• 04/09/2011, 06:32AM ET

Top Athlete all time from the 50 States starting with the Pacific West CA, WA, HI, AK,OR

Dirk for President (6-18-6) vs (KMac) Lame Sauce (49-53-7)

Lets try to have one change on the list, I know some of the states are uber skimpy on talent hence why its only least 1.

The regions is based off the map on wikipedia breaking the regions up into 9 different regions.

Pacific West Region

Oregon-Kevin Love

Oregon was kinda of skimpy on the talent

WA- John Elway

This one was a little tougher because there are about 4 really good athletes in Wa so if theres going to be a change I can seethis being the change

AK-Curt Schilling is mine, although I must say Montana had a nice list of people if i recall anyways im sure the other sections of the US will be more helpful

HI-Bj Penn again kinda skimpy, would bean awesome state for hottest women though

CA- This is the state where the most likely change will come from

Im going with Tiger Woods as my Cali guy, this state will be what is your cup of tea because it has a couple of the greatest boxers, baseball players, and football players ever.

Good Luck whoever takes the TD

Ok, doesn't look like you did a whole lot of research so here comes the beat down...

Change #1 Oregon

You have Kevin Love. I have Danny Ainge from Eugene, OR. Do I really need to pull out stats?

Change #2 Washington

You have John Elway, I have John Stockton. I have the second greatest PG to ever play the game, the guy who holds the record in assists. You have a lovable loser who holds no records.

Change #3 California

You're right, there's a plethora of talent to have come from the greatest state in the union but Tiger Woods is not the best of them. Ted Williams leads the list from California by a mile. The last guy to hit .400 and he won baseball's Triple Crown twice, and holds the highest BA of players with more than 500 home runs. He is arguably one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game, not to mention the fact that TWICE he stopped his career to be a Marine Corps pilot when his country needed him.

Didn't change Alaska or Hawaii to save room for arguments.

John Elway is a lovable loser yet he has 2 Sbs to 0 Nba titles to Stockton.. hard to fathom that hes the loser of the group.

Not to mention Elway is considered one of the greatest qbs ever. Sure he had some heartbreaking moments in getting Crushed in the Superbowl but he still won 2.

He took his team to 5 Sbs, and the QB unlike the PG makes or breaks their team.

How many NBA Finals did Stockton go to with Malone.

Elway does own a record, its the most rushing tds by a qb in the SuperBowls.

Elway apologizes hes played in the same era as Young, Montana, Marino, Kelly along with his peers after him.

When you think of the 5 greatest qbs ever Elway pops into your mind, but when you think of the 5 greatest Pgs of all time Stockton might not.

As for Danny Ainge 11.8 ppg in his career, 1X all star, yea bring out those stats because Kevin Love has been in the NBA for 2 years and has already tied Ainge for All Star appearances or are you going to talk about Ainges championships that he got riding Bird and MChales coat tails.

If its titles your after then your Stockton to Elway arguement holds no water with it being 2-0 same with Ainge and Love

"Elway is considered one of the greatest qbs ever"

By who? He's definitely not top 5 and is arguably not top 10.

John Stockton on the other hand is easily one of the best PG's to ever play the game. Whether you have him #2 behind Magic or #3 behind Oscar, he's still easily top 5. You can't say that about Elway.


Kevin Love has been in professional sports for 2 years and wasn't that huge of a star in college. Let's give him some more time before anointing him King of Oregon.

Yes, Danny Ainge only averaged 11.8 ppg but he was a critical piece on the Celtics championship teams, and was also a critical piece in the Blazers 1992 and Suns 1993 Championship run that ended with a loss to the Bulls.

Danny Ainge also played for the Blue Jays when he first left BYU and is the youngest player in Jay's history to hit a home run. That didn't really go too well for him, so he switched back to basketball.

He is now the director of operations for the Celtics and was instrumental in bringing Ray Allen AND Kevin Garnett to the Celtics. We saw how that turned out.

So Love has a little ways to go to catch up to Ainge.

No counter for Ted Williams?

Dont really see how him being an athlete has to do with him bringing over Allen and Garnett.

I would tribute that too him being buddies with Kevin Mchale.

He might have been one of the better 7th men in his life but hes not the best athlete from Oregon.

Even after only 2 years, hes already tied Ainge in All Star Appearanes and will soon pass him in All NBa Teams

You wont get much of an arguement from me on Ted Williams, one of the finest baseball players ever, hit for power and speed.

California was a deep state with some of the best athletes from their prespective sports but I had to go with the most DOMINANT golfer of his time and maybe ever Tiger Woods.

No one has done what he has done in such a short time. Basically holding every record that can be held and hes still got 10 plus years left in him.

Tiger Woods is EITHER the 1st or 2nd greatest golfer EVER, I dont think you can go wrong with a number of Cali athletes so not much of an arguement

You know why Elway may not be at the top of everyones list, its because of this

Favre, Marino, Young, Montana, Manning, Brady, Unitas, Starr, Tark, Fouts

Everyone knows great qbs go deeper than great pgs

Danny Ainge played two sports in his career. Baseball and basketball. Did Kevin Love? No. Did Kevin Love take a crappy BYU team to the final four? No. Yes, Kevin Love is a great athlete, but he has not surpassed Danny Ainge yet.

You said Tiger Woods basically holds every record that can be held... Like what exactly? He doesn't have the most career wins and he doesn't have the most majors, so what record are you talking about exactly?

And NO Tiger Woods is NOT the greatest golfer to ever live, that distinction belongs to Charles Barkely. Just kidding, Jack Nicklaus is still the greatest golfer to ever live.

"Everyone knows great qbs go deeper than great pgs"

And what is that supposed to prove exactly? Like I said, John Stockton was better at basketball than John Elway was at football.

M. Johnson
J. Stockton
O. Robertson
I. Thomas
B. Cousy
S. Nash
W. Frazier
J. Kidd
T. Archibald
G. Payton

That's a pretty deep list too.

April 9, 2011  07:15 AM ET

I can probably change every single state...

April 9, 2011  01:05 PM ET

No Steve Prefontaine?

April 9, 2011  01:17 PM ET

2nd greatest pg ever? Really? 3rd greatest could be argued, but 2nd? No

April 9, 2011  02:49 PM ET

It say TN: Heath Schuler....LOL

April 9, 2011  05:12 PM ET

2nd greatest pg ever? Really? 3rd greatest could be argued, but 2nd? No

who u got?

April 9, 2011  05:15 PM ET

Elway had to wait for TD before winning those Super Bowls. Would take Stockton over Elway. Who's a quarterback most people think of over Elway? Marino. How many Super Bowl victories did he have? Thats right zero. Even as a Bronco fan have to go with Stockton over Elway.

April 9, 2011  05:17 PM ET

who u got?

Magic and Oscar, I'd assume.

April 9, 2011  05:29 PM ET

I don't use championships as a determining factor of an individuals greatness. Now if two players with very equal stats and career then yes would have to look how they elevated their play in the playoffs and did they help or hurt their team in the big games.

April 9, 2011  06:28 PM ET

I'd take John Stockton over Elway any day.

April 9, 2011  06:43 PM ET

Stocton and Elway are both great choices, but I don't consider them any better than MLB Hall Of Famers Ryne Sandberg & Earl Averill, or the most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time, Apolo Anton Ohno

April 9, 2011  07:18 PM ET

How about Duke Kahanamoku? I only know about him cause I was stationed in Hawaii for 5 years and that is all they talk about there. He was one of the greatest surfers (of that time) and won 4 golds in swimming..... thought I would throw him in there for HI as noone else said anything from there :)

April 9, 2011  08:01 PM ET

1. Magic2. OscarYou can interchange them.You then need to flip a few pages before you run into 3-5 and so on.Oscar and Magic are head and shoulders above the rest of the PG competition.


April 9, 2011  08:05 PM ET

I used BJ Penn and he didnt change it

April 9, 2011  08:06 PM ET

Honestly even though hes my opponent, I would probably choose a prime Jason Kidd over Stockton.

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April 10, 2011  02:00 AM ET

Wow, left pounded right with Elway and Love. Thought about it for a second with Ted Williams, but that's not enough. So far, left is winning.

April 10, 2011  02:46 AM ET

why dont you jump in on the new one posted

April 10, 2011  04:11 AM ET

Honestly even though hes my opponent, I would probably choose a prime Jason Kidd over Stockton.

Are you crazy?

April 10, 2011  04:12 AM ET

Wow, left pounded right with Elway and Love. Thought about it for a second with Ted Williams, but that's not enough. So far, left is winning.

Really? Love has been in the NBA for 2 years. Lets give him a couple more before anointing him.

April 10, 2011  04:33 AM ET

Really people? Elway was NOT better at his sport than Stockton was at his.


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