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Your friendly neighbor. (0-6-1) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

Shaq has earned himself a seat at the big boy table!

Now that Shaq is retired we can start to imagine where he ranks with the greats without the "and he still isn't done yet" argument getting thrown in there.

I would say Shaq is the 2nd best big man in history.

1. Wilt
2. Shaq

In the last 10-15 years have you ever heard somebody say "That guy just dunked so hard he broke the rim!"


What you heard is "Man he just Shaq'd the **** out of that rim" or nothing at all because due to shaq's early career backboard destruction, the backboard was redesigned to withstand such punishment. Name another big man that changed the game in this way.

Simply Put the man could do it ALL (except shoot free throws early on)

He was the unstoppable force, and the Immovable object. Shaq Diesel Was a legend of our time.

Shaq certainly was a great player during his prime. But he is not a Top 2 or 3 center of all time. He is a Top 5 center imo but his FT shooting was a huge weakness in his game. He made a horrible 52.7% of his FT attempts.

Kareem was a better overall player than Shaq, a better FT shooter, a better rebounder a better passer and a better defender.

Shattering a backboard makes him a Top center? It makes him strong but not a great center.

And defensively? He was a good player when he was younger but as he gained weight? He was just a fat roadblock on the way to the rim for the opposing player that dared to drive the lane.


First, I never said that Shaq was a top center just because of his rim wrecking. Just that this moved him into the public eye and into stardom. He did the rest with talent.

Let's not pretend like Shaq wasn't the glimmer of hope as all other centers seemed to fade away.

Shaq's career numbers?

11.2 Rebs per 36, 2.3 Blks p36, 24.6 pts p36,

Absolutely KAJ was a better free throw shooter, but lets look at his per 36 stats.

10.9 Rebs p36, 2.6 Blks p36, 24.1 pts p36

KAJ had a better percentage of blocks per 36, however in the 70s and 80s Players were smaller, and this was only the start of the drive to the basket and dunk. Today you can count on two hands the number of players that CAN'T dunk, Did you even need two hands for those that COULD dunk back then. BTW Dunks are the highest % shot in basketball, and are rarely blocked...

Have you heard of something called the hand checking rule?

Slight advantage players like KAJ had. take away the ability to keep track of the player you are defending and watch the defensive stats fall off a little. To say that Shaq wasn't a Defensive center, or that he just stood in your way is a bit off base.

"Shaq's career numbers?
11.2 Rebs per 36, 2.3 Blks p36, 24.6 pts p36,

Absolutely KAJ was a better free throw shooter, but lets look at his per 36 stats.
10.9 Rebs p36, 2.6 Blks p36, 24.1 pts p36"

The problem is he did not average 36mpg over the course of his career.

23.7ppg, 10.9rpg, 2.5apg and 2.3bpg while shooting 58.2% on FG's and 52.7% on FT's in 34.7mpg.

Kareem? 24.6ppg, 11.2rpg, 3.6apg and 2.6bpg while shooting 55.9% and 72%.

The big difference is that Kareem was a lot better at shooting FT's. And that is no small advantage.

Smaller players? Kareem started in the early 70's and played till 1988-89. Yet he still dominated. He dominated for a longer period of time.

Shaq's last 5 years? He was just bouncing around the NBA trying to win another ring.

Shaq's biggest problem was he was out of shape and could not elevate to block shots like Kareem could.

Kareem's skyhook was 1 of the most undefensible shots ever. When teams needed to? They fouled Shaq and put him on the FT line. It was called the "Haq-a-Shaq" defense.

Forfeited Turn

Kareem was

6 time NBA MVP
6 time NBA champion
5 time all NBA Defensive First Team
6 time all NBA Defensive Second Team
19 time NBA All Star

He scored 38,387 points, grabbed 17,440 rebounds and blocked 3,189 shots.

In the postseason? Kareem averaged 24.3ppg, 10.5rpg, 3.2apg and 2.1bpg in 237 games.

Shaw had a win shares of 35.6.

Shaq had a win shares of 31.1

400 FM's? Nice try.

Did not need to quote you much.

Cake and Boobies!!!!!


June 1, 2011  04:30 PM ET

I knew you were lurking!

June 1, 2011  04:32 PM ET

2nd best big man!!!!!!!!!! No.

Where do you have him ranked all time: disregarding position?

Comment #3 has been removed
June 1, 2011  04:35 PM ET

2nd best big man!!!!!!!!!! No. Where do you have him ranked all time: disregarding position?

He is somewhere in the top 100 that is for sure. I will not rank them however as that is not the discussion at hand.

June 1, 2011  04:40 PM ET

Let me try to anticipate my opponents argument?

"something I said"
unoriginal response
"something I sad"
Berating comment about my intellect
"something I said"
Round out the argument with a nice better luck next time statement

under 400 original characters and over 400 fanmails

June 1, 2011  04:43 PM ET

2nd best big man!!!!!!!!!! No.


Best big man ever!

June 1, 2011  04:44 PM ET

He is somewhere in the top 100 that is for sure. I will not rank them however as that is not the discussion at hand.

In the top 10.

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June 1, 2011  06:33 PM ET

Let me try to anticipate my opponents argument?"something I said"unoriginal response"something I sad"Berating comment about my intellect"something I said"Round out the argument with a nice better luck next time statementunder 400 original characters and over 400 fanmails


June 1, 2011  06:39 PM ET

Nicknames Shaq should have used during his HOF career...

The Big Roadblock, The ShaqA** and The Human Detour.

June 1, 2011  07:17 PM ET

Shaq is a top ten player of all time..


June 2, 2011  09:15 AM ET

Clearly you have been here before.haha

Since I started doing throwdowns, serious or not, i have read quite a few of DJs arguments, and against new people or people who have a poor record, that seems to be his style.

June 2, 2011  09:50 AM ET

If Shaq was a great FT shooter he would've been the most impossible to stop. He would have easily averaged 30+PPG. Shaq would own KAJ. KAJ was way too skinny. Wilt would have put up a little more of a challenge but he would have got owned also. IMO Hakeem > KAJ and Wilt.

June 2, 2011  10:09 AM ET

Left, why do you keep referring to "per 36?" Do you think there's 36 minutes in an NBA basketball game?

June 2, 2011  10:16 AM ET

I also have to dock Shaq some points for twitting his announcement during the NBA finals. It confirms the attention **** that he's become (and always was).

Also, a top 2 center of all time doesn't shop his services around to team after team after team in search of one more championship. It should be the other way around: players seek out a top 2 center of all time and want to play with him. Shaq fails in this regard.

Shaq was a joke after he left the Lakers. First he became DWade's lapdog, then Phoenix, then (are you kidding me) Cleveland, before finally retiring as an overweight, injured clown in Boston.

Best case scenario for Shaq is 5th best center behind Wilt, Russell, Kareem, and Hakeem. Shaq could have been the best, but he choose not to practice or stay in shape during the offseason.

June 2, 2011  10:31 AM ET

Look at the great centers Shaq had to go up against. Hakeem, Ewing, Mourning, Mutumbo, David Robinson to name a few. Who did Wilt have to go up against? Russell and that's about it. What about KAJ? Mark Eaton!

Shaq was much more efficient than both KAJ and Wilt. And Wilt shot worse from the line and the field against a bunch of guys like you and me.

June 2, 2011  11:04 AM ET

WHEN DID THIS 36 MIN BS START BEING RELEVANT? Who the hell came up with it? You need to be choked.

June 2, 2011  11:11 AM ET


June 2, 2011  11:17 AM ET

Comparing stats and competition, Shaq is #1. KAJ and Wilt need to take a lot of shots to score. Shaq didn't. Shaq only averaged 16 shots per a game. Chris Bosh shoots that much and he's a 3rd option.



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