• 05/15/2011, 12:50PM ET

UFC 131 - JDS or Carwin?

Roni (64-13-8) vs CuntryBlumpkin (305-247-64)

OK, so one big behemoth is down, they bring the other one.

Carwin is impressive, and in my mind, he beat Lesnar (there's no denying they could/should have stopped that fight in the first round).

So Carwin was too tired to continue, and was an easy prey for Lesnar on second round.

JDS had a similar fight. With Roy. But instead of tiring out, once he saw he could not KO Roy, he took his time and paced himself on his way to an unanimous decision.

Now they will face each other for the contendership spot (If JDS wins. I can see UFC hoping to make Carwin fight Lesnar if Lesnar gets back in time).

In any case, this matters little.

This fight IMO is even harder for JDS than Lesnar was.
I explain: While Carwin is as big as Lesnar, he has almost the same credentials as Lesnar in Wrestling, but he also has a standup game. A thing lesnar lacks and was thoroughly exposed against Cain.

So this becomes tricky.

However, I still believe in Junior Dos Santos. His boxing is better than Carwin's. Plus, if he was training to fight a wrestler, not much will change on his training.

Carwin brings a new challenge. but JDS is still the one with raised hands!

Disagree? TD!!!

I like JDS, and I think he is the future of the HW division, but this Carwin fight makes me nervous.

First off, Carwin will be the biggest, strongest and the best wrestler JDS has ever faced.

The wrestling of Carwin is what scares me here. I don't know how good JDS's take down defense is.

I don't doubt that he has worked on it, but it takes time to master defending a takedown, especially from a much bigger wrestler.

The next thing that concerns me is Carwin has the ability to finish any fight with one punch.

He has huge hands and they are made out of concrete.

All it takes is JDS making one mistake and leaving himself open for Carwin to have him seeing stars.

And if the two get tied up at any point during the fight, Carwin has lethal uppercuts that finished Frank Mir and should have finished Lesnar.

Carwin learned from the Lesnar fight, I don't think we will see the cardio issues come into play this fight.

This will be a good fight, but Carwin is very dangerous, and I'm thinking he catches JDS and finishes the fight with a TKO.

There things that makes me weary when talking about Carwin.

1) The fact he is a full time engineer who works 8 hours a day and only trains after his day job is done.

2) Age: Shane is 36. One has to wonder if he is improving or declining.

3) Gas tank. While I do think he punched himself out on Lesnar's fight, he is just too big. And this means he burns more oxygen to feed those muscles.

Now, to the fight itself, let's compare:

Standing - Advantage - JDS.
He was a former boxer. He is more accurate, and his technique is better. Yes, carwin can 1 punch KO, but he has to find JDS open.

Wrestling - Tie.
Now, hear me out. Obviously Carwin beats JDS on pure wrestling.
But he is not a wrestler that comes in and takes you down. And in this sense, I don't see him taking JDS down. So wrestling in this case will not really add value to Carwin.

Ground game - Tie.
I think JDS has the advantage, as he trains with the best in the sport. HOWEVER, much like wrestling, I don't see them going to the ground.

How the fight will play?
Simple: they box the first round and JDS lets Carwin tire. Then he attacks on 2nd & 3rd rounds.

Shane is a full time engineer, but it's not like he doesn't get time off for training.

Shane's age is deceiving. Yes, he's 36, but he hasn't had many fights, so he hasn't had the wear and tear other 36 year old fighters have.

Like I said earlier, JDS has a better technical standup game, but Carwin possesses MUCH more power with his punches.

When you face Shane Carwin, you have to know that if you let him catch you just one time, your fight is over.

Calling wrestling a tie is just stupid. Carwin actually wrestled in college, JDS has never wrestled, and JDS's takedown defense is questionable at best.

Carwin has a huge edge in wrestling.

JDS might be trained in BJJ under the Nogs, but the fact of the matter is, when is the last time we've seen him on his back?

It's still an unknown as far as I'm concerned.

I look for Carwin to catch JDS with an uppercut, and walk away as the number one contender.

Carwin is a beast.

May 15, 2011  12:52 PM ET

What does UFC stand for: Universal Fighting Central or something?? Sorry, do not watch any wrestling or MMA

May 15, 2011  01:09 PM ET

Peachy and David did this topic yesterday.

May 15, 2011  03:20 PM ET

Peachy and David did this topic yesterday.

sad voting too

May 15, 2011  06:01 PM ET

I must be getting too old... I even commented on it but did not recall... Outlaw, if you want to tie, just let me know.

May 15, 2011  06:04 PM ET

good argument, outlaw!!!

voting on 1st argument, PCH?
Hope you wait for the next 2 and see if maybe I offered something of value...

May 15, 2011  08:38 PM ET

Did a little research on this one, not going to vote just yet, but just to say Lesnar needs to go away and will if he don't take care of the diverticulitis, Iv had it for years and brother it hurts. Carwin is one dangerious MF.

May 15, 2011  08:51 PM ET

Peachy and David did this topic yesterday.

Will not be hard to top than.

May 15, 2011  08:51 PM ET

Waiting for much more between these 2 MMA Guru's....

May 15, 2011  09:54 PM ET

Will not be hard to top than.

yeah, cause DJ has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many victories over me and peach. . . . .well. Peach.

May 16, 2011  06:33 AM ET

hey now, no dissing PCH!

This is on me. I really don't know how i commented on his TD and yet forgot there was a TD about it... I honestly do not know how that happened!.

May 16, 2011  07:15 AM ET

Figures why I didn't see my other comments

Comment #13 has been removed
May 16, 2011  01:10 PM ET

"he beat Lesnar (there's no denying they could/should have stopped that fight in the first round)"

No denying? The only one in denial seems to be Roni.

May 16, 2011  01:29 PM ET

I think Lesnar would have beaten JDS. And I'm not sure who I think wins between Carwin and JDS. If Carwin gets in close it will be trouble. But if JDS can keep him away it would be better for him. This should be a good stand up war. I'm pretty sure this will end in the 1st though. And probably by KO/TKO.

May 16, 2011  01:35 PM ET

I was riding the fence til Left said tie on wrestling.

May 16, 2011  02:50 PM ET

voting right b/c left is clearly a lesnar hater which ruins the whole premise of the argument

what does this has to do with lesnar?
if your only premise is that I hate Lesnar, then way to vote on the wrong topic.

And my point was to give carwin props for his fight against Lesnar.So basically, if you think lesnar should have beaten Carwinby merit (not because carwin gased), then you should have given the nod to me...

so basically you vote on hate.

May 16, 2011  02:52 PM ET

"he beat Lesnar (there's no denying they could/should have stopped that fight in the first round)"No denying? The only one in denial seems to be Roni.

are you serious, Yoda?
Do you think 4 minutes of being hit without being able to get out doesn't deserve a stoppage?

heh. it seems TD's are not about the topic, but about how much you like a person or the team the person talks about.

Thanks for the wake up call...

May 16, 2011  02:53 PM ET

I was riding the fence til Left said tie on wrestling.

note why i said tie.
not because I think JDS has same level of wrestling.
because I don't think it will be used.
so in this sense, there's no disadvantage to JDS!

May 16, 2011  02:56 PM ET

Outlaw, sorry to do this, bro. you deserve a fair victory.

but I am getting tired/aggravated of this BS.

I'm out.

May 16, 2011  02:57 PM ET

note why i said tie. not because I think JDS has same level of wrestling. because I don't think it will be used. so in this sense, there's no disadvantage to JDS!

It probably won't be used but they are not equal by any means.

This fight is going to be technical striking vs power striking. Will be a doozie.


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