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NFL Kickoff Tourney Week 3

Save_Me_Jebus: Hello Mr. Luck (93-46-16) vs Chosen1 (316-130-44)

2nd Attempt:

In case I haven't figured it out by now, this is a Tourney TD:

Make a 5 player Backyard Football Team Using All-Time Players.

Note: Players are expected to play both offense and defense.

My Offense and Defense:

QB/DB- Sammy Baugh
Slingin' Sammy Baugh could throw the ball and intercept his own passes, he was that good. In 1943, Baugh led the league in Comp %(55.6) as a QB and INT's(11) as a DB

WR/DB- Don Hutson
Led in every WR stat, plus picked off 30 passes in his 6 years on defense. Considered one of the best WR all-time

WR/DB- Dick "Night-Train" Lane
Not really known for his offensive talent(only 8 receptions as a WR), but was an interception and tackling machine, had 68 career INT's.

WR/DB- Deion Sanders
Deion played WR and CB in the NFL and was an 8x Pro-Bowler and 6x All-Pro. Is/Was considered one of the most versatile athletes in sports history.

RB/LB backup QB- Bronko Nagurski
A tough, physical runner who could catch short passes from Baugh. A leader on defense who would yell at Deion for not trying to tackle anyone. Also played QB in the NFL, perfect for the "flea-flicker" pass play

My first change is Brian Urlacher over Bronko Nagurski

Just to give an idea as to the type of athlete Urlacher was coming out of college all one has to do is look at what he did at the pre draft combine. He put up a time of 4.57 on the 40 yard dash with a 38 inch vertical.

In an interview after the combine he said before the combine he put up a 4.48 on a 40 yard dash. So whether you go with the draft combine or what he said he timed prior to the combine one would have to say physically for a man that weighed roughly 260 pounds he was a freak.

In college he spent time at safety, linebacker, punt returner, kick returner and even caught 6 touchdown passes. On offense I could use him sort of in a tight end role where he can go out for short and mid range passes. He could also run the ball like a full back if I wanted him to. On defense of course he would be playing what would sort of be a linebacker type of role.

Physically Urlacher has the advantage over Nagurski

next change discussed will be Ronnie Lott over Deion Sanders

Physically Urlacher has the advantage over Nagurski

Really, how so?

Nagurski, may have played around 235 pounds, but Nagurski is the only player in NFL history to be named an All-Pro at three positions(FB,LB,OT)

Former New York Giants coach Steve Owen was asked "how do you stop Nagurski", Owen replied "With a shotgun as he's leaving the locker room."

If this was flag football or two-hand touch Urlacher would be the better choice, but in tackle football, no 2 way player is/was as tough as Bronko. On a 5 player team like mine, Nagurski
and Baugh would be perfect together(trick plays, flea-flickers), your defense wouldn't match up well.

Nagurski would be a "jack-of-all-trades type player, he could do it all. Run, pass, tackle and kick.

Bronko is #19 on the Top 100 list. Nagurski's reputation was that of a bulldozing runner, fierce blocker, and rugged linebacker. Nagurski would have been a dominant presence in any era of the NFL, and in his day he was a beast.

Nagurski's yards per carry average of 4.4 is higher than Marshall Faulk, Tony Dorsett and Earl Campbell & Emmitt Smith.

Don't hate on Nagurski because he was born in Canada.

Really, how so?

How about the fact that Urlacher is bigger, stronger and more than likely faster than Nagurski? To me I'd say that is a pretty good advantage physically...

Ok so Nagurski was an All Pro at three positions and? Just because players do not normally play on both offense and defense in the NFL does not mean they are not capable of it.

I will come back to this in my 3rd though...

Lott vs Sanders

When it comes to db's hands down no I would take Ronnie Lott over Deion Sanders any day of the week. Not only could Lott cover he was also known for his fierce hits where as Sanders on the other hand was a poor tackler and was known for not being big on tackling.

Interesting bit of information on Lott that some might not know when he went to USC both him and Marcus Allen for the positions of safety and running back. They ended up deciding to put Lott at safety because he was a better tackler than Allen.

Lott had the athletic ability to be dangerous out of the backfield and could be used as a receiving threat. After all his 63 career ints says he can at least hold on to the ball some

Ronnie Lott played RB in High School. That's no different than Joseph Addai playing QB in H.S and practicing as a QB at LSU (Greg Gumbel told me). A lot of players play different positions in college. Not many of them do in the pro's.

At FSU, Sanders played football, baseball, and was a track & field star.

You want fast; during his Pro-Day in 1989, Deion Sanders ran a 4.1/40. That 4.1-time is the fastest known 40-yard dash ever recorded by an NFL player or prospect. The dude can run, not even Urlacher would catch him.

Hmm.. Sanders, intercepted 53 passes for 1,331 yards (a 25 yard avg), returned 155 kickoffs for 3,523 yards, returned 212 punts for 2,199 yards, and caught 60 passes for 784 yards. Also, had a rushing TD in a playoff game against the Eagles in 1996.


Deion is only one of two players in NFL history to score a TD six different ways. (interception return, punt return, kickoff return, receiving, rushing, and a fumble return)

Offensively, Sanders would be my "deep threat". Defensively, Sanders would shutdown whichever WR you had lined up in front of him. Plus, Nagurski would need someone to yell at for "pulling a Deion" not tackling.

See this is a creative throwdown and what you are doing is not thinking outside of the box..

Pretty much all you did was pick the guys that excluding lineman are the most known for playing both sides of the ball then you did a quick wikipedia search and boom you got your argument..

Just because a player did not play on both sides of the ball in the NFL does not mean they cant. In big business which is what the NFL is to lets say put your star qb as a starting cb dont make sense it opens him up to even more added risk of injury.

Lott over Sanders- Sanders was soft he was a poor tackler who would shy away from real contact.

There is a reason the NFL Network just named Lott as the 11th greatest player of all time and Sanders didnt come in until 34th. Lott is just that much better than Sanders and he would light Sanders up and has the ability and toughness to play on offense as well.

Urlacher over Nagurski- Nagurski is good but he is old school good and lets face it he was not going against a bunch of guys like Urlacher back in the 1930s. He just couldnt match up with Urlacher now

November 16, 2010  11:52 AM ET

Epic fail on the non bolding of Bronko Nagurski..

Comment #2 has been removed
November 16, 2010  01:41 PM ET

Just reading that name, it kinda bolds itself.

So true.

November 16, 2010  02:22 PM ET

UnOfficial never offically stated how many changes are needed. I am hoping for 2-3 changes

November 16, 2010  02:35 PM ET

UnOfficial never offically stated how many changes are needed. I am hoping for 2-3 changes

I'm taking:
Todd Blackledge
Kijana Carter
Blair Thomas
Curtis Enis
and Defensive specialist Aaron Maybin.

Bring it, Jeebus.

November 16, 2010  10:11 PM ET

I'm taking:Todd BlackledgeKijana CarterBlair ThomasCurtis Enisand Defensive specialist Aaron Maybin.Bring it, Jeebus.

Maybin, FTW

November 17, 2010  12:27 AM ET

UnOfficial never offically stated how many changes are needed. I am hoping for 2-3 changes

hmmm I can do 2 but 3 wont be happening

November 17, 2010  05:59 AM ET

hmmm I can do 2 but 3 wont be happening

2 is fine

November 17, 2010  06:55 AM ET

I'm taking:Todd BlackledgeKijana CarterBlair ThomasCurtis Enisand Defensive specialist Aaron Maybin.Bring it, Jeebus.

Aaron Maybin doesn't exist

November 17, 2010  07:07 AM ET

Call me a homer but I would have taken Chuck Bednarik.

November 17, 2010  07:09 AM ET

Aaron Maybin doesn't exist

Can I use Courtney Brown then?

November 17, 2010  07:23 AM ET

Can I use Courtney Brown then?

Who the hell is that? Oh wait, isn't he the guy from that show 2-2-7?

November 17, 2010  07:31 AM ET

Plus Urlacher played college football at New Mexico. Just like Hank Baskett, so that's goot suck.

Wait a minute.... There's a New, Mexico?

November 17, 2010  01:57 PM ET

Plus Urlacher played college football at New Mexico. Just like Hank Baskett, so that's goot suck.Wait a minute.... There's a New, Mexico?

It's New AND Improved.

November 17, 2010  02:08 PM ET

It's New AND Improved.

ha ha ha.

November 17, 2010  02:27 PM ET


November 17, 2010  04:24 PM ET


Are you describing the Packers offense?

November 17, 2010  08:36 PM ET


November 17, 2010  08:54 PM ET

Are you describing the Packers offense?

Nope. Everything Chicago.

November 18, 2010  03:39 AM ET

Bronko Nagurski played in a time where only 1 or 2 Black players where on the roster of any NFL team before WWII.


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