• 03/31/2011, 01:55PM ET

Bobby Knight should have been kicked out of college basketball a long time ago..

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To make things simple;

Bobby Knight is a freakin a-h-ole..

He did numerous things to get himself fired, and Indiana ONLY pulled the trigger after he tried to choke one of his players..
Society no longer puts up with freakin a-h-oles..
What took soo long for Indiana to pull the trigger, I guess we will never know..

But no human being would ever think Bobby Knight deserved such a prestigious job..

Trust me, in England, this guy wouldnt have lasted a year!

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Here's the deal.

Knight was a hot-headed guy. No one can deny that. He let his temper get the best of him more times than not. However, it was never serious incidents short of choking the player.

* Yelling at players/officials/NCAA workers
* Threats
* Accusations

But in the end, the only thing that ever got him fired was when he assaulted someone within the team.

And before that? He ran a ship-shape program. There never was and never have been accusations of recruiting violations. And despite all the "issues" he was involved in, he got kids to play for him. In Indiana, all the good high school players wanted to play for Knight. If you were a good Indiana high schooler, odds are you were recruited and likely attended IU.

And in a world where we complain about the annoying players who need hit every now and then, your complaining about a coach who did exactly that? I guess people really do what the best of both worlds.

I'll take Bob Knight over any other coach, any day of the week

You taking bobby Knight over any other coach, is a stone age approach..

The fact of the matter is he bullied his players..
Only idiots would want to go to his programme..

At the time Indiana had weak leadership..
Thats the only reason I can think of for Bobby Knight hanging around so long..
Once Knight got fired, he was a helluva lot more reserved at Texas Tech, cause he knew people would no longer tolerate his behaviour..

My fantasy is that Bobby Knight coaches the NBA OR Olympic team..
You know what would happen..
Something similar to the 2010 French world cup team, where the team essentially boy cotts practice..

Its a new age, gays are glorified, (see **** eye for the straight guy)..
Its cool to be black, (see Fab Five)..
The best rapper is white, Eminem..
The best golfer is black, Woods..

However we no longer tolerate A-h-oles like Bobby Knight..

Damn shame to see that it took Indiana sooooo long for them to see "the sign", quote from ace of base:)

You have a pretty resounding answer right now.

Now, Knight was "calmer" in TT because he couldn't afford to be crazy again. He just was fired and put under the spotlight and microscopic after choking a player during practice. Do you think he was just gonna continue his old ways at TT?

The reason he did it at IU was because he was not being stopped. If you weren't being forced to stop, why would you?

Teams would not boycott practices for Knight because Knight wins. He wasn't the all-time winningest coach for nothing. He wasn't some arrogant, short-tempered coach who didn't win games. He won the most all-time!!

I don't know what you're tangent was about society now, but Bob Knight coached just 3 years ago and no one had a problem with it. He wasn't getting the talent at TT that he did at IU, and he was fired because of records, not because of anything to do with his temper.

In the end, Knight got the punishment he was due. He got fired from his job, but deserved nothing else.

Sorry you can't handle some toughness

Down 8 nil..

I surrender!!!!!!!!!!

March 31, 2011  02:32 PM ET

He was a good coach with old school methods, but he was only allowed to stay because he was winning. Now days he would probably be fired for some of his antics, throwing a chair across the floor, etc, because it would have been an embarassment to the school. Also he had control of his kids. You can bet that if he were coaching today he would have some thug players thinking that because the coach acts this way then so can I.

March 31, 2011  03:33 PM ET

Ah, Frog, the best golfer is a white, German guy!

March 31, 2011  03:38 PM ET

Ace of Base - nice reference.

March 31, 2011  03:49 PM ET

Ace of Base - nice reference.

Agreed. That was some impressive randomness.

March 31, 2011  03:52 PM ET

I thought you liked hot heads in sports. Guys like Johnny Mac bring the element of excitement because you know they might go off, during the game or even an interview.

March 31, 2011  04:03 PM ET

It's called motivation, holmes.

March 31, 2011  04:12 PM ET

YO limey, bobby knight DID coach an olympic team....the DREAM TEAM! i didnt see any of the players boycott him!!!!

March 31, 2011  04:12 PM ET

He's only been retired for over 3 years, and was fired at Indiana 11 years ago - this is such a relevant topic!

March 31, 2011  04:15 PM ET

my wasnt the dream team, but michael jordan when he was in college.....he still won the gold medal!!

March 31, 2011  04:57 PM ET

One man's asshole is another man's hero.

By the consensus of most, the highest respected coach in men's college basketball today is Mike Krzyzewski and the coach he respects the most is... ...Bobby Knight.

Frog - To suggest that one would last only a year in England would be a bullet point on the resume of most uber-qualified candidates for any job.

March 31, 2011  06:45 PM ET

Great coach, people went there knowing his throwback approach. They went because no one could teach the game better. Made mistakes? To be sure. He ran clean programs and even declined his entire salary at Texas Tech one year because he felt his team underachieved. This one is a no brainer. ----------------------------------->

March 31, 2011  08:48 PM ET

He was a serious coach but he was an incredible one for sure.

March 31, 2011  09:05 PM ET

Ah, Frog, "tolerance" and "inclusiveness" means including a-h-oles too.

April 1, 2011  04:09 AM ET

Bobby Knight was...ahhh forget it! That's all water under the bridge, but he wasn't an arshloch!

April 1, 2011  05:40 AM ET

I would suspect that Coach Knight would agree with your opening statement: "Bobby Knight is a freakin a-h-ole".

Did he go over the top? no doubt. Could many young men playing the game today benefit from a strict disciplinarian. no doubt.

Bye. old news.


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