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MMOTD Sweet 16-CCC vs Travis31: Is Instant Replay good for baseball?

travis31 (133-61-17) vs C-C-C (397-169-39)

Yes, instant replay is good for baseball.

Umpires are very good at these calls, and this way the human element is still in the game, and human error as it is called is still in the game.

With instant replay, umpires now have an extra tool to help them make a call as much as 200-250 feet away. That's a tough call to make. And with all the extra factors such as the sun, or whatever it may be, having a tool that can help the umpires make the right call is a good thing in my book.

Realistically, replay will not slow down the game too much. Just think about it on tv, it takes only 1 or 2 times watching the replay for it to become obvious if the hit was truly a HR or not.

And, thats to the common fan. If you had a proffesional umpire, they should be able to know the rules and make the call as soon as they see it. I'll elaborate on what I think the MLB should use replay on in my 2nd argument.

Anyone who honestly thinks that replay will severely slow down MLB games is crazy. It wouldnt be any different for the umpires than it is for the fans watching the games on TV now, and 95% of the time after watching the replat the first time the call is obvious.

In it's current incarnation I don't have a problem with it...but only in it's current form and isn't expanded. Right now it's only to be used on disputed HR calls...and even that is 100% unnecessary other that to shut up the media who will replay a missed HR call 50 times a day for a month. They only happen 3 or 4 times a year but when it does happen it's so over hyped you'd think it was a daily occurrence.

No baseball doesn't need an expanded replay system beyond that. 99% of the time replay shows the right call was made anyhow. On extremely close calls it couldn't be determined anyway.

Baseball can NOT get into going to replay every time there is a close ball down the line or a bang-bang play at 1st base. MLB refs are very well trained and use their sense of hearing as well as their sense of vision to determine a close call. That can't be replicated in a replay.

For example, a first base ump is watching the runners foot while listening to the ball hitting the 1st baseman's mitt. That can't be replicated on instant replay. Then there is the issue of some games not even being televised at all, anywhere. Those games don't have a lot of angles to look at.

I disagree, I think replay on Home Run calls is a good thing for the game. It doesnt take a long time to check and review the call, and the outcome of HR calls can obviously decide ball games.

So, why not delay the game a minute or so, at the most for the correct call to be made? It wont take as long as anyone is making it out to be.

I do partially agree with you though. MLB should not expand replay to ball and strikes or safe or out calls. That takes things to far.

HRs do not occur nearly as often as a close pitch or a play at one of the bases, and the MLB can get away with reviewing HRs and not slowing the game down much at all.

However, if the MLB was to institute instant replay for the whole game, the game would slow down, and I, like many other people, am I against slowing the game down further than the pace it is at right now.

Just reviewing HRs doesnt do that. It's easy for the casual viewer to see in slow motion on replay, professional umpires could make a call quickly while still being precise about it.

The MLBs current system of reviewing HR calls does not take very long and is good for the game of baseball.

OK, so you are agreeing with me 100% then? Not sure why you took the position that replay would be good for baseball. It seems you agree that a full replay system would be BAD for the game. The TD isn't about whether replay limited to HR calls is good but whether replay itself is good for the game. Clearly it isn't.

Not really sure what else to argue now that you've agreed with my position.

Replay is neither needed nor good for baseball. The vast majority of calls are made correctly anyhow, there is no legitimate way to determine what should or should not be reviewed, and the fans aren't going to agree with the replay ruling anyhow. Add in that baseball is pretty much the only sport left where the human element is critically important to preserve the tradition of the game and technology just isn't necessary.

Even with HR calls it shouldn't exist but I understand why it does. If I recall correctly there were 3 last year where instant replay indicated might have been incorrectly called. 3 in more than 2000 games. Unfortunately the media makes such a big deal about it that MLB didn't really have a choice as the perception was it's a common occurrence.

Not 100%. I think it IS necessary for MLB to review HR calls.

Your right, MLB umpires get the vast majority of calls right. But this is where you and I differ: If the MLB has the technology to review HR calls, they should use it. It will take no more than a minute to make the replay call, and that really isnt that big of a lapse.

Like I mentioned in my last argument, its usually obvious to the TV viewer if the hit is a HR or not. It will not take a professional umpire very long to make the call.

Replay right now is good for baseball. The HR review doesnt take very long and the human element is still plenty in the game.

Bud Selig has done lots of things wrong in his tenure, but instituting instant replay on HR calls was not one of them.

Right now, instant replay is good for baseball.

If it gets to the point to where replay is used for all calls during a game, I will answer this question differently.

But as of right now, the way the MLB has replay set up is good for the game of baseball.

Again, this isn't just about homeruns, but replay in general. Seems you agree with me that instant replay is a bad thing in most circumstances. So what makes home runs special? Why is a home run more important than a game winning hit down the line, or a bang bang play at the plate? Those kind of calls are missed FAR more often than home run calls are.

Anything that stops the flow of the game is not good. MLB games have gotten longer and longer over the last few years. If you are going to start going to replay every time a ball is hit near the fair/foul pole or to verify a ball would have actually left the park without fan interference we are talking about fairly frequent occurrences here. And for what? Because a grand total of 3 home run calls were made incorrectly last year? It's not nearly a big enough problem to justify instant replay.

There is also the problem of camera angles. Is MLB going to have their own cameramen at every game to make sure a good angle of every ball hit out of the park is available? And it's a bit more complex that you think. The replay goes to the league office and is then sent down to the umps on the field. It's not like the NFL.


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