• 04/18/2011, 10:28PM ET

Top 10 Current RB

U. Wrex (10-26-3) vs Rudedog: Believe The Hype (370-317-81)

Don;t want this to be an AP vs CJ throwdown

1a. Adrian Peterson
1b. Chris Johnson

Both are constantly at the top of the rushing and both are decent at receiving

3. Maurice Jones-Drew

Not as great at rush as the two above but a better blocker and as good as a receiver

4. Arian Foster

So far a one year wonder but had a great season

5. Jamaal Charles

6.4 ypc. 2nd in league rushing

6. Michael Turner

Another constantly great runner

7. Steven Jackson

Workhorse w/o any other great offensive threats.(Now he has Bradford but in previous years he didn't)

8. Darren McFadden

5.2ypc and possibly the most explosive back with the most 20+ yard runs

9. Rashard Mendenhall

Top 8 in all rushing stats but YPC

10. LeSean McCoy

5.2ypc and is also a great receiving back

1. Adrian Peterson - Consistency puts him ahead of everyone else.

2. Chris Johnson - Had a "down" year last year compared to the year prior. It's a close #2

3. Michael Turner - Constantly overlooked, yet constantly produces

4. MJD - I'm a big fan of multi-facet backs and he's arguably the best rusher/receiver

5. Steven Jackson - He hasn't had anyone around him in STL in years yet still popping out 100 yard seasons

6. Jamaal Charles - I'm also a fan of consistency. While he's been good, he's only done it 2 years

7. Arian Foster - Like I just said. One year isn't enough for me to jump on his bandwagon

8. Ray Rice - Another highly overlooked back. An 1800-yard season last year, putting him right at top 10

9. Darren McFadden - He showed flashes this year of being great. Can he keep it going?

10. Rashard Mendenhall - Slides in here because he's a good all-around back, as you said being in top 8 everywhere

So Ray Rice vs McCoy and then a big mess in the middle.

MJD is the 3rd best RB

His first 3 years he split carries with Taylor but he averaged 844 yards, 11 TD, and 4.8 ypc

Since he became the lead back he has gotten 1300+yards, averages 4.4 ypc and 10TDs a season.


Over the last two years
Charles: 420 carries, 2587 yards, 12 TD, 124 FD
Turner: 512 carries, 2242 yards, 22TD, 114 FD
Jackson:654 carries, 2657 yards, 10, 121 FD

So the only advantage Turner has is TDs, but Charles is a better receiving back with his lowest amount of receiving yards in a season(272) being more than Turner has in his 7 year career(232). Jackson has an advantage in yards but onn 234 more carries he only has 70 more yards.

Jackson and Turner both had more attempts than Foster way less yards and TDs.

Ray vs McCoy

McCoy: 1672 Total yards, 79 total FD, 9 TD, 5.2ypc
Rice: 1776 TY, 73 TFD, 6 TD, 4.0ypc

So Rice and McCoy are about even statwise, Ray has some more yards, but moves the chain less and scores less. The big difference is that McCoy averages 1.2 more yards for every carry. That is a huge difference and why I choose him over Rice.

Leaving off Ray Rice is just not acceptable. He's definitely one of the best backs in the league. I mean, you showed the stats and they aren't even. If you go back to last year, which shows the consistency factor I harped about, then you'll see that the edge is definitively to Rice. He had 2000 yards total last year. When a down year has you at 1700 all-purpose yards, you're a helluva player.

As for Turner, he's always overlooked. The dropoff from 2nd on the list to 3rd is huge and I just think Turner is 3rd. Taking out an injury-plagued last year, Turner's last two full years have him at 1699 and 1371 rush yards. In the last 3 years total, he has 39 TDs. He has averaged over 4 yards a carry and right at 7 yards a reception since coming to ATL. In the end, he's more durable and just slightly ahead of MJD.

Foster, to me, is nothing more than a one-hit wonder right now. He succeeded for one year in Houston, but until I see it over a long period of time, I'm not convinced he is the real deal. He was too much hit and miss with me. He only had 8 100-yard games, but 3 games with less than 50 yards. He rode the big games when he had them.


Fine you win.

April 18, 2011  10:34 PM ET


April 18, 2011  10:40 PM ET



April 18, 2011  10:44 PM ET



April 18, 2011  10:47 PM ET

where in MN are you from?

April 18, 2011  10:54 PM ET

I'm apparently a much bigger McCoy fan then both of you

April 18, 2011  10:56 PM ET

where in MN are you from?

In a town near LaCrosse WI. I am a Packer fan.

April 18, 2011  10:56 PM ET


Because I won't have time to take a 2nd TD.

April 18, 2011  10:58 PM ET

Well I will get to this tommorow. Just want to start it tonight.

Comment #9 has been removed
April 18, 2011  11:18 PM ET

In a town near LaCrosse WI. I am a Packer fan.

that's a shame


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April 19, 2011  01:08 AM ET

When you say current do you mean last season? Or just currently in NFL?

April 19, 2011  01:09 AM ET

If it was last season how about Hillis or Bradshaw

April 19, 2011  06:42 AM ET

I dont think order is going to matter, they both have the rbs in close order except turner guess I have to decide between Rice or Mccoy. Honestly I want to say Rice but I am not a big fan of how hes being used, I think hes under rated because they use him really **** and he loses td oppurtunities to Willis and McClain

April 19, 2011  07:24 AM ET

Neither of you gets my vote. You both has mcfadden and no frank gore?

April 19, 2011  07:30 AM ET

Neither of you gets my vote. You both has mcfadden and no frank gore?

Sorry Petey. Gore is good, but injured way too much. Then again McFadden doesn't belong on this list either. Michael Turner is too high on both lists. Not sure he should even make the top 10.

April 19, 2011  07:30 AM ET

And where the hell is Peyton Hillis?

April 19, 2011  07:34 AM ET

Arian Foster has the skill to be on this list too. You don't win a rushing title by accident.

April 19, 2011  08:04 AM ET

And where the hell is Peyton Hillis?

So you don;t want Turner but you want Hillis?
Turner: 334 att, 1371 yards, 9 runs of 20+, 12 TD, 71 FD and 2 Fumbles
Hillis: 270 yards, 1177 yards, 5 runs of 20+, 11 TD, 57 FD, and 8 Fumbles(Lead NFL)

So Turner got more yards, is more explosive, scored mre, moved the chains more and fumbled way less.

April 19, 2011  08:05 AM ET

Arian Foster has the skill to be on this list too. You don't win a rushing title by accident.

hes on both lists


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