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Should contraction occur in the NBA???

DJRoxalot (1085-669-126) vs Sabih (102-48-19)


Sacramento is the new Clippers franchise. A futile team that has not been able to compete since the Webber/Divac years. They are also 29th in attendance with just 13,415 fans showing up to home games. And there are not exactly a plethora of options to do in Sacramento.

New Orleans is a team that is cash strapped in a city that does not support the Hornets. 28th in attendance with just 13,801 fans showing up in Jazz capital of the world. Their owner is losing money left and right. So much that the NBA purchased the Hornets and became the first franchise to be owned and operated by the League. Conflict of interest? I think so.

Memphis is 26th in attendance with 13,852 showing up to watch basketball games. he Grizzlies have made the playoffs a handful of times but they are bottom feeders in the NBA.

The New Jersey Nets are dead last in attendance with 13,237 fans showing up for home games. The Nets have long been a sad franchise except for when Jason Kidd showed up in NJ and took them to a couple of NBA Finals during his tenure there.





Contraction is not the answer to the attendance woes in the NBA. The problem is the lack of a real salary cap which leads to a few dominant teams and a lot of bottom feeders.

Contraction will do little to solve the problem. If the teams contract where do you think the best players will go?


You will greater a bigger gap between the really good teams and the bad teams. Even with the contraction, people are not gonna be dying to see IND facing MIL.

The biggest problem in the NBA is the soft salary cap (which is a joke)

Current "cap" is 58 million. Only the 6 teams are below that number. On the other hand. Teams like the LAL, ORL and DAL have payrolls of nearly 90 million.

Cities such as SAC have shown they can support an NBA franchise. The problem is they cannot acquire talent in the FA market like the LAL or BOS.

Contraction is useless unless the NBA solves the real issue that has caused low attendance figures. That is the lack of parity partially caused by the current salary cap system.


"Contraction is not the answer to the attendance woes in the NBA."

Not fully, no. But these 4 teams have shown they cannot draw or compete regularly.

The Raps draw fans despite rebuilding and sucking this year.

Is it happen stance that the 4 teams I have listed are all under the cap? No, the owners will not spend in order to try and bring players there.

Especially the Clippers. When Elton Brand signed the huge contract to stay in LA? It was ground breaking. LA's 2nd team has long been a proving ground for young players or a place where old veterans go to retire.

Danny Manning
Ron Harper

are just a few players that have left the team after he failed to pay them.

So eliminate them. They are not inteterested in winning.

Beitching about a salary cap? David Stern is not changing it anytime soon.

"Teams like the LAL, ORL and DAL have payrolls of nearly 90 million."

And they win...So they can afford the tax they pay.

But not many exceed Luxury tax much as they do. Most teams do not want to pay the dollar for dollar tax penalty.

The Clippers are a joke but that has to do with the owner. So far you have mentioned five teams and only 2 of them should be considered to be moved (NO and MEM)

Beitching about a salary cap? David Stern is not changing it anytime soon

CBA expires next year.

You think Stern would want to contract. When was the last time a team was contracted in NBA?


Also, you are talking about a lot of money the NBA will have to pay the ownership of any team to get rid of them.

The 5 teams you mentioned are listed by Forbes at the following value (millions

LAC - 295
MEM - 257
NO - 267
SAC - 305
NJN - 269

To contract, each owner needs to pay up around $10 million to buy the franchise and contract. The NBA will have to buy the team before folding it.

The problem with the NBA is the product. And contraction does little to solve it. There are some powerhouse teams that you could watch over and over.

Then there are the pathetic teams. The ones you could not pay me to watch. Nobody wants to see IND vs MEM.

Will discuss team spending in last argument.

December 25, 2010  11:22 AM ET


December 25, 2010  11:24 AM ET

Busy day for most. If someone wants to grab this and get to it late tonight or early Sunday that is cool...

December 25, 2010  11:34 AM ET

I'd recommend an epidural.

December 25, 2010  11:35 AM ET


December 25, 2010  11:39 AM ET

Dr Un in the hiz-house.

December 25, 2010  11:43 AM ET

Wow, how can you disagree with that? It's true!

December 25, 2010  12:02 PM ET

"he Grizzlies have made the playoffs a handful of times but they are bottom feeders in the NBA."


December 25, 2010  02:05 PM ET


December 25, 2010  02:07 PM ET

Tie-breaker TD, Sabeeh. 2-2 head to head, buddy...

December 25, 2010  02:45 PM ET

Bring back Seattle !!!!!!!

December 26, 2010  01:39 AM ET

Here's what you do with franchises that are struggling.

Leave the Kings, people will go to their games when their good.

Move the Grizzlies to Seattle.

Move the Hornets somewhere. New Orleans is a football town, they couldn't care less about basketball.

The Nets are moving to Brooklyn, they have a filthy rich owner and some good players to build around. Let's wait to see how this turns out. the Knicks are good again and if the Knicks can rebuild, the NBA can have a pretty good Rivalry.

here's the one I really think should happen. Move the Clippers to Anaheim. A lot of people from the OC would become Clipper fans, and a lot of the LA fans would still be fans because they weren't moved very far away. Anaheim already has the Honda center and has proven that they can support Pro-sports franchises.

December 26, 2010  02:27 AM ET

Nice, this yosemite sam character is going to all my TD's and insta-voting against me.

December 26, 2010  02:53 AM ET

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December 26, 2010  03:01 AM ET

The Clippers should be forced to move back to San Diego where they belong.

Keep the Kings, and the Nets.

Contract the Hornets, Memphis, and Raptors. Nobody wants to play for these teams and no one really wants to watch them.

December 26, 2010  03:03 AM ET

Kill the Bobcats too. A stupid name for a stupid team. And while we are at it, get rid of the Carolina Panthers. Pick a city. Either be Charlotte panthers or Greensboro, but Carolina???

December 26, 2010  08:25 AM ET

How does getting rid of teams with bad attendence make the NBA better? It's not like fans in N.O. are going to jump on a bus goto Houston to watch the Rockets.

December 26, 2010  10:09 AM ET

Just get rid of enough teams so King Ringless, I mean LeBron, can get his hardware. He's in favor of getting rid of a few teams.

December 26, 2010  10:12 AM ET

Just get rid of ALL the team in the ****-o-see-ation. The NBA is a shell of what it used to be.

Duh not FANtastic

December 26, 2010  10:13 AM ET


December 26, 2010  10:13 AM ET



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