• 09/29/2010, 11:53AM ET

Defend yourself fool.


"Typo, that should say a 6 loss SEC team."

Ok fool. Defend that idiotic statement that a 6 loss SEC team should go to the NC game over a 12-0 Boise State.

You SEC homers just dont seem to understand that Boise plays both sides of the ball as good as any team in the SEC.

They have one of the best QBs in the game inside of Kellen Moore and Austin Pettis and Titis Young are an excellent tandem of receivers for Moore to throw to.

Add in a defense that constantely stops the oppositions running game, they may be slightly undersized but they make up for it with incredible speed.

Every time the bar is raised, Boise rises above.

First they couldnt beat Oklahoma. Check. Then they couldnt beat Oregon. Check. TCU was much better then Boise last year. Check. An away game against Virginia Tech was too big a stage for Boise to win on. Check. The rodgers brothers of Oregon State are too good for Boise to contain. Check.

Seem to notice something here? Boise State is as legit as it gets and when they win another BCS bowl this year {or maybe NC game} hopefully people will realize that.

Boise St plays 2 suposed tough games this year and they should go to the title game if they run their crappy schedule?

I think not.

A 6 loss SEC team automatically plays several tough games every season, and it's week in and week out, they can't just focus on one or two good teams per year like Boise.

Any SEC has to face Bama, Florida, LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, South Carolina, etc on any given week.

A 6-6 SEC is more battle tested than Boise State.

You go on and name teams Boise has beaten in the past, but fail to name any SEC teams they have beaten, maybe that's because they were blown out by UGA a few years ago.

BSU made an open challenge, Bama proposed a deal for some games, BSU hasn't gotten back?

Va Tech lost to James Madison, that win is now meaningless, and TCU also beat Oregon ST, so who knows if BSU is even the best team that plays a crap schedule.

I'll take a battle tested 6 loss SEC team any day over a BSU team that beats the Wheel Chaired Women's School of the Blind and Deaf most weeks.

I ain't no fool hoss.

First of all, no 6 loss team period is going to the national championship game or even a BCS game. 6 losses is a great way to find yourself in the MPC Computers bowl.

It really is ridiculous that Boise gets no respect. A 71-2 home record since 1999. Really? That's not even possible.

Alot of people see the SEC teams and automatically think they're good just because they play in the SEC. Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State...oh yea, the powerhouses are in great supply.

Florida isnt the same team or anywhere close to the same team without Tebow, they will be ripped apart by Alabama this weekend.

The ONLY team in the SEC that right now that is better than Boise State is Alabama and that's because they are the number 1 team in the country and they proved it last week by dispatching of a good {not great} Arkansas team.

Really...wheeled chair blind deaf women school? That's real classy. Actually, now that i think about it, i think that's the school that Ole Miss lost to earlier in the season. Some powerhouses you have down there in the SEC...

Boise State NEVER trips up, period. When is the last time they played a bad game?

See that 71-2 record at home or hatever it was does not impress me in the least.

It shouldn't even be mentioned because Vanderbilt could run Boise's schedule.

Any team that plays a weak schedule every year, with one or two tough games tops, they should never even be mentioned for a BCS bowl much less the Natioal Championship(this includes TCU as well).

I have a hard time believing that Boise could beat

South Carolina

If they barely beat a terrible Va Tech team(I mean a terrible Va Tech team that is considedered BSU's toughest opponent), then they are not going to beat many SEC teams.

If Boise thought they could handle an SEC team, then they would get back at Alabama.

Ever since UGA gave then a good ole southern **** kicking, they know not to mess with even the middle of the pack SEC teams.

The SEC has a few bad teams at the bottom of the barrel, which is why I said 6 loss, Ole Miss, Vandy and Miss St are bad, but the rest I would take any day of Boise.

Lol dont make me laugh. I guess EVERYONE that votes in the polls and voted Boise third has to be wrong and you're right, right? I think not.

Boise State last year beat the MWC champ and PAC 10 champ on their way to an undefeated season. Those teams are currently 4th and 5th in the AP Poll. Don't you remember that last year if Texas would have lost to NEB it would have been TCU going to the title game? And BSU DOMINATED TCU in every aspect of the game in the fiesta bowl.

If they've already beaten those teams, why must they prove themselves against the unranked "powers" of Georgia, Tennessee, ect ect. Can you name the last big game Arkansas has won? Auburn? Last BCS game? I believe Boise is 2-0 in BCS games in recent memory. Underdog both times.

If Boise State really only plays 2 tough games a year, {btw Nevada is ridonkulously good this year and they're in the top 25} they must play 2 perfect games or they are immediately eliminated from contention.

Talk about pressure, in front of 90,000 against VT a loss would have meant the end of the road. But just like they always do, when the lights are shining bright, Boise is at its best.

Those polls are BS.

They usually get the number one team right, but how is Boise St ranked ahead of Florida? How are they ranked ahead of Oregon?

They shouldn't be.

I recall the early 2000's, Boise was going undefeated pretty regularly and were always ranked in the mid teens.

They beat Oklahoma in a fluke and all of a sudden they can't drop out of the to 10 ever.

Seems a little dumb to me.

Arkansas beat LSU in double OT a couple years to end LSU's perfect season, and they gave Alabama all they wanted last week.

Plus the past has nothing to do with this season, Arkansas is a top 10 team.

Let's take a team like LSU.

They automatically play Florida, Bama, Arkansas and Auburn every single year.

That's 3 teams in the top 10 and another that should be, if they make it through that tough schedule, as far as I'm concerned they are more proven than Boise St and should go to the NC over Boise.

When Bosie grows a pair and starts playing a top SEC team every year for a reality check, then maybe I'll respect them.

Beating a mid pack Pac 1 team and a terrible ACC team does not impress me in the least.

September 29, 2010  12:00 PM ET

<--- WHAT A LOAD! Those are spread out over 3 years! Florida, Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Arkansas and South Carolina (ALL RANKED TEAMS by the way) play 4 to 5 RANKED teams every year. Boise St has played what....7 ranked teams in 3 years. Alabama has played that last year alone and slated to play another 6 this season NOT INCLUDING a BCS game. Boise St gets up for 1 game a year.... Bama and the rest of the SEC gets up for those types of games 6 or 7 times a year. Bottom line is BSU can't stand up to an SEC schedule and take the beating those teams take week in and week out. PERIOD!

September 29, 2010  12:29 PM ET



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September 29, 2010  12:57 PM ET

I cant stand that hideous blue field. Seriously... I couldnt finish watching the BSU/Oregon state game because the uniforms would match the field all screw my eyes up.

September 29, 2010  01:26 PM ET

Boise State is 71-2 at home since 1999. Only losses to Washington and Boston College along the way. I dont care what kind of competition you face, that is absolutely stunning.

September 29, 2010  01:27 PM ET

Uh oh, the newb could get a Beat down if Outlaw responds.

September 29, 2010  01:29 PM ET


{Don't be a hater!} LOLOL

September 29, 2010  03:57 PM ET

Boise State is 71-2 at home since 1999. Only losses to Washington and Boston College along the way. I dont care what kind of competition you face, that is absolutely stunning.

You can't be serious..... Their level of competition rivals 1-AA (FCS) but NOT 1-A (FBS). If they were a FCS team, I'd agree. But don't compare them to the likes of Bama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Texas, and so on with that record and expect respect. Not here.

September 29, 2010  04:09 PM ET

ha ha ha...the other TD was deleted.....WHAT EVER YOU SICKOS DO....KEEP YOUR COMMENTS OFF MY TD......

September 29, 2010  04:10 PM ET

Syracuse beat Colgate. Can we go to a bowl?

**** Boise ST

September 29, 2010  04:11 PM ET

You can't be serious..... Their level of competition rivals 1-AA (FCS) but NOT 1-A (FBS). If they were a FCS team, I'd agree. But don't compare them to the likes of Bama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Texas, and so on with that record and expect respect. Not here.

It's all pure speculation going both ways. We don't know if BSU can do an SEC schedule any more than we know that vegetables don't feel pain. There was also talk that they would not be able to beat Oklahoma, Oregon (twice), Virginia Tech, Oregon State, etc. You simply cannot act like an expert on a subject that has no data.

September 29, 2010  04:17 PM ET

Is this where we are moving to?

September 29, 2010  04:17 PM ET

Let's all go take a dump on wintwins TD!

<shoots turd from here all the way to Twins TD, and it lands on his avatar>

September 29, 2010  04:18 PM ET


September 29, 2010  04:18 PM ET


September 29, 2010  04:18 PM ET


September 29, 2010  04:18 PM ET


September 29, 2010  04:18 PM ET


September 29, 2010  04:18 PM ET



September 29, 2010  04:19 PM ET




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