• 06/29/2010, 07:07PM ET

Dodger Fans are the worst in MLB.

Cain: Accident (31-23-12) vs OM: 2010 Champs (128-42-16)

Dodger fans are the worst in MLB. Anyone that has seen them live can attest to this.

1) They show up consistantly late for games.

2) They consistantly leave games early.

3) They have a tradition of blowing up beachballs and playing with them during the game. (often times knocking them onto the field of play and delaying the baseball game)

4) They travel to SF to antagonize their rivals, Giants fans. They swarm into the ballpark already drunk and belligerent, screaming curse words in the presence of small children. They ignore the game and do their worst to pick a fight, even though they are the ones that always get beat up and escorted out.

5) They kill people. Yes folks, they killed a person in the parking lot outside dodger stadium.

Link- home-opener.html

6) Anyone that goes to Dodger games(especially Giant fans), even if they mind their own business are brutally attacked with cups of beer, verbal insults and disgusting language, they even attack parents with kids.

7) They even pour beer on cops. Link-

Dodgers fans suck! I've always said Dodger fans show up in the 3rd and leave in the 7th.

However, at least they are loyal to their team. And as hostile as they are, us Giants fans need them. Why? Because if not for Dodgers fans, what would the rivalry be?

One of my favorite parts of Giants-Dodgers games is the ridiculous fights in the crowd. Giants and Dodgers fans fight more than Red Sox and Yankees fans, and I'll TD anybody on that one if you want to challenge me.

With that said, I think it's apparent that at the least, Dodgers fans are passionate, even if many of them do show up late and leave early.

To me, there is only one thing on the face of the earth that is worse than a terrorist, and that is, a bandwagon fan, more specifically, Red Sox bandwagoners.

Regardless of where the Sox play now a days, there are always about 10,000 Red Sox fans in attendance. That never happened before the Sox won the WS in 2004.

And to make matters worse, they are unintelligent. I heard one Red Sox fan say on the radio once that the Sox could and should trade Big Papi for Hanley Ramirez. Yea, sure.

To clarify, my pick is Red Sox bandwagoners, not Red Sox FANS

So your pick for worst fans is Red Sox bandwagoners(RSB), who you even admit are not fans? Uh, um, ok.

Red Sox bandwagoners are really annoying and usually don't follow the game much, but they are not nearly as bad as dodger fans.

We certainly don't need Dodger killing people and ruining the game with their flipping **** beachballs.

I've beat up a few of dodger fans trying to start something, but they really cross the line.

Red Sox bandwagoners are annoying and arrogant, but they don't **** with the game and the opposing fans like dodger fans do. RSB like to run their mouth and they are usually harmless. They don't want to get into a fight because someone might break their glasses or steal their inhaler.

Dodger fans on the other hand absolutely live to act like walking killer diahrheea. I've been standing in the bleachers watching the game and they walk back and forth screaming "**** the giants! **** you!", spilling their beer on women and little kids. They are looking for a fight. Most of them have various diseases and disformities, gang tats, and some kind of smuggled in weapon. It's a bloody miracle they haven't stabbed some children yet.

"Red Sox bandwagoners are annoying and arrogant, but they don't **** with the game and the opposing fans like dodger fans do."

False, Red Sox bandwagoners do mess with the game. And here's an example:

First, as I mentioned, regardless of where the Sox play now a days, they very unfortunately bring along a MINIMUM of 10,000 fans with them. As a result, when one is at a game but unable to watch, you can't tell who is winning or doing something good. For example, I attended the last game of the Sox-Giants series this past weekend. I was forced to go get food for my family and I felt I mine as well go to the bathroom while I was up. While I'm gone, the crowd goes crazy! And I of course assumed the Giants had made an incredible play in the field, or Lincecum had struck out a hitter.... wrong, Big Papi hit a splash hit, it was all the RSB's making noise.

The way I see it, the primary difference between Dodger's fans and RSB's, is that Dodger's fans are a part of something. They are a part of what in my opinion, is the best rivalry in baseball. Where as the RSB's, are spat on by everyone in baseball, including real Red Sox fans.

Nobody likes a bandwagon fan.

Assh*les are bad. I don't know how people can defend them.

Did you know 75% of Dodger fans are on the no-fly list?

And did you know that probably over 50% of dodger fans are in America illegally?

Major drugs deals go down in the LA parking lot.

Baseball needs dodger fans about as much as a paraplegic needs punched in the face.

MOST dodger fans don't live for baseball. At least bandwagon fans try to cheer and enjoy the game. Dodger fans will do anything but watch the game.

They play with each others beach balls and try to pick a fight. They want to fight anyone. Cops, women, other dodger fans, giant fans, pirate fans, you name it and they want to fight.

There is traffic at every baseball stadium. So why the hell are the dodger fans always leaving in the 7th inning? You know why? Well, #1, lots of them are headed for jail, and #2, they just don't want to be at the game anymore.

Bandwagon fans may be annoying and pester you, but at least they cheer and for the msot part are into the game.

Stupid + unknowledgeable is not as bad as feloneous + dick behavior+ murder + fighting cops + BEING IN AMERICA ILLEGALLY!!

Strong words my friend Cain.

I find your entire argument to be based off of your personal opinion, generalizations, and no facts at all.

While the basis of this TD is personal opinion, lets be honest here, 75% of Dodgers fans aren't on the no-fly list, 50% of them aren't illegal (although about 10-20% probably are), and not all of them want to fight.

But even the one's that do fight, who cares? They lose anyways. Dodger fans couldn't even beat their wife.... if they have one.

Overall, Dodgers fans bring something to baseball, and that is, an intense rivalry. Bandwagoners, bring absolutely nothing unique to the game, other than an unimaginable lack of knowledge.

And as annoying as the whole beachballs thing is, it's a tradition and everyone likes tradition. Where as, the most tradition bandwagon fans have, is..... switching teams?

Dodgers fans suck, and they can be annoying as hell, but at least they contribute something to the game. Bandwagoners, don't have a place on this earth.

July 2, 2010  12:07 AM ET

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