• 09/14/2010, 04:04PM ET

Ultimate WWF Match Card

Rudedog: Believe The Hype (370-317-81) vs Chosen1 (316-130-44)

Rules: Make a match card based on matches that have happened in the past at any PPV, Raw, Smackdown, or any other random event. Catch is, you can only use a wrestler once, so choose wisely

Match 1 - Dudleyz vs. Hardyz vs. Edge/Christian, TLC Match - WM 17
A super exciting match to get the crowd excited for the rest of the fights

Match 2 - Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage - WM 3
One of the all-time classics. It's a forgotten match, but many consider it one of the best all-time. These two couldn't headline in this match card, but this would make a helluva undercard fight

Match 3 - Undertaker vs. Mick Foley, Hell in a Cell - King of the Ring 1997
Nothing else would get the crowd ready for a great finale as watching Mick Foley show no regard for his personal health

Match 4 - The Rock vs. Stone Cold - WM 17
Coming from possibly the best WM ever, this match was nothing short of spectacular

Main Event - Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart, Iron Man match - WM 12
Personally, it's my favorite match ever. These two told a great story. Bret Hart was one of the best technical wrestlers ever and Shawn and Bret's rivalry was so fierce

Match-1 Dudleyz vs Hardyz vs Edge/Christian- WM 17- TLC

It was a classic match and I agree with you a great way to start the show

Match 2- Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit- Royal Rumble 2003

Two of the greatest technical wrestlers to ever perform in a WWF/WWE ring put on an amazing display.

Match 3- Bret Hart vs Owen Hart- WM 10

This match had everything it had great technical wrestling, it had the sibling rivalry storyline with Owen wanting to show up and step out of his older brothers shadow.

{b]Match 4[/b]- Hulk Hogan vs The Rock- WM18

You have to have Hulk because plain and simple the man is wrestling.

Main Event- Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels- Bad Blood 1997- Hell in a Cell

This was two of the greatest performers of all time in their primes going at it in the first ever Hell in a Cell match.

This had great action and an outside interference from Kane who laid the Undertaker out. This ends my pay per view with a great match and leads in to a future feud/story line of Undertaker vs Kane

While I think you have a great card, I do think mine is better.

Match 2

Both are highly underrated and superb fights. But adding some history and some high flyers is more exciting to fans than two technical wrestlers. While you and I know that Angle-Benoit was a great match, it wasn't as exciting as Savage-Snuka

Match 3

I have to win this one. From an excitement standpoint, my match is 2nd to none. It was only the 2nd real Hell in a Cell match and people didn't know what to expect. So when 'Taker and Mankind went up the Cell, the anticipation was sky high. This match is probably one of the most memorable matches in recent history

Match 4

I can see why you would want Hogan in this, but the Hogan you have is an old, washed up Hogan on his last straw. This match would have been good when Hogan was in NWO, but I personally didn't like it. My match, however, featured the two BIGGEST wrestlers in the Attitude era and two of the biggest wrestlers of all-time squaring off in their primes. Can't beat that

Main Event

'Taker-Shawn was great, but Hart-Shawn was better. So much on the line in this match. Will talk more next arg

match 2

Savage vs Snuka was a great match but to call them high flyers is a little bit of a stretch. Yes they both had off the top rope moves but compared to the high flyers of today they are tame plus on top of that Benoit had the off the top rope diving headbutt from one corner to the other.

Angle and Benoit was filled with action with submissions, suplexes, back and forth just going at it. It was a match anyone who likes wrestling would love

match 3

Yours is an exciting match but I liked my main event hell in a cell better to be honest. So I decided to go with the brother sibling rivalry angle.

To me my match is what really made Owen they both gave it their all and put in a great performance. Honestly this was they classic match for what they Harts were about. They went move for move put on a great performance and told a great story of a younger brother wanting to step out of his older brothers shadow and show he can beat him now and that he isnt just the little brother and that he can make his own name and Owen did just that in this match.

other two matches next

Here's the issue. You have a lot of great technical fights. And this isn't a problem with big time wrestling fans

But not everyone is a big time wrestling fan. But part of selling a PPV is having excitement.

Now, voters, would you rather watch an Iron-Man match, a No DQ match, a Hell in a Cell, and a TLC match in the same PPV or just a Hell in a Cell match?

And, like I've said, technicality only gets you so far. You can have an amazing technical match, but if doesn't create excitement or buzz, it's not going to be remembered.

Look at Taker-Mankind. Technically, the match was awful. But people remember and want excitement more than technical skills.

So I'll take my 4 speciality matches and 3 main events any time. You have a great card, but mine would sell more.

Also, look at who's in them. How can you leave off someone like Stone Cold? The Rock in his prime? Shawn and Bret in a huge rivalry? Taker and Foley in a Cell?

To me, everything about my card just seems better than yours.

Great TD as always

Thing about gimmick matches is if you load up on them they become a little less special....

See I kept the gimmicks to a minimum but kept the action at a very high level. As for you selling more well I disagree with you there.

Who is bigger than Hogan in professional wrestling? Nobody and you put him in the ring with The Rock one of the most popular wrestlers of all time and you struck gold. You can say Hogan was old but that match was huge with the fans

Oh and the Undertaker vs Mankind match you mentioned was in 98 not 97

My matches were more than just technical matches each and every last one of them is a classic.

This throwdown isnt getting much attention as I was hoping so for the wrestling fans I will give you some highlights to watch

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4

Main Event

September 14, 2010  04:55 PM ET

good luck Rude...

it feels like its been a little while since we have went against each other

September 14, 2010  04:57 PM ET

Is this going to be WWF? or, WWF/E?

September 14, 2010  04:58 PM ET

Is this going to be WWF? or, WWF/E?

im thinking wwf/e...

Rude can correct me if I am wrong on that though

September 14, 2010  05:24 PM ET

Is this going to be WWF? or, WWF/E?


September 14, 2010  05:32 PM ET

got an exam for my 545 class. will be later tonight before i get this done.

September 15, 2010  12:00 AM ET

Best of luck Chosen. Couldn't fit that in the arg.

September 15, 2010  12:01 AM ET

I wanted so bad to use Shawn-Undertaker, WM 25, but using those two would take so many other possible great matches away

September 15, 2010  08:05 AM ET

you made this one pretty tough to beat.. nice choices

I am thinking up mine now

September 15, 2010  08:22 AM ET

HBK vs. Triple H 2002 at Summerslam when Shawn Michaels returned from a broken back for his first match. And even if they were possibly the worst two technical wrestlers in history, Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant at wrestlemania 3 is one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

September 15, 2010  08:28 AM ET

hogan vs ultimate warrior Wrestlemania VI...classic

September 15, 2010  08:44 AM ET

Razor Ramone vs The 1-2-3 Kid. Raw early 90's. Pt 1 when the unheard of 1-2-3 Kid won the match. Pt 2 when Razor paid him for a rematch and lost that to. (1-2-3 Kid later became X-Pac of D-X)

September 15, 2010  09:24 AM ET

Hogan vs Andre the Giant

September 15, 2010  09:48 AM ET

Hogan vs Andre the Giant

Nothing about that fight was good minus Hogan slamming Andre

September 15, 2010  10:00 AM ET

Brock Lesnar taking the Big Show for a superplex off the top rope with the ring collapsing was one of my favorite moments.

September 15, 2010  11:59 PM ET

I had forgot about this throwdown so I had to rush my first argument so I know I left off some great matches... Im pretty happy with my ppv though

September 16, 2010  02:44 AM ET

Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Ladder Match
Macho Man vs Ultimate Warrior WM 7
Vader vs Sting Great American Bash 92
Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in the Cell King of the Ring '98
Goldberg vs DDP Halloween Havoc '98
Stone Cold vs Bret Hart WM 13 I quit match
Ric Flair vs Terry Funk I quit Match Clash of the Champions '89
Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant WM 3

September 16, 2010  04:15 AM ET

Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Ladder MatchMacho Man vs Ultimate Warrior WM 7Vader vs Sting Great American Bash 92Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in the Cell King of the Ring '98Goldberg vs DDP Halloween Havoc '98Stone Cold vs Bret Hart WM 13 I quit matchRic Flair vs Terry Funk I quit Match Clash of the Champions '89Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant WM 3

great american bash, halloween havoc, clash of the champions those are wcw events right? If so I dont think they count or I would have completely different picks for mine because I was more of a wcw fan than I was a wwe back when wcw was around

September 16, 2010  04:39 AM ET

Chosen - instead of Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, I would of went with Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog - Summerslam 1992. Although agree Brett vs. Owen was classic involvong the sibling rivalry storyline.

For everyone saying Hogan vs. Andre...the match was terrible. The hype was awesome, and the bodyslam was great, but Hulk Hogan is rarely in an epic match. While I agree he was the WWF (and likely always will be), his matches were all the same...get beat up the entire match...kick out of the opponents finisher...hulk up...shake a finger...point...throw 3 punches...big boot of the ropes...and a leg drop as the finisher...A LEG DROP!

September 16, 2010  06:27 AM ET

Yeah but Hogan slamming the Giant at 520 something pounds is amazing..

It was Peach, it really was, I don't disagree. But from an entire match perspective, it doesn't belong in a Top 5. The hype does, the slam does, but the match as a whole? I don't think so.

September 16, 2010  06:49 AM ET

Yeah but Hogan slamming the Giant at 520 something pounds is amazing..

it was and I have the match in my collection somewhere but I didnt go with it because I wasnt sure that younger people would be able to appreciate it


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