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Are the Chicago Bears serious playoff contenders?

tdbubba15 (51-16-6) vs 7#bag _ Com (998-338-74)

With the 4 key off season additions of Off. Co. Mike Martz, Def. End Julius Peppers, RB Chester Taylor, and TE Brandon Manumaleua, are the Chicago Bears serious Playoff contenders in the NFC?

Each of the players will be an upgrade from who the are replacing in the Roster. Mike Martz is know for his offensive guru status and will help make Cutler a better QB, I don't should not have to explain what julius peppers brings, Chester Taylor with Matt Forte gives them the 1-2 running game punch, which is the going trend lately (panthers, saints, giants, cowboys, Ravens and so on). And Manumalua is another big target with good hands and blocking. And Urlacher is back and healthy

I say yes they are. It won't be easy but I believe a soft schedule will get them there.
2 games against the Lions, 1 each against the Bills, Panthers, Seahawks, Eagles, Dolphins, & Giants. that could be 6-2 record right there. then they can steal a few wins from the harder part of their schedule and presto the got 9 or 10 wins.

Not sure if this Topic has been done before. If it has sorry

ok, Lets break this down.

6 playoff spots.

2 wildcards.

To get in there, The Bears have to be better than

Packers/Minny loser in the Div
Panthers/Falcons/Saints - Losers in the DIV ( Keep in mind recent history of the NFC South)
The NFC East losers
The NFC West losers

kidding- just seeing if you are paying attention.

Ok, The Packers/Minny Loser is taking one spot- unless you think the Bears are better than either of them- so one playoff spot is gone- and you are looking at 3 losses at least in that instance.

Ok, So lets look at the NFC East - I'll leave the NFC south for my next arg.


- I'll toss washington- only because Shannananahann has to rebuild that O-Line after losing some all-timers there.

You think the 3rd place NFC North is better than the loser of those two? The Eagles might have some issues- Kolb coming in as a starter, but Philly is a solid team, The Cowboys are a playoff team and the Giants were RIDDLED with injuries last year- they return Jacobs to 100% and thats a load off that defense.

Bears vs Giants? I don't see the Bears coming out of that matchup.

I don't think they are better than Vikings or Packers but could have a better year because of a softer schedule.

The Bears with an injured Urlacher, a very under pressure QB in Culter (he won't have the same bad year twice in a row) and limited offensive weapons went 7-9 last year. 7-9 with all the bad that could happen. Now take the bad away and add a great offensive coach a HOF defensive end still in his prime. A veteran RB that can make big things happen and another great TE.

If you look at there schedule , they should be able to pull of a 6-2 (at worst) record against the softer part of the schedule that I listed above. Now I also believe they can pull off a 4-4 record against the tougher part. and that means pulling off a split against both the Vikings and Packers.

Now remember the throwdown isn't if they WILL make the playoffs. It's will they be a serious contender. Meaning either they will make the playoffs or when weeks 16 & 17 rolls around we are looking in the Bears direction saying "these guys are a win away from a playoff spot".

I don't think they are better than Vikings or Packers but could have a better year because of a softer schedule.


2 @ DAL
3 GB
4 @ NYG
5 @ CAR
9 @ BUF
10 MIN
11 @ MIA
12 PHI
13 @ DET
14 NE
15 @ MIN
16 NYJ
17 @ Green Bay

Where are the 6 "easy games" I see the Lions being better, Sea/Was/Buff being 10 loss teams but where are your other 3?

So they play the NFC East, and the AFC East- exactly where does that come off as easy? Sure they get Buffalo (on the road) and Washington- but you see them piling up wins there?

Keep in mind that the NFC South gets to play the NFC West, as a Carolina fan- I like my chances against the Hawks, Niners, Rams and Cards more than the Pats, Fins and Jets. True they also get the AFC North, but who know with Pitt, the Bengals may explode, plus we get the BROWNS.

REALLY? YOU SEE THE LIONS AS BETTER? They have avg. just under 4 wins per season for the past 9 years. not to mention a 2-14 year season last year. Not to mention they avg losing by 17 pts per game and only one game did they lose within a touchdown. So how much better do you see the Lions being? 3-13? 4-12? Is that really better?

The Bears went 7-9 last year. 5 of the 9 loses were by 7 points or less. As far as the Vikings and Packers go, the Bears lost both to the Pack last year one game by 6 points and the other by 7. And the Split with the Vikings.

And yes I do see the Bears winning atleast 9 games and 11 is with in reach. 11 is gonna get them a playoff spot for sure and 9 has them as serious contenders to a playoff spot. And that is my arguement.

So in closing a team that went 7-9 last year with their defensive captian/HOF (Urlacher) out, a team that lost 5 of the 9 games by a 7 or less points, a team that added one of the best defensive ends in the game today along with 2 other solid players and a new offensive co. that is known for improving offenses 10-fold. You gotta give them a 2-3 win improvement from last year. How could you not?

Thanks pimp


3-13 and 4-12 are both better than 2-14.

even DJ knows that.

Whomever does not win the NFC South has a FAR easier road than the Bears do to take the second playoff spot.

Keep in mind the BEARS played the NFC West last year (Beat the Rams & Hawks) and the AFC North (beat the Browns)

They Don't play them this year- throw in a Lions sweep and the minny gift win- and those are your wins in your "banner" year.

Your o-line is beat up, your defense has been injured since the super bowl year.

oh, and who are your wideouts again? WHo is going to be catching the long ball and the out routes?

Hester has vanished. Mike Martz is not exactly known for throwing to the tight end so your best option (Greg Olsen) is going to have a hard time catching 125 balls this year. Matt Forte looked like crud last year behind that crud line.

If Matt Leinhart happens to play like he's dating a Kardashian- then the Cards have a shot to pile up wins as well.

The bears will be out by Thanksgiving.

August 2, 2010  12:01 PM ET

Maybe in another division, but not with Green Bay and Minnesota, two absolute Super Bowl contenders, staring down at them. Count the hapless Bears 0-4 against those teams.

Plus, I'm not sold on how they are much better than any of those teams you mentioned...Maybe some, but none of those games are even close to "given" wins.

August 2, 2010  12:11 PM ET


August 2, 2010  12:17 PM ET

No one is picking them as contenders. More like, "are they contenders for the basement?"

August 2, 2010  12:27 PM ET

A newb is biting off more than he can chew....

August 2, 2010  12:29 PM ET

Comments 52-57

Right is a dupe of TheSportsIguana.

August 2, 2010  12:33 PM ET

How do I get this deleted so I don't have to read 500 comments about him being a dupe?

August 2, 2010  12:33 PM ET

August 2, 2010  12:33 PM ET

How do I get this deleted so I don't have to read 500 comments about him being a dupe?

I think it's to late, but you can ask the mods.

August 2, 2010  12:50 PM ET

Mike Martz needs a QB who will take the hit to make the play .This player is not on the Bears roster
Chester Taylor is a good back can see him putting Forte on the bench
Does Martz know what a TE is .He uses them for blocking purposes only .Poor Greg Olsen
Peppers is a me first kinda guy he should get a long great with Cutler .But if his heads turned on right can make a significant contribution to the "D"

August 2, 2010  12:53 PM ET

Sure Cutler had a bad adjustment year but if you don't think he's better than that, you are making a mistake.

August 2, 2010  12:55 PM ET

Someone else can have this.

Sweet. Goodbye. I don't mind losing to someone who takes this seriously.

August 2, 2010  01:02 PM ET
QUOTE(#6): 52-57Right is a dupe of TheSportsIguana.

I thought the TheSportsIguana was a dupe of someone else....

August 2, 2010  01:03 PM ET

Well if it isn't Mr Pimp!

August 2, 2010  01:46 PM ET

Sure Cutler had a bad adjustment year but if you don't think he's better than that, you are making a mistake.

I'm thinking he'll have another adjustment year with Martz. And then there's the issue of someone to throw to.

He's got a lot to prove - he'll have to keep his cool to prevent another meltdown.

August 2, 2010  01:52 PM ET

Nobody said it would be easy but he's not tossing another 26 int's

August 2, 2010  01:53 PM ET

You are a L O S E R !

I may be a loser, but I don't make dupe accounts hahaha

August 2, 2010  01:54 PM ET

for sure.


What are you, 12?

August 2, 2010  01:57 PM ET

Nobody said it would be easy but he's not tossing another 26 int's

I'll give you that!

August 2, 2010  02:02 PM ET

Fartknocker?What are you, 12?

LOL your asking him if he's 12, yet you just used the word FARTKNOCKER! lmao priceless.
But seriously he is one.

August 2, 2010  02:06 PM ET

How do I get this deleted so I don't have to read 500 comments about him being a dupe?



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