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As a Player/Athlete, which career would you like to be remembered for?

] [ (24-10-1) vs Mr. Jolly (38-13-8)

In Golf, do you want at least 1 Major with no other wins or do you want a career with several regular tournament wins but no majors?

Sure you'll make more money winning tournaments, keep your name in the mix of conversations, & you'll get more companies wanting you to endorse their products making you even more wealthier. But will you be satisfied knowing you never won the Big One?

As a player, you dream to be the Best at your craft. You got the Masters, The Open, the US Open and the PGA Championship as Majors.

Do you want 1 Green Jacket or several wins at the Northern Trust Open?

Do you care about having your name on the Claret Jug or having trophies from The Honda Classic, Bob Hope Classic or even the Shell Houston Open?

Give me a vanilla career with just One Cherry on the Top of my career, one Green Jacket, or my name on the Claret Jug, or let me take home the Wanamaker Cup, or even having one US Open title. How do you want to be remembered by? I say win the Gold, why settle for several Trinkets?

I've got 1 name for you.

* Chi Chi Rodriguez

While he never claimed a major championship (6th in the US Open was his highest), he still managed to put together a memorable career and is honored in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

And that's because Chi Chi knew its not what you do,

But how you do it.

* In a stuffy atmosphere, Chi Chi found a way to stand out and show the patrons that 1 could enjoy and compete in the gentleman's game without getting lost in the bureaucracy.

He developed little acts of showmanship, like the Toreador Dance and placing a hat over the hole of a birdie/eagle.

The man enjoyed playing the game and it showed, which brought him fans, endorsements, and respect in the golf world.

It was through this way that Chi Chi is remembered while dozens of 1-trick major ponies don't.

* While Tin Cup is just a movie, there is a pretty valuable lesson in what Roy McAvoy accomplishes.

The sexy Russo character says something to the effect of:

"Nobody will remember who won the US Open years from now, but they'll remember your shot!"

Better to be remembered then forgotten.

An accomplishment is only as great as people can recall it.

Is it better to remembered as an entertainer on the course like Chi Chi Rodrguez (8 wins on the PGA Tour) or to win one single Major and be remembered forever more like Francis Ouimet?

As a player, winning on the Grandest stage of your choice of sport cements you in your place in history.

I disagree with you in your reference to Tin Cup. I see the Character Roy McAvoy more in the lines of Ouimet, he wants history, he wants the grandeur. Rodriguez relates more to the Don Johnson character, more of the established player on tour, a little more flashier but not in the "flash" that counts.

Chi Chi did his thing, but was it memorable for the right reasons? Chi Chi clowned around and yes it brought him attention. But Ouimet's effect gives you not laughs, but the pure joy of knowing that an average player out of nowhere can be the Best Player on one Golf's Grandest Stages.

Golf is rich in history and tradition. If you ask any player on tour which tournament would they like to win most, they are not going to say the Valero Texas Open or the Reno-Tahoe Open.

Greatness is fleeting, so grab onto it.

* 1st, lets clear some things up on why Ouimet (1913 U.S. Open Champ) is a horrible example in this debate.

Americans didn't start regularly playing the British Open until the 20s, mainly because of travel and WW1.

The Masters don't exist until 1934.

The PGA Championship doesn't become stroke play until 1958.

Ouimet is remembered as a pioneer and 1 of America's first great players.

He wasn't seen as a 1-trick pony in a time where the "majors" didn't exist as they do today.

* 2nd, there is no way Chi Chi is the "Don Johnson" character in Tin Cup, because that guy won the U.S. Open in the movie.

Also, Chi Chi LIKES dogs and old people.

* Let's look at it another way.

Let's say you and I are on our death bed.

You tell me about the one time you've been with a woman. You tell me how she was an absolute "10". A complete knockout.

But it was the ONLY time you've ever been with a woman.

I respond about how I've never been good enough to score a "10", but I've been with 12 women that are 5-7s.

Now, which person had a more fulfilled life in the bedroom?

Greatness may be fleeting, but it doesn't exist if people can't remember it, like Ouimet.

I won't do any foreplay & lie to you about knowing what your saying since I never stayed with my 1st time. As time goes by, I sometimes sit by the balcony & smoke a cigar with a glass of Cognac, I reflect on the conquests that I have had, I quickly go through my memories of Mary Ann (wholesome), Jan (quirky), Sabrina (intelligent), Janet (caring), and even Joanne (cute). But there is always this one, the memory that I always fall back on, the 10 that I will never forget. That memory seems to play out in slow motion, almost surreal, you know - Imax vs a regular theater? You can even almost smell the sweetness from her hair, how soft & smooth her skin was.... but I will not kiss and tell all.

Sure I've had my share, but as I take another sip of my fine drink, I think to myself and realize that having a 10 was quite an accomplishment. In many ways, I'd trade my experiences with the "plain Janes" for another wonderful time with my perfect 10.

Watch the movie again, "Tin Cup." Johnson's character was the "flash", all smiles, sharply dressed & entertaining to the important people, just like Chi Chi did with his song & dance, well no song just the dance.

Good TD Jolly.

I must say that I enjoy the Cognac and a good cigar.

I'm a bit more of a scotch man myself, with a preference for Dewar's or if I find a couple hundreds on the ground, I may bless myself with the Johnny Walker Blue.....

But I should stop myself from falling for that trap of daydreaming.

While you're replaying that one outstanding night with a "10" (which by the way, if it isn't the ONLY one you've been with, you're no longer an example of what you're arguing for) I'll be still out experiencing other 5-7s.

I'm more of a hands-on guy and not so much a daydream believer.

As for Tin Cup, I've seen it a great many times and own it.

I'm just gonna assume that those of you out there in FN who have seen it too can figure out how ridiculous it is to compare Johnson's "David Simms" to Chi Chi Rodriguez.

I'll close with this:

Golfer A won a major but never made it to Sunday in another major ever again. People call him a fluke or make excuses why he won.

Golfer B never wins a major but plays almost every Sunday in majors for 20 years. People say he's a good/great golfer, but just didn't win the big one.

Now think for a minute:

Which story do you want to have?

September 1, 2010  03:02 PM ET

Thanks for the FanMail Jolly.

Just wanted to help keep the FN site active. Almost done typing it out.... Feel free to drop it if you change your mind.

September 1, 2010  03:03 PM ET

John Elway's. Going out on top

September 1, 2010  03:04 PM ET

John Elway's. Going out on top

There goes my TD topic!

September 1, 2010  03:14 PM ET

Thanks for the FanMail Jolly.Just wanted to help keep the FN site active. Almost done typing it out.... Feel free to drop it if you change your mind.

No problem, the topic sounded intriguing.

I'll have my 1st argument knocked out before 5pm, given that you get yours in by then.

No rush though.

September 1, 2010  03:15 PM ET

Just a heads up, topic is golf related. < hitting the snooze button >

September 1, 2010  03:23 PM ET

Hmm alot of tough choices come to mind. Michael Jordan, greatest NBA player? Rocky Marciano, only undefeated boxer? This should be a good TD.

September 1, 2010  03:27 PM ET

No problem, the topic sounded intriguing.I'll have my 1st argument knocked out before 5pm, given that you get yours in by then.No rush though.

Yes, take your time....

September 1, 2010  03:31 PM ET

Funny - my husband and I were just discussing this the other day because of the relatively unknowns who have won majors this year. Will check back on this one!

September 1, 2010  03:37 PM ET

I would much rather be known for being able to seal the deal MULTIPLE times rather than winning one time in my entire career.

September 1, 2010  03:41 PM ET

Funny - my husband and I were just discussing this the other day because of the relatively unknowns who have won majors this year. Will check back on this one!

This year? The past 10 years has had its share of unknowns sprinkled in.

September 1, 2010  03:52 PM ET

This year? The past 10 years has had its share of unknowns sprinkled in.

Perhaps. But this year there were two sprinkles. Years past there's only been one sprinkle.

September 1, 2010  03:59 PM ET


September 1, 2010  04:26 PM ET

Tough choice.

Would you rather be Sergio Garcia or Mike Weir, essentially

September 1, 2010  05:12 PM ET

Tough choice.Would you rather be Sergio Garcia or Mike Weir, essentially

Weir than you can do those dorky wristwatch ads in Canada

September 1, 2010  06:18 PM ET

Tough choice.Would you rather be Sergio Garcia or Mike Weir, essentially


September 1, 2010  06:36 PM ET

I'd rather have Chi Chi's career than Jack Fleck's.

September 1, 2010  06:54 PM ET

Chy Chy Rod-ri-gweeze

September 2, 2010  12:36 AM ET

Great topic. Interesting perspectives.

I have one main angle on the discussion that hasn't come up yet, but it might later so I won't offer it up yet.

September 2, 2010  08:22 AM ET

Great start by left and right....I'll wait for all arguments before I vote.....

September 2, 2010  08:44 AM ET

Great start by left. Interesting deflection by right. Poor counter (imo) by left. Lets see where this goes.


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