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Currently Illegal Player Equipment You Would Like To See Return To the NFL (Pick 3)

(Un) (93-18-8) vs baltimoreravens: ReedRage (6-16-2)

The NFL has been making rule changes to player apparel and other equipment since 1937, when they demanded all jerseys to display player numbers. Pick three (wearable) equipment or uniform related rules you would like to see removed from the rule book.

We're just listing them, not ranking them. So in no particular order:

1998 - Tinted Visors
Exception made for medical prescriptions.

If for no other reason, it just looks cool.

1981 - Lester Hayes Rule
It is illegal for any player to put adhesive or slippery substances on his body, uniform or equipment. This rule eliminated not only stickum but also silicone sprays.

Just think how many more catches Braylon Edwards could have had.

1973 - Jersey Numbering System
Quarterbacks, kickers and punters get numbers 1-19,
Runningbacks and defensivebacks are 20-49, etc.

This rule has been updated several times, most recently in 2004 when wide receivers were allowed to start wearing 10-19.

But honestly, what's the point? Let the players wear whatever number they want.

You have some good rule changes. I personally like the visors, but, in the spirit of competition, I'm only keeping one of your rules...and stickum gives way too much of an advantage to not add it in.

So first, Lester Hayes Rule
This also made vasoline for linemen illegal...which began the need for sleeves considering vasoline was solely a warming technique (cause we're buying that excuse!)

Second, Greg Pruitt Rule
Tear away jerseys! The ultimate competitive edge! For that one last pesky defender, the tackle-breaking impaired, or the gay fan hoping for a shot of their favorite star without a jersey...okay...we won't indulge the last one.

And third, Colored Shoes
Rules limit them to black or white shoes with only 1 "accent" color.

Since when do different colored shoes make you run any faster, or jump higher, or catch better, or draw undue attention to yourself? If the CB is concerned enough with your shoes to be distracted by colors, he's getting burned anyway.

Its called self expression, Commissioner!

Good picks.

Tear-away Jerseys

I had considered tear-away jerseys. But I am admittedly uninterested in watching a field of half-naked men. In fact, the only football league where I'd like to see tear-away jerseys is the Lingerie Football League.

Colored Shoes

Other than aesthetics, colored shoes serve no more purpose than regular shoes. There's no on-field advantage to be had. Which leads me back to...

Tinted Visors

Just like colored shoes, tinted visors can be a form of "self expression". But their purpose goes further than simply looks. Take the quarterback position for example. Defensivebacks like to read quarterbacks eyes. So here's a solution for quarterbacks who are often caught staring down their intended receiver.

Jersey Numbering System

Not only is this rule completely arbitrary, it brought along a 5-yard penalty.

If a player enters the game, lines up at an illegal position for his jersey number, and fails to notify a referee prior to the play... he'll actually cost his team a 5-yard penalty. But why?!?

In reality, I was replacing Visors with tear away jerseys, and number system with colored shoes.

Despite the gay overtones of shirtless men, tear away jerseys give an undeniable advantage to ball advantage that shielding your eyes can't match.

Imagine the running back bouncing to the outside...a defender is pursuing...reaching...grabs the gives and the RB rips it for a large gain. See how much that can change the dynamic? Marshawn Lynch might actually have around 2.0 YPC.

Or the Cowboys running back trio might score some TDs...

Now the reason I replaced your rules with specific ones of mine is this:

Colored shoes are no more meaningful or advantageous than the Numbering system. You admit yourself that the numbers do not lend anything...well neither does forcing white or black shoes. Sometime players have to get their swag on. So why can't they do it with gold-tipped shoes?

Freedom of expression!

(he actually was fined for these shoes)

At least numbers help fans instantly identify certain position groups during a game.

At the start of the 2000 season, the NFL opened the jersey numbering system to allow any player wearing 1-49 or 80-89 to stand in at quarterback. That rule change:

1. Was an admission that the jersey numbering system limits creative play-calling and
2. Ultimately resulted in the popularity of the Wild Cat formation we see today.

What the rule changed failed to do was eliminate the jersey numbering system completely.

The numbering system inadvertently handcuffs offensive coordinators. It literally takes plays out of the playbook. For example, can you imagine how difficult it would be to run a play out of the A-11 offense in the NFL?

Almost the entire team would have to report to the referees prior to the play. Which is a ridiculous waste of play clock to say the least. And if not handled correctly, a senseless penalty.

Now, you wish to compare this to colored shoes - okay.

When you're watching your favorite team are you more concerned with the play calls or the footwear?

Freedom of play-calling > "Freedom of expression"

The numbering system was actually implemented to help enforce the rules of receiver eligibility. Those players who are ineligible receivers (offensive linemen in particular) are assigned numbers 50-79, which allows the referee to better identify who can and who cannot legally receive a forward pass.

You claim that the numbers limit play calling creativity. In reality, the rules of eligibility limit who you can place where and what they're allowed to do.

In other words, scrap the system and let linemen wear 80s...what happens? Absolutely nothing...the eligibility rules are still in effect, and those players are still ineligible receivers.

Your beef is with the eligibility rules, not the numbers. But those rules aren't even equipment related

But I'm sure the extra pains of the A-11 are well worth the benefits that a random, amateur scheme can offer the NFL...someone should take this to Wade he'd be sold.

So in mathematical terms (cause everyone loves math):
Allowing colored shoes=no change
Eliminating numbers=no change
Therefore, Allowing colored shoes=eliminating numbers. (in regard to result of course)

October 31, 2010  10:12 PM ET

Un always thinking ouutside the box. Gotta nominate him one of the more creative TD'ers in year end awards....

October 31, 2010  10:17 PM ET

I literally lol'd when I read the Braylon Edwards part

October 31, 2010  10:19 PM ET

Madden games allow for tinted visors

October 31, 2010  10:22 PM ET

great choices

i personally agree heavily with #1

from what i know, there is nothing wrong with a tinted or amber colored visor

October 31, 2010  10:23 PM ET

great choicesi personally agree heavily with #1from what i know, there is nothing wrong with a tinted or amber colored visor

Opponents can't read your eyes.

October 31, 2010  10:25 PM ET

Opponents can't read your eyes.


I equate reading a receivers eyes in football to tipping pitches in baseball.

October 31, 2010  10:29 PM ET

Un always thinking ouutside the box. Gotta nominate him one of the more creative TD'ers in year end awards....

Your Raiders just crushed two teams in a row. When did Tom Cable learn how to coach?

October 31, 2010  10:38 PM ET

I've got one really good one. do i have to change all three? the visors are a great one.

October 31, 2010  10:43 PM ET

I've got one really good one. do i have to change all three? the visors are a great one.

Only need to change one. I'd suggest changing two so we have plenty to argue. Three is not necessary.

October 31, 2010  10:55 PM ET

How do you do pics

October 31, 2010  11:11 PM ET

How do you do pics

Kind of a two-step process between tinyurl and then typing the html link.

Gotta visit Grue's Handy Dandy HTML Guide for the details.

I'd say play around on the comment section of that blog but FanNation no longer allows images in the comment section.

October 31, 2010  11:14 PM ET

The finished html code should look something like


October 31, 2010  11:15 PM ET

The finished html code should look something like[IMG][IMG]

Only the second/last IMG should be


October 31, 2010  11:19 PM ET

I'd actually consider practice posting the picture in a blog. Because that html code will work in blogs and throwdowns. (just not the comment section). Edit the blog until the image works. And then you can just delete the blog later.

October 31, 2010  11:20 PM ET


October 31, 2010  11:21 PM ET

first thing I thought of when I read the title, was stickum

October 31, 2010  11:23 PM ET

first thing I thought of when I read the title, was stickum

When did you become a Pack fan?

October 31, 2010  11:36 PM ET

where did you get years on these things?

November 1, 2010  12:35 AM ET

Visors are cool...but how can you not love stickum and tear away jerseys?

November 1, 2010  01:02 AM ET

When did you become a Pack fan?

I'm an avatar bet. I'll be changing tomorrow.


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