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YankeeSteel (13-29-1) vs Ron_Burgundy (13-11-2)

I think the NFL should name the PRO BOWL players for the year.....then invite them all to Hawaii for a skills competion......they would play for something too , make it interesting, each player would pick a charity and all winnings goes to that.

Having a game is totally ridicuolous , its not how football is played , and not a sport you play halfway , viewing this and the players playing this game mocks both the fan and the player.

Show me: Peyton, Brady, Big Ben, Rivers , Brees, Rodgers, Ryan, Vick in a comp .... throwing at moving targets and all kind of cool stuff, also lets see what they think of each other and lets hear them rip on each other, Defense, lets see who's the fastest DB , lets see what DT can rip through barriers the sure they can make some great props these days, we've come a long way from those 80's comps lol....

TD if you like the Pro Bowl game...please lol

I admit your suggestion has some merit, the Probowl seems to always have issues surrounding it. But it seems like most of the complaints come from the players themselves. Yes, it's a physical sport and saftey is always an issue, but what we are talking about is an exhibition amongst the best players available.

What you are suggesting is a skills competition, but what would a DB do? Foot races? How about a WR? Would they race as well? Would LBs and Safties have a tackling competition?

You see baseball players trying to get out of the All-Star game and I know plenty of basketball players skip plenty of the festivities during their competition as well. The fact is that it's another time commitment for the best players in any sport and it's annoying. Teams always want to protect their investments, so they are not in favor of these contests.

People get hurt in basketball (Shaun Livingston, Andrew Bynum, or Greg Oden. Same in baseball (Kirby Puckett, Stephen Strasburg) and hockey (Ericd Lindros, Sidney Crosby, or Marc Savard). Football schedules their enhibition after the sean which is more than the other premier sports do. It's just an exhibition.

Your saying you rather see a Pro Bowl game than a skills comp? It would be better for everyone, the fans and the players , and not only that the Network that broadcasts it...theres plenty of different events they can have.

MLB has the homerun derby , NHL has a skills comp , NBA has the slam dunk contest , and all have All Star Games with it....the only difference is that those sports All Star games have some juice to them , mainly because as player they can do some individual things that excite the fans and the is a team running machine, its about field position and blocking and tackling ...cmon man this a no-brainer

I remember back in the 80's I couldnt wait until this comp came on, Id watch Marcus Allen run against Hershel Walker through cones and over walls , Id watch Marino hit a target moving fast 40 yards away on a bullseye and then they show Elway laughing saying wait till I go pal ...Its just better for them and us...

Baseball did a great thing with the All Star game having something to play for , home field advantage in the World Series, the NBA doesnt need to do that because its more and individual sport for fast breaks and dunks , NHL the same

A skills competition isn't the best option for the NFL because of the defined nature of the positions that people play. Sure, everyone would love to watch the QBs duke it out, but that's about it. Would we really be glued to our screens to watch a kicking competition between two kickers? What would we do about the punters?

I think the NBA is a fair comparison with their skills contests. But even their competitions don't cover the full spectrum of players. How do you have a rebounding contest? The lock down defenders don't get a chance to show their skills either. They build their various competitions around an entire weekend.

The NFL has had other activities in the past that have failed. Just ask Robert Edwards about his pro bowl weekend.

As for players not showing up or grousing about having to partake in the festivities just look to one of the most competetitive NBA players of all time. Michael Jordan used to skip half the weekend and take the fine.

The biggest concern for the game is the injuries and if you to add a novelty to the game, then make it flag football. Tweak the rules, but leave the game.

Forfeited Turn

There is nothing you can do that is going to change the atmosphere surrounding the game. You can't have it before the season starts and during the season leaves teams scrambing if anyone gets hurt. The probowl before the Superbowl at least fills in the weekend between and more importantly allows players to get some recognition.

There is already a list for the best of the best. It known as being All-pro, but the Pro Bowl allows us to see the best players doing what they do best. Linemen block, kickers kick, and WRs catch.

My opponent NEVER touched base on any other events besides races and a QB competition. What do we do with every other position? How do we celebrate their seasons?

We take the good with the bad in sports. All sports. There are plenty of great players who will never be considered the best at their position and seem to get overlooked all of them time. Jerome Bettis, Curtis Martin, Fred Taylor, Phil Simms, or even Ben Roethlisberger.
Without the probowl how many All-pros do you think they have amongst them?

No matter what is chosen it's still an exhibition. Nothing will change that, but it's an opprtunity to see the best play each other.

January 26, 2011  12:38 PM ET

I agree with this. Would be interesting to watch!

January 26, 2011  12:39 PM ET

u got some pretty good ideas

ive never been a huge fan of the pro bowl

January 26, 2011  12:42 PM ET

I agree with left. The NFL needs a skills competition.

January 26, 2011  12:50 PM ET

SURE! Why not get rid of the MLB All-Star game, the NHL All-Star game AND the NBA All-Star game too?? NO ALL-STAR games for ANY Major sport.

January 26, 2011  12:50 PM ET

I think left is on to something here.

January 26, 2011  01:07 PM ET

SURE! Why not get rid of the MLB All-Star game, the NHL All-Star game AND the NBA All-Star game too?? NO ALL-STAR games for ANY Major sport.

I'm kidding obviously.

January 26, 2011  01:26 PM ET

In another 5 years of Goodell....the Pro Bowl will be the image of actual games. No blitzes, man coverage....can't have people getting hurt.


January 26, 2011  01:59 PM ET

A skills competition sounds even lamer than the Pro Bowl

And that's pretty lame.

January 26, 2011  02:31 PM ET

"You see baseball players trying to get out of the All-Star game"

What baseball players try to get out of the All-Star game, other than those nursing injuries?

I say get rid of all the all-star games except the baseball All-Star game, because the baseball game the players actually give their best on the field and at bat.

January 26, 2011  02:32 PM ET

The Pro Bowl sucks.

January 26, 2011  02:44 PM ET

I'd rather watch 7 on 7 flag football than have to sit through the Pro Bowl game.

I think right has an uphill battle on this one

January 26, 2011  02:50 PM ET

Pro Bowl makes no sense. Everyone is going half speed at best. Try a skills competition a couple times to see if it works. I'm voting on the left on this one.

January 26, 2011  02:53 PM ET

How about everyone just takes turns tackling Brett Favre?

January 26, 2011  03:43 PM ET

Sigh. I guess I'm the only one who enjoys the Pro Bowl. Although, I liked it better when it was after the SB as it was a fun ending to the season.

January 26, 2011  04:04 PM ET

im kind of confused what right is arguing for, he never said to keep the pro bowl and he was saying that it was a waste of time

im voting left because right didnt argue for keeping the pro bowl

January 26, 2011  04:08 PM ET

If the Pro Bowl is going to continue it needs to move after the Super Bowl like before

January 26, 2011  04:10 PM ET

how about this? everybody makes a big deal about the 18 game season... I say start it early, right smack in the middle do like the MLB (kind of) week off - Probowl - week off - remainder of the season. Winner decides home team of the Superbowl.

January 26, 2011  04:13 PM ET

I said 80's, more like 80's and 90's

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January 26, 2011  06:54 PM ET

how about this? everybody makes a big deal about the 18 game season... I say start it early, right smack in the middle do like the MLB (kind of) week off - Probowl - week off - remainder of the season. Winner decides home team of the Superbowl.

This won't work. Too much at stake for a star player to go down for the season ( or career) in a meaningless game. No player would play for that exact reason. Coaches and owners wouldn't go for it either.


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