• 04/25/2011, 04:16PM ET

The NHL playoffs>NBA "playoffs"

YoungGuns (2-5-0) vs Roni (64-13-8)

The above statement is a fact and needs no true argument to back it up, so i won't argue.

All i ask of you, the readers, is to just watch one NHL playoff game. In the past few nights we've had 2 2OT thrillers as well as the resurrection of the defending champion blackhawks.

Ufortunately for you, this is not a pool for voting.

For a TD, one has to argue and have the better argument.

In any event though, NBA has the better playoffs.

First, we need to talk about popularity. There's a reason why Hockey is the least popular of the 4 major sports in America.

I do agree they have loyal fans, but let's be serious here. even those fans know they are far removed from their glory days.

NBA re-invented itself time and again, and remained vastly popular.

Second, unlss I am mistaken, you did not mention "this year", so mentioning " the past few nights" when you had "2 2OT Thrillers" is a weak argument.
Are you forgetting the Celtics & Bulls seires last year in which 4 games went into Overtime, one of which was a triple OT?

So if you meant overall, your example is weak compared to mine from season past. And even if you meant only this year, you are seriously lacking arguments.

We have PLENTY of stories this year.
No clear favorite. A lot of people rooting pro and against teams.

More passion, more hatred, more FANS.... NBA

Where arguments happen!

Good luck to you!

lets see if this works.

Amazing, no argument and we are tied :)
But I have faith in FN.

Let me start with why you are wrong.

1) popularity: NBA does a far better job than NHL.

2) For the laymen: NBA is easier to follow. Heck, to follow the puck is a job for the trained eye, and most of the time even they can't follow it (too drunk) :)

3) Storyline: I don't know about NHL, but on NBA every bracket has a story to look for:

Bulls & Indi:
The new era (after MJ)?
Miami & 76's: The most hated team in the NBA. But one of the most talented. can they get it done?
Celtics & NY: Great team of veterans, together for one last push against the finally relevant team of NY.
Magic & Hawks: The team invested all into this playoffs, making a bold move... and they are on the brink of losing to the hawks.

Spurs & Grizz:
#1 team down 3-1 to the 8th seed.
LA & NO: Tied against #7 seed. Injury and controversy is always around them... can they defend their title and tre-peat?
Mavs & Blazers: Hard fought battles but at least they are prevailing (at home)
Denver & Oklahoma: Up and coming teams.

I dont care whether or not I win the TD, the NHL playoffs are better.

Ok, bud. if you don't care, I don't knnow what I need to say here.

it is obvious most the votes you got are from the title, and not the argument. So there's nothing i could say or do to change votes.

Chosing between NBA and hockey are basically a choice of taste.
Most Hockey fans are more loyal. But that is not to the credit of NHL. it is simply because only the hardcore fans remain.

You either are a hardcore fan or you do not care for hockey. Simple as that.

NHL does a poor marketing job.

NBA at least does a good job promoting games.

The storylines in the NBA are bigger.

Celtics fighting against their own age.
Heats fighting against the world.
Bulls fighting against either Celtics or Heat to prove they are real.

Lakers fighting the Spurs (if they both overcome their own 1st round issues) for the supremacy of the west.

Celtics & Lakers - the biggest rivalry in the sport.

... and the above is known even by NBA causal fans.

If you ask fans of both sports, obviously the fanatics of NHL will make you think NHL is better. But it is only because you either are a fanatic or do not even realize there are NHL playoffs going on...

April 25, 2011  04:21 PM ET

MLB playoffs>both

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April 25, 2011  04:30 PM ET

False. Baseball is boring to watch.

In baseball you can't sit on the lead, run a few plays and kill the clock. You have to throw the ball over the damned plate and give the other man his chance. That is why baseball is the greatest game of them all.

I think it was Earl Weaver that said that.

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April 25, 2011  04:34 PM ET

You can't do that in hockey or basketball either.

There is still a clock. They can kill time until the clock winds down to zero.

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April 25, 2011  04:38 PM ET

Sometimes I wish there was a clock on a baseball game. They take forever.

Even though baseball games last around the same time as any other major sport.

Baseball is a thinking man's game.

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April 25, 2011  04:42 PM ET

A thinking man's game? More like a "stand around for 90% of the game, game".

People with ADD probably don't like baseball.

When I want non stop action, I watch MMA and NASCAR.

April 25, 2011  04:48 PM ET

i dont expect any of you to take this seriously, but i do hope you understand the truth behind the matter.

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April 25, 2011  04:49 PM ET

Non-stop action = HOCKEY.

But, they are ice skating.

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April 25, 2011  04:53 PM ET

And MMA guys roll around with each other.What's your point?

The wrestlers do, but nobody likes the wrestlers.

Give me two Muay Thai fighters in the octagon and it's a brawl.

What I wouldn't give to see Shogun fight Wandy with the clock turned back 5 years for Wandy.

April 25, 2011  04:54 PM ET

And don't get me wrong. I played baseball my whole life (ages 4-18), so I LOVE the sport.I just can't watch a major league game on TV. It's so friggin boring. They spend more time taking practice swings and adjusting their batting gloves than they take actually playing baseball.

I agree completely. Baseball is so boring, with so much dead time. ALSO, think about it, half of the time in a baseball game, nothing good can happen. Half the game, your team is pitching, where absolutely nothing can improve the score. When your team is pitching, that is 15 mins of boredom waiting for your offense to get to the plate so your can score. Baseball is just to incredibly boring to watch on TV, I don't think I ever watch a full regular season baseball game unless I am at a bar.

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