• 10/05/2010, 02:53PM ET

WHEN and HOW will the NFL come back to Los Angeles?

YODA (89-8-13) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

The L.A. area has 2 NBA teams, 2 MLB teams, and TWO NHL teams (Kings, Ducks).

But no NFL. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Here's my take on a return to L.A...

WHEN: 2025

Why so long to fix an obvious problem in their domestic market?

1 - The Ecomony: It's not just the job market or standard of living numbers; it's the major infrastructure projects that have the CA government and the Feds already tied up for the next decade.

2 - Lack of Perceived Public Demand: The local media gripe about the stadium costs and a potential 3rd franchise failure in L.A. Meanwhile, the NFL still draws strong TV and merchandise numbers from the market.

3 - Owner Collusion: For 15 yrs, various franchise owners have used the threat of "moving the team to L.A". This gains them leverage in their negotiations with their own city officials. MTC on that.


The Raiders will relocate again...back to L.A.

I'll get into the reasons in my next arg. But for now, we'll just rest assured that by 2025 Al Davis will either have passed away or will be committed to a nice asylum.
"It's a good thing", said Martha Stewart.

GL Dj.

Nice to see the Little Green Man back in California soaking up rays (from the Planet he temporarily went away to)

Listen I am no CEO-type, I am the voice of the common fan. The ordinary Joe (sorry Dew) so to speak. Who is passionate about sports and speaks his mind. Its why people like yourself and Chemist have told me to stick to staying here when I have occassionally thought about leaving.

The Los Angeles market can support a team despite what people on here have said throughout my 3 plus years here. Sure, Los Angeles is Lakers Central. But there are a lot of passionate local football fans here (To all those saying LA is a city of transplants that do not have enough native Californians here). That want to see football return.

When: 2015.

The economy will not stay as bad as it is until 2025. Your time is way too off. It has been a long time already (14 years) and I do not see it being another 15 years. This makes alot of sense even in tough economic times.

It will bring JOBS to California. A state that has been hit hard by the economic recession and Arnold's "reign" as governor.

I like your optimism...but 2015 is only 5 yrs away.
Are you relocating the Raiders as well? Relocating another team? Or calling for expansion?
(I'll argue more of the "HOW" in my 3rd arg after I hear your plan.)

Either way, to make a deal happen quickly, several things would need to immediately click:

- Committed private investment (ideally from a magnanimous owner who can excite fans and corp sponsors)
- Public (govt) support (local and state) for the infrastructure costs and longterm financing
- NFL support from the franchise owners

Right now, there is a lack of impetus from ALL parties. The latest potential stadium site (City of Industry) remains stalled as parties again argue about funding and potential cost overruns. The timing just doesn't work.

More to the point is the stance of the NFL itself. L.A. simply isn't near the top of the NFL priority list as they head into the next round of collective bargaining. (Team relocation rarely excites owners the same way expansion fees do.)

The NFL in L.A. WILL happen again. But after TWO failures in the market, all parties are being understandably cautious. 2025 is a more realistic projection.

Nice to see you submit an argument. Was wondering what was taking so long, little Green Man.... th-comments&confirm=true

The City of Industry is an ideal area for a new stadium. The fact that they have a location is a huge factor in getting a team. And it will not take 15 YEARS for it to happen. May not even take 5...but I will say there will be an NFL franchise in place by 2015.

Goodell cannot be happy that there is no NFL team in one of the largest markets. It is not good for the NFL when one of your biggest markets does not have a team. Can you picture New York or Chicago without a team? That is just ludicrous.

The Jags are a team that is really struggling in Jacksonville and would make the most sense to make the move. They are hurting and cannot sell tickets despite being the only major sport in the city. I cannot see the Bills leaving Buffalo.

"- NFL support from the franchise owners"

Franchise owners would object?

I think most would be in favor.

Yes, it's odd (bordering on "ludicrous") for a major domestic market not to have an NFL team. Hence, this debate. It's a question of WHEN (not IF) they get a team.

If filling major markets were the main criteria used, then L.A. would have already had a team 10 yrs ago (PRIOR to the economic troubles that hit the country, CA, and in particular the sprawling L.A. area (mortgage/loan, banking/financing, jobs).

The Jags (like the Vikes, Bills, Rams, and select others) have been named as possibilities. But like you, I don't see another round of expansion. The cleaner, more manageable scenario has one of 2 CA teams (Oakland or San Diego) relocating to CA's largest market.

Regardless of short-term success or failure on the field, these are businesses and economics take precedence. And for the next few yrs, the NFL stakeholders have enough to worry about, not the least of which is the salary structure.

Goodell won't make any type panic move just to fill the L.A. slot.
Since the NFL has been to L.A. TWICE and failed TWICE, it will be a slow and cautious negotition between the NFL and it's investment partners (both private and public).

2025, it is.

"If filling major markets were the main criteria used, then L.A."

I did not say it was the MAIN criteria. I just made a comment Goodell cannot be happy about it. When "New York" has 2 football teams and LA does not have 1 it is a slap in the face to Los Angeleno's.

Los Angeles is a diverse city where there is much to do (not knocking small cities). Other than some other smaller cities where the NFL franchise is the "life blood" of the city, resulting in them having higher attendance. In Los Angeles, you have the ocean, Hollywood Blvd, Disneyland, The Getty Museum, the La Brea Tar Pits, The Museum of Science and History, etc.

Having said that, LA can support a team. LA is not the city that most think "arrive in the 4th inning and leave in the 7th." That is a huge misconception. The "Hollywood types" might but they do not make up the die hard sports fans. There are die hard football teams that would help a team thrive.

It is a very REAL possibility that there will be a team here in 2014 or 2015. And that is not a "panic move." It is putting a team in a city that needs a team and can SUPPORT a team.

It will be the Jags or Rams.

Thanks, Yoda. Always fun.

October 5, 2010  03:02 PM ET

The NFL will never survive in LA.

October 5, 2010  03:09 PM ET

"But for now, we'll just rest assured that by 2025 Al Davis will either have passed away or will be committed to a nice asylum."

Or have his brain cryogenically frozen. :)

October 5, 2010  03:13 PM ET

The NFL will never survive in LA.

Exhibit A for naysayer fans of LA not being ableto support a team.

October 5, 2010  03:13 PM ET

able to

Comment #6 has been removed
October 5, 2010  03:15 PM ET

Good luck, Yoda.

October 5, 2010  03:18 PM ET

Dallas Stars will win this season!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, maybe 10 games.

October 5, 2010  03:50 PM ET

Heading to work.

Will get to this on lunch/dinner break or in the am.

October 5, 2010  04:46 PM ET

BUFFALO is headed west.

October 5, 2010  04:50 PM ET

BUFFALO is headed west.

I didn't know that buffalos migrate west for the winter months!

October 5, 2010  04:51 PM ET

LA LA Land doesn't deserve a THRID NFL team. So-called fans will be interested in football in SoCal (SO WHAT??) only if they have a winning team. If a current team relocates in the future, say the Jags, the NFL should send them to city that will actually be interested in NFL football for more than 5 minutes.

October 5, 2010  04:58 PM ET

A realty co., has been trying for 14 years to bring a team back to LA.
They're still planning on having a team to open a new 75,000 seat stadium by fall of - next year

October 5, 2010  06:19 PM ET

It will happen a year or two after the CBA is done. My guess would be San Diego. They have a good team and still can't sell their stadium out. At least Buffalo and Jacksonville have garbage teams.

October 5, 2010  06:37 PM ET

October 5, 2010 04:58 PM ETREPORT ABUSE | QUOTE
A realty co., has been trying for 14 years to bring a team back to LA.
They're still planning on having a team to open a new 75,000 seat stadium by fall of - next yea

Vikings want a new stadium.

October 5, 2010  06:40 PM ET

October 5, 2010 04:58 PM ETREPORT ABUSE | QUOTEA realty co., has been trying for 14 years to bring a team back to LA. They're still planning on having a team to open a new 75,000 seat stadium by fall of - next yeaVikings want a new stadium.

Vikings aren't going anywhere.

October 5, 2010  07:07 PM ET

I'm a what DJ?

Comment #19 has been removed
October 5, 2010  07:19 PM ET

Good match-up, good subject...lets see who can sway FN to vote their way.....

October 5, 2010  07:27 PM ET

Hopefully never. That city is a waste of the NFL's time.

October 5, 2010  07:33 PM ET

give LA da chargers...

They originally came from L.A. before moving to S.D.


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