• 09/28/2010, 11:14PM ET

Real Madrid will defeat AC Milan on 10/19/2010

Galbert-Kun (9-22-1) vs HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64)

For those of you who don't know, Real Madrid and AC Milan are in Group G and will square off on the 19th of Octoberin the UEFA Champions League. With respect to the other two clubs in their group (Ajax and AJ Auxerre), Madrid and Milan are expected to advance out of the group. Everyone knows about Jose Mourinho, aka TSO. His defenses are always high quality, but its the offense that critics say that his teams are lacking. They would quickly point to the draw Madrid had with Levante and most recently with the 1-0 win of AJ Auxerre as proof. Thats all fine and dandy; but, it was a draw (not a loss) and a narrow [win] respectively. Anyways, onto this game:

If you watched the Levante game or any recent Madrid game that has gone down to the wire, you'd notice that's when they play up to their offensive capabilities. Granted no Madrista is crazy about the flurry of shots on goal taken in the waning minutes (we're talking to you Higuain, Cr7, Marcelo, Benzema), the reason that they take all those shots at that time is because they are not passing enough. Ronaldo and Higuain seemed to have forgotten that they are not the only people on their team, which is saddening, but fixable.

Im your huckleberry!

Ummm I hate to say this, but your first argument sounds extremely negative...

Like you said Madrid have had famous NIL NIL draws against (newly) promoted side Levante AND an unheralded draw against Mallorca.. This has to be worrying for the special one.. HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO FIX THE SCORING DROUGHT IN 3 WEEKS!?!?!?!..
For some reason I just dont like the special one and Ronaldo combined.. I hate to say this but I think the special one is a bad fit for REAL.. He would have been better off staying at Inter Milan!! I guess even geniuses make mistakes!

AC Milan on the other hand HAVE NO PROBLEMS SCORING GOALS!!
Their offence is extremely dangerous!! Ibrahimovic has settled in with NO PROBLEMS.. Ibra is scoring goals like nobody's business.. Pato is turing into one of the best attacking options in europe.. Ronaldhino still has some magic left in the tank! Then AC milan has Robhino on the bench if any of the dudes get tired... We are talking about a pretty deep bench here!!

I predict a boring 1-1 draw.. I can see ac milan scoring with all their weapons AND the special one predicted that REAL would only get between 9 and 11 points.. They already have 6!

The point you made about TSO is good, but the only reason I mentioned him was in relation to the lack of offense his teams over the years had, not whether or not he is deemed a good coach for x team.

I agree that Ibrahimovic, Pato, Ronaldinho, and Robinho will make Milan formidable and their offense extremely dangerous; BUT, playing with a lineup involving some or all of those players will not work. They are great offensive players, but their defense is not up to par. Pato and Robinho in particular have not shown that they can fall back for defensive purposes, something that could hurt them when/if Real's offense gets rolling. While Milan has stud defensive mids (Ambrosini), the defense needs to have contribution from all and not some.

Your crazy old man! But I like that!

The reason why I think it will be a 1-1 draw is cause Ibra is always good for scoring one brilliant individual goal! I have to admit it, a couple of years ago I thought Ibra was over rated, (mainly because he's 6-5 and cant head the ball to save his life).. But I get fox soccer channel and seeing him play for Inter and now AC Milan... He just fits perfectly into Italian soccer for some reason.. I have no idea why, but he just does.. AND Dont give me any mickey mouse nonsense about how he is playing a foreign team soooo he will be ineffective!!! Ibra scored 2 classic INDIVIDUAL goals against Arsenal in the quarters of the CL last year!
Your point about the special one is valid! But for some reason it was okay for chelsea AND inter to have suk-cy offenses.. IT IS NOT OKAY FOR REAL MADRID TO HAVE A SUKC-Y OFFENSE! because REAL Madrid was born to play spectacular offense!

I know Real scored 2 goals against Ajax.. But man for man AC Milan is a better team than Ajax!!
u will see my crazy friend!!

Real's challengely lead offense will not be able to get the job done against AC.. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

Real will be disappointing this year!

Re-reading your second argument leaves the impression that Milan's offense runs through Ibra and that if Ibra is ineffective, Milan's offense will suffer. I'm pretty sure that the offense runs through Pirlo?

Based on what I've seen from Madrid this season, their formation should be the following for the Milan match:

Marcelo, Carvalho, Pepe, Sergio Ramos
Ozil, Khedira, Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso
Benzema, Higuain

This formation will certainly lead to offensive success for Madrid because this formation maximizes the offensive prowess of the aforementioned. Marcelo likes to attack and if Ibra or Pato beats them, Carvalho will be there to beast them. Ozil is an attacking mid, so this formation would suit him perfectly. If Ronaldo passed more, imagine the set ups him and Xabi could give to Benzema/Higuain... ONCE Madrids offense gets going... no chance for Milan.

Obviously Pirlo and ronaldhino are responsible for orchestrating the attacks and giving good ball to Ibra.. But if AC Milan score a goal against Madrid, Im willing to bet theres a 90% chance that it comes from abit of Ibra magic! Ibra scores alot of goals basically by individual efforts..

"once madrid's offence gets going.. no chance for milan"..

THATS THE PROBLEM!!!! The match takes place in less than three weeks!
How is madrid suppose to turn around their offence in less than three weeks!
Its simply not possible! zero goals against mallorca and zero goals against Levante!

I am a realist and I do believe that they will score one goal against a "not the greatest" defence, (ac milan), in the world! But I also believe that Real wont be able to Keep out AC Milans prolific offense!

I see ac Milan scoring first, then trying to sit back and defend in vain.. With Real scoring a late goal in the second half by a free kick from Ronaldo.. THAT is what I see in my crystal ball my crazy friend!! Does that compute?

September 28, 2010  11:14 PM ET

Remainder of 1st argument will be said in 2nd. Good luck and VAMOS MADRID!

September 29, 2010  09:30 AM ET

As TLVG pointed out yesterday, right now Madrid couldn't score in a brothel if they were dipped in meth and hundred dollar bills... But yes, we will beat Milan.

Hala Madrid.

September 29, 2010  11:42 AM ET

Sure, why not.

September 29, 2010  11:57 AM ET

Perhaps I made too good a first argument that no one is accepting the throwdown? I'm suprised none of the soccer fans on here (sans Madrid fans) have not accepted yet

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September 29, 2010  01:41 PM ET

does anyone else think that man u is going to lose to valencia?? today..

Do you want me to vote against you Frog????

September 29, 2010  01:42 PM ET

I did a TD similar to this one, when I saw the group stage format first come out..

Against Pootie right? He probably cheated. He is a Madrid fan, after all.

September 29, 2010  02:02 PM ET

Against Pootie right? He probably cheated. He is a Madrid fan, after all.

If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying...

September 29, 2010  02:08 PM ET

If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying...

Damn, that didn't take long at all.

September 29, 2010  02:11 PM ET

I see Frog is going to turn this in to yet another smear campaign against Madrid. What he fails to mention is that while Madrid may have drawn against a newly promoted team, they haven't lost yet, and haven't even been in danger of losing.

As for Milan, they LOST 2-0 to a newly promoted side-Cesena and drew against both Lazio and Catania. Now Lazio is off to a fine start, so no shame there, but not only did they draw against Catania at home, but they trailed for a large part of the match.

"AC Milan on the other hand HAVE NO PROBLEMS SCORING GOALS!!' - Milan has scored 9 goals in all competition through 6 matches (1.5/game) with 4 coming against Lecce. Madrid has 9 in 7 (1.28/g) and has given up 1 GOAL. Milan? 5.

It's ok Frog, don't let the facts get in the way of your opinion...

September 29, 2010  02:13 PM ET

Not crazy about left's arguments, so I'll hold off on voting, but good lord Frog, at least try to be somewhat accurate in your statements.

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September 29, 2010  02:14 PM ET

I did a TD similar to this one, when I saw the group stage format first come out..

In which you predicted that Madrid wouldn't advance out of the group, yet there they stand as the only undefeated team, having yet to give up a goal. I believe you also said that Milan would be unstoppable with Ibra and Robinho just before they got bent over by Cesena.

September 29, 2010  02:17 PM ET

HA least my arguments are positive!!!He makes madrid sound like they suk-c

Like I said, not crazy about his argument, in fact I disagree with plenty of it, but at least he's not trying to pass opinion off as fact.

FACT: Milan's offense without Ibra is absolutely pathetic. In fact, take out the Lecce match, and even with Ibra it still stinks, and is averaging fewer goals, less possession and fewer shots than Madrid.

September 29, 2010  02:17 PM ET

oh come on souljah, u must be nervous without rooney!!!what is berbatov going to score another hat trick...I DONT THINK SOOOOOOOO!

I feel a lot better without Rooney considering how he's been playing. Berbs has started out damn good and I hope he finds a way to keep it going until Rooney wakes up. Our season depends on it.

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September 29, 2010  02:20 PM ET

I feel a lot better without Rooney considering how he's been playing. Berbs has started out damn good and I hope he finds a way to keep it going until Rooney wakes up. Our season depends on it.

I'd be more concerned about the midfield with the injuries right now. Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher and Park aren't terribly impressive as a unit. If you guys can get a point out of this it's a good result. Valencia's playing well right now.


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