• 05/16/2011, 11:56AM ET

All-NBA over 30 team

fat28will (9-16-3) vs IRB - Hawks are back! (23-24-3)

PG- Jason Kidd
SG- Kobe Bryant
SF- Paul Pierce
PF- Dirk Nowitki
C- Tim Duncan

PG- Chauncey Billups
SG- Ray Allen
SF- Caron Butler
PF- Kevin Garnett
C- Shaq O'Neal

At Least 4 changes to roster in argument.

PG - Steve Nash *
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Paul Pierce
PF - Dirk Nowitzki
C - Tim Duncan

PG - Jason Kidd *
SG - Manu Ginobli *
SF - Stephen Jackson *
PF - Pau Gasol *
C - Marcus Camby *

Nash is a much better PG thab Kidd, thats not even debatable. The rest of the starters are hard to argue honestly, though I thought about Jackson over Pierce.

The bench needs to be completely revamped. Kidd is a better PG than Billups, though Billups is a better scorer. Manu is a far supperior player to Allen, who is a one trick pony at this point, S. Jax over Butler, everytime, Gasol over Garnett (despite his pathetic playoff performance this year), and Camby over Shaq, who cannot even walk at this point.

Damn Man, you really dropped the ball. Nash better than Kidd??? Not even Debatable??? for one Kidd will be a first ballot HOF, Nash prob a 2 or 3. Kidd may not have the flashy passes anymore put he still gives effort. For one in the Playoffs Kidd has done everything. He scores when needed, finds the open all the time, and has been playing lockdown D example KOBE. Lets see Nash, um oh wait, The Suns didn't make it. Also if you say the Mavs wont be where they they are right now you my be right to a extent but Kidd has also done his part. Also in careers Kidd is better. 3rd in made 3's, 2nd in Trip-Dubs, and also he has been on 9 All-NBA Defensive in his career. 4 for the First team and 5 for the Second team. Lets see Nash. After Research i found that he has 0. Billups would also be a better player for his clutch shooting and ability to find his own shot. Ray would still be a better fit due to his consistence in the playoffs, Butler is a better role player, and with the Garnett vs Gasol, KG wins. Even though both played under par in the playoffs KG still played better he had 14ppg and 10rpg while Pau only had 13ppg and 7rpg both below KG stats. Also a healthy Shaq is better than Camby

You are talking all time at this point, I was under the impression this was right now, as we were both using current players. Even so, my team is better.

Steve Nash is the definition of a PG, he distributes and makes everyone around him better.

Suns didnt make it because everyone around Nash is garbage

I would rather have a player who can do everything extremely well coming off the bench than a guy that is exceptional at one thing. (Manu > Allen)

Butler is a better Role player? What do you mean by that? Jackson is the better palyer all around.

Garnett is over the hill and is just angrily fouling people and screaming at this point. Pau is a finese Big, but he can score, and rebound and actually plays decent defense (this years post season excluded).

And yes, a healthy Shaq WAS better than Camby. but at this point in their careers (btw, Shaq's is over), Camby is a starter and Shaq is an afterthought brought in to sell jerseys.

Sorry for the Misdirection. Nash is good but he's not better than Kidd. Kid may not get 10 or more assists but it doesn't mean he's not the definition of PG. He helps his team by scoring, dishing assists and getting REBOUNDS.

Ray Allen also is better than Manu. Ray Allen can also do everything look at his Seattle Stats. His rebounding and assists only fell due to him coming to a more complete team. Ray Allen THIS YEAR had a better FG and and 3pt%. And if that exceptional one thing is being Clutch then I'll take it.

How can you excluded this year postseason? Its part of their careers so sorry. Even though Pau had a better reg. than KG he showed his "true" self in the playoffs. Played mediocre offensivly, made costly turnovers and couldn't guard his oppenents. KG still performerd at a High level averaging a dub-dub, make defensive plays and helping his team instead of being deadweight.

Shaq when Healty is better than Camby. The Celtics record of being 22-3 when he plays 20+ shows.

To me now its a lost cause for the Jackson vs Butler since Butler was out for most of the season

The C's record when Shaq was healthy had little to do with him, they also had Perk for a lot of those games. Camby was solid all year, and is a better option to have on a team right now. Even when they are both healthy.

I still dont consider Nash now vs. Kidd now to be a close comparison.

7.9 ppg 4.4 rpg 8.2 apg 2.2 TO 36% FG% J. Kidd
14.7 PPG 3.5 RPG 11.4 APG 3.5 TO 49% FG% S. Nash

who do you take of the above? the second one! Nash is better.

16.5 ppg 3.4 rpg 2.7 apg 1.0 spg 1.5 TO 49% FG% R. Allen
17.4 ppg 3.7 rpg 4.9 apg 1.5 spg 2.2 TO 43% FG% M. Ginobli

Pretty comperable. But in my oppinion, I want a creative, high energy guy like Ginobli on my team, not a guy who is strictly a shooter at this point.

14.9 ppg 8.9 rpg 2.4 apg 1.3 spg 52% FG% K. Garnett
18.8 ppg 10.2 rpg 3.3 apg 0.6 spg 52% FG% P. Gasol

Again, the stats go my way, Pau averaged a double double.

And you already admited I win the last one.

I did not plan on getting all statistical on you, but I think it was required.

May 16, 2011  11:58 AM ET

Shaq, who dat?

May 16, 2011  12:22 PM ET

most of my changes are on your bench...does that count?

May 16, 2011  12:37 PM ET

I'd take this one.

May 16, 2011  12:46 PM ET

I have 4 easy changes. Possibly 5.

May 16, 2011  12:57 PM ET

I have 5 right now, thinking about 2 more

May 16, 2011  01:12 PM ET

5 of those guys can not be replaced.

May 16, 2011  01:52 PM ET

Good changes, I would take Billups over Kidd though. And David West vs Pau Gasol would be interesting.

May 16, 2011  01:59 PM ET

PG Kerr
SG Jordan
SF Pippen
PF Rodman
C manute bol (he killed a f'n lion with a SPEAR!)

All over 30 by the way.

May 16, 2011  02:16 PM ET

Good changes, I would take Billups over Kidd though. And David West vs Pau Gasol would be interesting.

considered West as well...Decided to go with Pau

May 16, 2011  02:16 PM ET

PG KerrSG JordanSF PippenPF RodmanC manute bol (he killed a f'n lion with a SPEAR!)All over 30 by the way.

you rock

May 16, 2011  02:18 PM ET

PG KerrSG JordanSF PippenPF RodmanC manute bol (he killed a f'n lion with a SPEAR!)All over 30 by the way.

Manute is no longer with us.

May 16, 2011  02:45 PM ET

Manute is no longer with us.

I miss that lanky MF

May 16, 2011  04:17 PM ET

I miss that lanky MF

I agree. he was a differant kind of player. Everything he did, he did for the good of his country. His salary, Fund raising, Political Awareness, truely a man out to save his people the only way he knew how.

May 16, 2011  04:20 PM ET

PG KerrSG JordanSF PippenPF RodmanC manute bol (he killed a f'n lion with a SPEAR!)All over 30 by the way.


May 16, 2011  04:29 PM ET

I've personally decreased Kevin Garnett's value significantly in my mind based off of this year. I like Pau above Garnett.

May 16, 2011  04:47 PM ET

What, no mention of Big Z?

May 16, 2011  07:06 PM ET

What, no mention of Big Z?

lol as if

May 16, 2011  07:15 PM ET

Pau is softer than a feather tick pillow. :/

May 16, 2011  11:11 PM ET

Not having KG on your bench is inexcusable. Defense accounts for something in this awful sport....

May 16, 2011  11:30 PM ET

There isn't as big a gap at all between Nash and Kidd like right claims


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