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TOAT- Who will win the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball? Team Wham Bam Thank You Mam!


My pick? The UConn women Huskies.. Just kidding..kinda. Well not really.. they could probably hold there own..but nevermind..I've used a lot of periods..

My pick is Michigan State.

MSU has a pretty easy road through the Big 10 with Prudue's best player tearing his ACL again..Robbie Hummel. Ohio State loses their only player in Evan Turner to the NBA so MSU is looking pretty legit right now.

MSU returns almost everyone from last's years Final Four team beside Raymar Morgan. He is a loss of Sparty but he was mostly inconsistent during his career beside a good freshman year.

Kalin Lucas their flood general is back and heathly and he is about to go ham. Darrell Summers is also very skilled. He is a big part of the Dr. Izzo's play book. Draymond Green is there to score some points as well, and another biggg part to the success of MSU is thier depth. Back up PG Korie Lucious is back, he can set a spark whenever need be.

Tom Izzo always brings in a good recruiting class so MSU will take ther crown in 2011.

Good luck dude.

I'm gonna take Duke.

Duke has two very talented players in Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith. Both players put up over 650 points last year with 17 pts per game. Singler was also the teams second best rebounder with 190 Def. Rebounds and a 7 RPG average. And he lead the team with 32 blocks. This guy can do it all.

Smith isn't far behind him as far as points go. And both players had over 40 steals. They're quite the dangerous combo. Add in that they're both Seniors and you get a bonus: leadership. They have experience. They've reached the playoffs every year, and they've won the big one together. They know what it takes and they can lead their team there again.

Two other guys who lend similar experience are the Plumlee Bros, Mason and Miles. Miles put up respectable numbers behind last year's stars, and he lends a lot in Defense and Rebounding. Mason offers talent in both areas as well. And with another offseason's training, they should be even better this year.

And don't forget Coach can't ever rule this guy out. He led the Olympic team to a win, and he's looking for the same here. He's arguably the best, and he can prove it

More on the rest of the players next.

Duke is the pick I figured you would go with.. But there is a couple of problems with that in my opinion..

Duke relies on the three ball way to much during the games. They need players that can shoot the three ball lights out almost every game. Singler is not an inside presence, lets be real. They need a slasher who can drive then kick it out. They don't have a true slasher which will be a problem. many back to back champs have there been? Beside UCLA's run, there hasn't been alot. I, and many others, are questioning if Duke can be consistent enough two years in a row. I can't see it happening.

The thing with MSU is they are consistent. They been to the Final Four they know how to get there. MSU is built much better to win a championship. Coach Izzo has sets and plays that work almost every time. He gets the best out of every player.

Most importantly..Tom Izzo's teams play defense. Hard nosed defense. Defense will take you farther then just throwing up three balls during March Maddness.


Defense will take you farther than just throwing up three balls during March Madness

Really? Cause Coach K's philosophy and game plan worked last year...and MSU''s didn't. Somehow I think Duke's success proves that their gameplan is more than enough to win. And Duke has a tradition of good D anyway.

The thing with MSU is they are consistent. They been to the Final Four they know how to get there.

And Duke isn't? In the past ten years they have 2 Championships...MSU has none...and last year, when MSU made the Final Four appearance that you used to substantiate their ability to "get there," Duke won it all. Who really knows how to get there?

Singler is not an inside presence

Lets get real...points are points. He's a dangerous scorer and a difficult guy to defend. If he's strong enough to fight for all the rebounds he gets, he's a good enough inside presence to make him dangerous. And Kyrie Irving will be exactly the slasher you described. He's their truest PG since Duhon.

And from your first argument, conference strength doesn't determine how well a team will do in the tournament...that just gets them there. So no advantage there

Duke has a tradtion of good D? Since when? From what I see fro, the Dukies if they are hot from three land they are unstoppable, if not they can lose by 15+ One bad game in the tournament, your done.

MSU is much more consistent. They have the better more talented team this year. They play hard nosed, BIg 10 basketball. The way they play is much more suited for a championship game. They don't rely on the 3 ball like Duke. They get the easy baskets. Do you remember when Duke lost to VCU? Duke had an off game from 3 and they lose.


Kyrie Irving? What grade is he in? Is he the next John Wall? I don't think he is gonna be that much of a factor. Both teams have tournament experience so they off set there. Winning back-to-back ships is very tough.

Duke is going to have a taget on its back. Everyone wants to beat Duke. That is going to be a problem. The biggest problem with Duke they don't have the inside presence a team needs.

MSU is better suited for a championship run in 2011.

Duke has a tradtion of good D? Since when?

Let's compare. This is for last year:

MSU: 123 (3.3 BPG)
Duke: 163 (4.1 BPG)

MSU: 242 (6.5)
Duke: 263 (6.6)

Opponents Points
MSU: 2361 (63.8)
Duke: 2439 (60.9)

Notice that there isn't much of a difference in the defense here...and every advantage that does exist, goes to Duke. Duke has defense regardless of the offensive gameplan that they run. And MSU has no edge whatsoever in this discussion.

They play hard nosed, Big 10 basketball. The way they play is much more suited for a championship game.

The ACC has 8 ranked teams as opposed to 5 Big Ten ranked teams...which is really more "hard nosed?" And since when is giving up more PPG and scoring less PPG more suited for a championship? Duke outscored opponents 3219-2439 last year, compared to MSU's 2658-2361. Duke clearly is able to outscore opponents much easier...isn't scoring more points than the other guys how you win a championship game? or any game?

One bad game in the tournament, your done.

Duke lost 5 and MSU lost 9. Who failed in more single games? Right...MSU. And Duke is almost the same team. Expect the same play

October 21, 2010  06:42 PM ET

best of luck to you both

October 21, 2010  06:44 PM ET


October 22, 2010  09:59 AM ET

I have to work today so I didn't have time to post yet...I'm hoping to get to this as soon as i get home around 5. I should just barely have enough time, but if it kicks it before then, re-challenge me. I'm not dodging it.

October 22, 2010  04:26 PM ET


October 22, 2010  06:04 PM ET

It's hard not to vote for Duke but I'll wait for more arguments.

October 22, 2010  07:02 PM ET


& BAM!

October 22, 2010  07:18 PM ET



October 22, 2010  11:14 PM ET


October 23, 2010  12:45 AM ET


They lost Wesley Idol though..

October 23, 2010  12:58 AM ET

Gotta support the team.

Good argument ****.

October 23, 2010  02:53 AM ET

Gotta support the team.Good argument ****.

That's impossible.Assman doesn't know a rainforest from a pop tart.

October 23, 2010  04:20 AM ET

That's impossible.Assman doesn't know a rainforest from a pop tart.

Who does?

October 23, 2010  10:24 AM ET

Stuck up punk! LOL

I'm just that damn good!

October 23, 2010  10:34 AM ET

isn't it ma'am?

October 23, 2010  11:11 AM ET



October 23, 2010  11:11 AM ET

isn't it ma'am?

Its whatever you want it to be sweety.

October 23, 2010  11:12 AM ET

Its whatever you want it to be sweety.

She can pump my chubby!

October 23, 2010  11:13 AM ET


October 23, 2010  11:13 AM ET


October 23, 2010  11:15 AM ET

She can pump my chubby!

How dare you speak to my future ex wife like that!!


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