• 05/28/2011, 11:01AM ET

Defend yourself: Is Kobe "untouchable?"

DJRoxalot (1085-669-126) vs J-Business (78-66-19)

You said this in another TD:

"There are only about 8 players in the NBA who are truly untouchable.
Derrick Rose
Dwight Howard (their hand is forced)
Chris Paul (ditto)"

Before I start, let me say I know he has a no trade clause in his contract.

The Lakers just hired Mike Brown, surprising myself and most Lakers fans. To me it came out of left field and I thought they were just being thorough in their HC search.

Kobe was not very enamored with the decision and apparently was not even consulted about it. Maybe because they are thinking of life after Kobe?

Let me present a scenario to you and FN:

If Kobe bickers with his HC early in the season and it proves to be a bad fit?

I very well could see the Lakers going to Kobe and discussing the option of possibly dealing him if he is not happy with the coach. Of course they would deal him to somewhere he would possibly want to go.

Why? Jerry Buss is a businessman and he will not let 1 player disrupt the team.

See the Shaq scenario when he had to make a decision between Kobe and Shaq.


FYI: You left Wade off the "untouchable list.

Let me tell you what makes Kobe "untouchable": Tradition

Elgin Baylor
Gail Goodrich
James Worthy
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Jerry West
Magic Johnson

All HOF players with their numbers retired who were drafted by the Lakers and played mostly their entire careers with the team bringing them multiple championships.

Kobe is also on this list. He was drafted by the Lakers and he's won 5 titles with them.

Not only is Kobe on this list but he's considered by some to be one of the top 3 Lakers ever.

This is a totally different situation from Shaq.

For one, Shaq felt that he was bigger than the team and the franchise and he pushed to be traded.
Kobe may have had his differences but never has he made himself bigger than the team.

Another point is that when the Shaq and Kobe rift started, the Lakers could afford to trade Shaq because they still had one superstar left: Kobe

They're not going to turn their future over to the likes of Andrew Bynum.

Of course they may be thinking about life after Kobe because he's 32 (going on 33) with 15 yrs of wear and tear.

But to suggest they would trade him, NO.

FYI: It's Lebron's team, so yes that makes Wade expendable.

First, we need to do some housekeeping:

Kobe was not drafted by the Lakers. In 1996 he was drafted with the #13 pick by Charlotte and promptly traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac.

Kobe has had a great run with the Lakers, no doubt about that at all. But if he starts to cause trouble?

I have no doubt that Jerry would talk to him and if it continued? And knowing Kobe it very well could. He is gone.

I hate to repeat myself but Jerry Buss will not 1 player start causing problems. He will cut his losses like he did with Shaq when he embarrassed the Lakers and Mister Buss.

They didn't equal trade value for Shaq but they got a key piece in winning titles, Lamar Odom.

They will not get equal trade value for Kobe but I could see them trading him to the 76ers for a package including Iggy, Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes.

They get a quick young PG, a SG that is an excellent ballhandler and a fine backup center in Hawes in case Bynum gets hurt.

FYI: It is Wade's team. James is riding Wade's coat tails to a possible ring.

DJ, you're a West Coast guy, LA to be exact.

But I think your credentials may be taken away for even suggesting the Lakers would make such an idiotic trade:
"package including Iggy, Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes."

Are you serious. Kobe Bryant for those table scraps.
Who's the PG? Williams? You mean the shooting guard off the bench.

SG ballhandler? Iggy?
Really, are you serious? When did that happen?

Kobe is the heart and soul of the Lakers team. He's been with the team since he was 17. He's been through the ups and downs.
After Shaq left town, he refined his game and won 2 more titles

And now you want to trade him?

There's a reason why the Lakers and Celtics are the standard bearers in the NBA: They maintain tradition and they treat their superstars with respect.

Both franchises have kept their star players around in their late years to mentor the next generation.

To suggest that they would trade Kobe goes against all logic and reason.

To suggest they would trade him for the garbage you just mentioned is insanity.

Kobe Bryant has proven to be the greatest player of the previous generation.

Show the man some respect and just forfeit this TD.

Table scraps, seriously?

Lou is a PG but the Sixers are enamored with making Jrue Holiday the PG of the future. And he would help the Lakers become younger and quicker at the Point, which is a definite problem.

Iggy is a SG/SF swingman and when did he become a passer? He has always been a passer. He averaged 7.0apg and 6.8rpg in the playoffs. Put him on the Lakers with Gasol and Bynum and the Lakers would be running a a frontcourt dominated offense. Something they cannot do with Kobe.

Hawes would give LA a capable backup.

Kobe refined his game? They won 2 titles when they picked up Gasol and he is tailor made for the offense they run.

Forfeit? Never.

Respect? Because I realize Kobe might have 2 years left at his current level of play? And they might want to get something in return rather than just watch him fade away? And he is stubborn enough to cause issues?

He gives the Sixers a legit (although declining) superstar to take the big shots that they needed in this postseason.

Both teams benefit in this trade.

I respect Kobe but sometimes you have to make a tough decisions and it may very well be time for the Lakers to move forward.

Good TD.

I'm not going to waste anytime on that garbage trade you just mentioned.
It simply stinks.

The primary reason why the Lakers won't trade Kobe is because he's their team leader and has been with the team for years.

As a franchise the Lakers have made it a point to keep their superstar players with the team into their sunset.
Kobe will not be any different.

During his career, Kobe has had one incident in which he criticized the organization. Even this was in the context of Shaq winning a title with the Heat and the Lakers missing the playoffs.

Other than that, Kobe has been the essential team first guy even to the point that Phil Jackson has asked him to speak up more and push his teammates harder.

Even if Kobe doesn't get along with the new coach, it will be the coach who sees the door before Kobe. He's already proven himself, no one can come in and change that.

Also keep in mind that the team is in the midst of a transition. Jim Buss will be taking over the reins from Jerry Buss.
The last thing he will want to do is to be known for getting rid of one of the Lakers all time great players.

Kobe Bryant will retire a Los Angeles Laker.

May 28, 2011  12:51 PM ET

Good luck, J Business....

May 28, 2011  01:06 PM ET

Good luck, J Business....

This will be interesting and thanks for the direct challenge.

May 28, 2011  01:27 PM ET

Blake Griffin = untouchable

May 28, 2011  01:33 PM ET

Blake Griffin = untouchable

True, I forgot to put him on my other list.

May 28, 2011  02:21 PM ET

After 1 season? I dk about thatt.

May 28, 2011  02:21 PM ET


Comment #7 has been removed
May 28, 2011  03:06 PM ET

Interesting take on it. I will get to this early in the am Sunday....

May 28, 2011  03:57 PM ET

Not related to the TD, but Rondo isn't untouchable. In fact, the Celts were reportedly close to trading him last year.

May 28, 2011  04:03 PM ET

Not related to the TD, but Rondo isn't untouchable. In fact, the Celts were reportedly close to trading him last year.

I think what makes Rondo untouchable is the increase in great point guards in the league along with the rapid decline of Pierce, Garnett and Ray Allen.

May 28, 2011  04:26 PM ET

Rondo is capable of 20ppg and 10apg but he plays with Pierce, KG and Allen. He is a great PG that Boston would be foolish to consider dealing.

May 28, 2011  04:33 PM ET

Rondo is capable of 20ppg and 10apg but he plays with Pierce, KG and Allen. He is a great PG that Boston would be foolish to consider dealing.

Totally agree. Rondo is one of the top 5 point guards in the league and is largely the reason why Boston has remained a top team for the past 2 yrs.

May 28, 2011  04:41 PM ET

Abdul Jabbar was drafted by the Bucks.....

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May 28, 2011  05:55 PM ET

The Lakers should build a statue for Kurt Rambis!

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May 28, 2011  06:26 PM ET

FYI it is Wade's team...

Nope, it's CB's team!

May 28, 2011  06:27 PM ET

Free LOVE?

Hey Twins, it ain't the 60's no more!

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May 28, 2011  06:34 PM ET

*will not toleraste 1 player causing*


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