• 02/27/2009, 10:05PM ET

March Madness of TDs Sweet 16: Top 5 NFL QBs ever, Outlaw vs Metsfan

CuntryBlumpkin (305-247-64) vs Mets Fan: (83-29-4)

Good luck Mets Fan

My list is here...

1. Joe Montana-

Call him a system QB all you want, but he is a pheonominal QB, and he put up the big stats, and he has a ring on 4 fingers, I doubt he will be taken off of your list, but this was an easy number 1 for me.

2. Johnny Unitas-

Again, not a very surprising pick, Johnny U definitely goes on the list, and you can't deny his talent, and he backed the talent up with his ring.

3. Otto Graham-

Never won a Super Bowl, but he did manage to win 7 NFL championships in 10 years, and made the title game every year, stats can be deceiving here as he played in a completely different era than most of the other candidates, but I have to have Otto on here.

4. John Elway-

Homer pick, but he certainly deserves a spot, he lost a few Super Bowls in there, but those teams had no business in the Super Bowl, and John took them there, he has the stats, and he went out on top with his 2 rings.

5. Dan Marino-

Never won a ring, or he would be higher, but he was setting all the records in his day, the stats don't lie, Dan belongs in the top 5.

and no, I'm not kidding, Brett Favre is not on my list.

My list:

1. Joe Montana

2. Johnny Unitas

3. Otto Graham

4. *Dan Marino

5. *John Elway

Good Luck Outlaw.

Expected some new QBs to be thrown in there, but this will have to do I guess.

I say Elway is better than Marino for a few reasons.

1. Dan never won a Super Bowl, and winning a ring is what the ultimate goal is, Marino may have set the records, but he doesn't hold them anymore, and he never won a Super Bowl, and only made 1 Super Bowl, and the guy actually had a decent team around him.

2. Elway did lose his first few Super Bowls, but those Denver teams should have never sniffed the Super Bowl, and John lead them there, the guy was clutch, and when Denver finally got John a halfway decent team, he won back to back Super Bowls.

3. Johns Elwaycould run the ball much better than Marino, and a two dimensional QB is always a plus if they can put the ball on target, and nobody ever questioned Elway's arm, or his accuracy or his legs.

4. Elway was the king of the 4th quarter comeback, he lead many memorable drives to win the game, remember "The Drive." Elway was more clutch, and a better QB.

Dan Marino is better than John Elway.

Here's why:

1) Marino- 61,361 passing yards
Elway- 51,475 passing yards

Marino- 420 tds
Elway- 300 tds

Marino- 86.4 QB Rating
Elway- 79.9 QB rating

Marino- 7.3 AVG
Elway- 7.1 AVG

Marino- 59.4 completion %
Elway- 56.9 completion %

I think I made my point, Marino has the better stats, and is the better player.

2) Marino played from 1983 to 1999. John Elway played from 1983 to 1998. You'd think the stats would be closer between the two QB's. Even so, Marino manages to have more than 100 tds than Elway, and almost 10,000 more passing yards than him. This also shows that Marino is the better player.

3) Marino never led the Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl, but he led the Fins to the playoffs 10 out of his 17 seasons. One of those 10 years they went to the playoffs, they were in the AFC championship game, and almost went to the Super Bowl.

4) John Elway holds an undesirable record for most times being sacked (516).

Dan Marino is better than John Elway.

Dan Marino even admitted that what you do in the playoffs is more important than what you do in the regular season, and I guarentee that Marino would trade all of those stats away for a Super Bowl ring, which Elway has 2 of.

I'm not a huge stat junkie, as I am a big fan of you are paid to win, and Elway did a much better job of winning than Dan.

Elway made the playoffs 9 out of 16 seasons, so it's pretty much the same thing, and he actually lead Denver to two Super Bowls which Dan wishes he could have done.

Why bring up the sack numbers? That's on the O-line, not Elway, and Denver never had a great O-line until the Super Bowl years, which makes it even more amazing that he made all of the Super Bowls that Denver lost.

They made the same amount of pro bowls, but Elway played 1 fewer seasons.

If Marino would have been able to win a Super Bowl, he probably would get the nod, but since he couldn't, and Elway did twice, I have got to give Elway an edge.

So to sum everything up, Marino admitted that winning is more important than stats, and Elway was winning with a bad team, and won it all with a good team.


out of room.

So basically, you're saying that John Elway is better than Dan Marino because he won 2 super bowls with them.

That doesn't necessarily make a player amazing.

Elway didn't play amazing in every super bowl.

In every super bowl Elway was in, he threw an interception, and in 2 super bowls, just barely passed the 100 yard mark. Marino only trails Elway, by 400 in passing yards for the playoffs.

As you saw in my last argument, Marino beats Elway in every stat. That goes to show Marino is the better player. Dan Marino was an unbelievable leader for the Dolphins, while Elway had other weapons on his team.

Although Marino never won a superbowl, his stats show that he was better than Elway. He only played one more year than Elway, and he has:

1)more than 100 tds than Elway
2)almost 10,000 more passing yards than Elway
3) better QB rating
4) better comp %

Dan Marino was an incredible quarterback ,and much better than John Elway, as you can see.


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