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Boy vs Girl - Wrestling: Girl wins?

J-Business (78-66-19) vs Grue (43-9-3)

For those of you who haven't heard, a high school wrestler in Iowa forfeited a playoff match. match-instead-of-fac/3#comments

The young man in this case, Joel Northrup, felt it wasn't right for him to compete against a female (Cassey Herkelman).

In my opinion, this girl should have never been allowed to enter into the tourname
This isn't a case of male-female discrimination or are boys smarter than girls

In fact, he was considered one of the top wrestlers in the state and could have easily hurt her.

For one, males are naturally stronger than females. Males have larger and stronger bones than woman, along with more upper body strength.

Second, even if she were to defeat weaker males, it's only a matter of time before she gets seriously hurt. This isn't Trish taking on John Cena in some glamorized WWE event.
This is Greco-Roman wrestling that involves slams, headlocks and other potentially dangerous moves.

I respect female athletes, but they should only compete against females.

This would be ridiculous in boxing, MMA and it shouldn't be allowed in wrestling.

I will not judge whether Joel Northorp made the right or wrong decision by defaulting his match. He made a very mature and respectful statement afterwards:

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cassy and Megan and their accomplishments. However, wrestling is a combat sport and it can get violent at times," wrote Northrup. "As a matter of conscience and my faith I do not believe that it is appropriate for a boy to engage a girl in this manner.

Northrop did NOT question the young ladies right to be there, like you just did.

The Iowa State Tournament has qualifying criteria. Both girls met the criteria.

* Cassy Herkelman (Fr, 112 lbs) was 20-13
* Megan Black (So, 112 lbs) was 25-13

Both have 20 or more victories agajnst Boys in the 112 weight class. Black was pinned quickly in her opener, but not injured. Northrop would have probably pinned Herkelman as well.

The weight class prevents extreme physical mismathches. During the ages of 10-14, girls actually mature on average faster than boys. Girls can compete on relatively even footing at this weight class.

Your arguments over "physcial dominance" are well intentioned but false.

There are a number of problems with this situation.
In wrestling, you may have to grab the crotch area, the chest and other parts of the body to gain an advantage.

Can you imagine how difficult this would be for a young high school boy?

As far as strength, men are stronger than women. Period.
Girl's mature socially and reach puberty faster than boys. Physically, girls only grow faster than boys up until the ages of 6-7.

The sad part about this mind set that young men and women should be in combative sports against each other is that it will lead to a girl getting seriously injured.

The same way it's insane to think a MMA woman could go up against Fedor or Silva, why would we even consider it against the high school version.

One of these girls will go up against a young guy who will have no mercy and try to hurt her, the same way he'd try to hurt a male opponent.

By your logic, men and women should be open to compete against each other in all sports

There's a reason for the WNBA and women's boxing.

At some point, there has to be some kind of separation. At the very least, it should be in combat sports.

I don't need to imagine. Our High School had a girl who wrestled. This was like (mumblesmrff) years ago. I remember asking the guy who wrestled against her in practice every day the exact same question. He said is was weird at first but once you start wrestling, she was just another opponent. If you treated her like "a girl", you got beat.

I checked the growth chart. Having kids, I knew your 6-7 age thingy was way off.

Boys age 14: 50th % = 65", Wegith 112#
Girls age 14: 50th % = 64", Weight =109#

Height and weight for this 112 weight class for High School freshman is almost identical for the average boy and girl.

At age 14, there is little to no physcial difference and certainly not enough to pose a physical danger to the girl due to the big, stwong, tuff man acwoss fwom her.

This is NOT MMA. The comparison is not relevant. This is not boxing, basketball, or football.

It is High school wrestling. She knew and accepted any physical risks.
She qualified under Iowa state rules.
She qualified for a weight class with physically similar boys.
She qualified by winning 20 matches.

She earned her way there.

This is a classic case of "The Emperor has no Clothes" as I've heard a few people also note.

A ridiculous premise of a boy going against a girl in a combat sport, now becomes some kind of "equality" or "discrimination" issue.
In reality, there's no righteousness in this situation at all.

By this idea, people are suggesting that men and women are on equal footing when it comes to sports.
Everyone knows that it's not true, but it seems politically correct, so everyone goes along with it.

What's really sad is that it eventually undermine the effort of female athletic programs.
Why not allow guys who aren't good enough to play on the men's team, play on the women's team?

Why not develop a female league for them to compete?
Even the best girl won't beat the above average guy, so the girls will never have a chance to actually become a champion.

Everyone has their opinion but at the end of the day, males and females are different. That's the reality.

Oh yeah.
The girl lost 5-1 in the q-finals. Wonder what would have happened had these two girls been able to compete against their true peers?
Maybe they'd have become champions.

I'm a Dad. I have a lovely daughter.

You know what she wants to be? An Air Force Pilot. Crazy, huh?

So tonight we walked by some Air Force recruiter guys in uniform. I said, "You want to go talk to them?" She shyly agreed.

Since she was a little shy with these three big guys in uniform, I spoke up.

"She wants to be a pilot! What does she need to do?"

All three looked at my girl with tremendous respect. The took the goal very seriously. "Study hard, get great grades, perform community serivce, join student council, work for a charity, play sports" were among the great suggestions.

We thanked them and she walked away with a HUGE smile - and so did the Airmen. Oh, she's only 4.

As a Dad, I cannot possibly imagine looking my little girl in her eyes and saying "You cannot do something becuase you're a girl."

There is no epidemic of girls injured in boys HS sports. There are no rules that bar the girls from participating or qualifying for the state tournament. I don't think this is about equality.

Maybe you're just afraid, on some level, of getting beat by a girl?

Thanks, J! Great TD.

February 18, 2011  10:31 AM ET

Some girls are big and mean though.

Yes and some guys are small and sissies, but they don't let them participate in Women's Sports.

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February 18, 2011  10:34 AM ET

She qualified like every other male participant, why shouldn't she be allowed to compete?

February 18, 2011  10:35 AM ET

Some girls are big and mean though.

Even the biggest and meanest still wouldn't be a match for a big guy. Maybe against a toothpick but not against your average athlete.

February 18, 2011  10:36 AM ET

She looks pretty stacked for a 112lbs: s-match-wouldnt-face-girl/?test=faces

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February 18, 2011  10:38 AM ET

Even the biggest and meanest still wouldn't be a match for a big guy. Maybe against a toothpick but not against your average athlete.

They were in the same weight class. So he is no bigger than she is. You can argue about the distribution of that weight, but fact is, she qualified for the tournament just like he did, so she must have beat somebody (a guy) in order to get there. Whether or not she could compete with the guys isn't the issue - she can. She's already proved that.

February 18, 2011  10:39 AM ET

She qualified like every other male participant, why shouldn't she be allowed to compete?


February 18, 2011  10:42 AM ET

That is them there corn fed women from Iowa.

February 18, 2011  10:43 AM ET

She looks pretty stacked for a 112lbs: default s-match-wouldnt-face-girl/?test=faces

bad link s-match-wouldnt-face-girl/

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Comment #15 has been removed
February 18, 2011  10:46 AM ET

Wow, J-Business. Grue is about to give you the BUSINESS.

February 18, 2011  10:47 AM ET

Even the biggest and meanest still wouldn't be a match for a big guy. Maybe against a toothpick but not against your average athlete.


February 18, 2011  10:48 AM ET
QUOTE(#15): faults-match-wouldnt-face-girl/

do I use ...... to post hyper links?

February 18, 2011  10:48 AM ET

{url} {/url} but with [?

February 18, 2011  10:49 AM ET

The nerve of this girl. We should have never given women the right to vote. That is how all this crap got started.

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February 18, 2011  10:50 AM ET

The nerve of this girl. We should have never given women the right to vote. That is how all this crap got started.

Of course that is just kidding before anyone blows a gasket.

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