winning the SEC. This team, that I have should eliminate all the choices. They are the biggest sleeper team right now. Looking at there schedule they have a real nice shot at winning out.

Missouri. Who would disagree? This team was a 8th place predicted team in the Big 12 this season. They are currently 3rd in the Big 12 and 2 games from first and 1st from 2nd. Another team that wasnt expected to be any good and has climbed there way all up to 17 and has a great chance to be in the Top 10.

Well my sleeper is clearly defined. Anyone outside of my final 4 in this case. You chose some gimme picks.

"How is Memphis not a Sleeper?" - Tigers are on my list. Mute point.

"For your Kansas, I was going to pick them, But I think Kansas can make the Elite 8 and possibly the Final Four." - So you agree with me. Not a solid tactic.

LSU has only one quality win which was over Tennessee. No one knows if they are capable of playing with the more talented teams in the nation because they have not faced any.

Now Mizzou has a decent squad and I see that you are homer and all but lets get real.

Only real quality win was over Texas and you squeaked by Kansas by 2 points.

If a rematch were to happen I would take Bill Self and the Jayhawks over Mike Anderson and the Tigers easily.

Tigers fans got all pumped up last year in football and what happened with that. They have put together a nice run but lets not over do it.

Bot Texas and Kansas have been to the final four and know what it takes. Both teams have coaches and players who have been there. Tigers dont.

Missouri- Yes It is my homer pick. But stranger things have happend and this team is very capable of winning anything if they can play up to their potential. Missouri could very well beat Kansas in Lawrence this year, I mean come on Missouri had there worst team in years in 2006 and lost by 3 At Kansas LOL.

LSU. Is 21-4. I dont care what you say, A team like LSU should be ranked right now, So that makes them a sleeper for sure. But with the lack of success last year, is what is putting them down. But you see bad teams in the top 25 this year that was **** last year, So why cant LSU. Clearly doesnt make sence. No love for the tigers of LSU. Again LSU is the biggest sleeper out of both our list.

"Missouri- Yes It is my homer pick. But stranger things have happend " - With all do respect Pitt can could also find and bag the ever elusive unicorn and Fizzle could bang the ever elusive.....female. Anything is possible.

Traditionally athleticism and coaching wise the odds are against them. UT and Kansas have both reached the Final Four in the last 10 years. Tigers haven't been past the second round since 2002 with two NIT first round exits in between.

If we are going to argue subjectively we might as well discuss what is more plausible. KU and UT making it and being real "sleepers". Or the Tigers who have not played in the post season the last 3 years and also happen to be your home team?

LSU is a great pick but they have not played anyone. If Im making sleeper picks for the Final Four Im going with

A. Coach and deep team in Kansas
B. Coach and deep team in Texas that has beaten formidable opponents this season already.

LSU lacks bot A and B's strong points.


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