• 06/03/2011, 12:55AM ET

Lord Stanley

Armada (52-23-3) vs Deleted User (4-3-0)

Hello FanNation,

How are you doing today? I hope every thing is going alright. I've been doing quite well myself. Now the reason why I am writing this letter is because I have a three part theory I would like to share with you. As there is three parts to the theory, there will be three parts to this letter. The topic will be:

The Boston Bruins will win the Stanley Cup.

Now I shall begin with part one.

While the Bruins have dropped the first game in the series against Vancouver I believe they still have a very good chance against them. There are of course some very simple reasons, I will now elaborate:

1st- While both teams have outstanding goaltending, Thomas has the ability to steal games and even series by himself. Not only that but Luongo has proven the be inconsistent. Just look at him in games 4 and 5 of the Blackhawks series. Ten goals in not even two games. Not nice.

2nd- Boston may not have the best special teams, but 5 on 5. Magnificent.

3rd- Their play style. As long as Boston can keep the pace slowed down they have the advantage.

4th- It's only one game.

Well that's it for now FN. I can't wait to see you again.



The Boston Bruins shall not win.

1 - You cite Luongo's inconsistency in the first round yet ignore the fact that it was over a month ago when that occurred. Meanwhile Tim Thomas gave up 5 goals on 3 different occasions just last series! So you want me to believe the Luongo is inconsistent due to actions from last month while ignoring the fact that Thomas performed those very same actions just last week? That makes zero sense.

Fact is Luongo has the superior GAA figure for the playoffs and has been far better over the past ten games than Thomas. That tells me it is THOMAS who is inconsistent and not Luongo.

2 - Boston is excellent at 5-on-5. But so too is Vancouver. They were the second best in that respect during the regular season behind Boston while also having dominant special teams. Is it really an advantage to be slightly better in one area (5-on-5) while being far, far worse in the other area (PK and PP)?

3 - Play style? Slowed down? You do realize there were a ton of shots, right? And that Vancouver got excellent chances, right? That style of play suited Vancouver just fine as evidence by the score.

Vancouver shall win.

Dear FanNation,

Good news! My throwdown was accepted by someone used Deleted User. He brings up some good points, could even be called great points. Unfortunately this TD was a bit of an experiment, and now Deleted User is the test subject. So I will now proceed to part two of my letter.

Loop holes, yup loop holes. I love loops holes, when you find them they almost always work in your own favor. This loophole will help me win this TD. The loop hole is that I very specifically never once mentioned that I was limiting this TD to only this year.

While I did put up points on how there is a possibility they could win this year, I did not limit it to only that. It was a clever idea I came up with last night when I bet my friend that "The Boston Bruins will win the Stanley Cup." Pretty neat hey? By wording it the way I did there was no way I would lose unless the Bruins never win a Cup, or the NHL decides to move an Original Six club.

Both being highly unlikely.

So then I decided I would make this a topic for a TD and see if my opponent would catch on. As you can see he didn't. It might be a bit cheap, but I wanted to give it a try.



So now you can guarantee future events?

Think someone back in 1910 said that the Cubs WILL win the World Series?
Or someone back in 1968 said that the Leafs WILL win the Cup?
Or someone back in 1948 said the Cardinals WILL win the Super Bowl?
Or someone back in 1952 said the Kings WILL win the NBA championship?
Or someone back in 1977 said that Ottawa WILL win the Grey Cup?

Guess what, all have been proven wrong. Especially the Ottawa guy since they no longer have a time.

Fact is you can't see the future and as such can't guarantee anything, loophole or not. Had you made it a loophole expressing that the Bruins had already won the Cup or something to that effect then you would indeed be correct. But you are not.

The NHL could easily fold on September 15, 2012 when the CBA expires. Or the Cup Trust could get frustrated with the NHL and award it to another league. After all, lets not forget that the Cup isn't owned by the NHL. Maybe the KHL takes it from them.

All these options may be unlikely but all stated with the same level of certainty as your prediction.

Dear FanNation,

Unexpected development. My opponent has countered incredibly well against my act of trickery, I am thoroughly impressed. The last time I wrote to you I did so with utter confidence, I must say that now it is shaken.

While all of the events that Deleted User could happen, the possibility of them being realized are very slim. The probability of the Boston Bruins never ever winning the Cup are same as saying the James Cameron will never make a fantastic movie ever again. Highly unlikely.

My opponent is basically also saying the teams like the Cubs and Leafs (I would include Cardinals, Kings and Ottawa but they aren't a staple team to the league they are apart of) will never win a championship.

Just like how a man would never go to the moon.

Or there would never be a black president.

Women would never be equal to men.

Of course there are others, but I don't have the effort to name them all. As you can see these things were once deemed impossible. Is it impossible for the Bruins to ever win the cup?

Of course not.

So if the impossible is possible, then the possible is probable.



Just no

Very lame to turn a good discussion of a tangible situation into a philosophical debate

Simple fact of the matter is that the future can NEVER be predicted
End of story
That is all

Wasted my time, though I suppose that is a given on this most pathetic of sites

June 3, 2011  03:37 AM ET

I look for Boston to tie the series.

June 3, 2011  11:57 AM ET

I look for Boston to tie the series.

They don't and they are done for

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June 3, 2011  03:39 PM ET


Why do people keep on yelling my name?

June 3, 2011  03:44 PM ET

Why do people keep on yelling my name?

HE does it cuz' he's weird like that and has no manners. Just ignore the Twinkie! ;)

June 3, 2011  06:41 PM ET

LOL. as a Bruins homer there was about a 5% chance i was voting right. But that second argument by right swayed me. Well played.

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June 3, 2011  07:04 PM ET


You suck!!! LOL!

June 3, 2011  07:24 PM ET

HE does it cuz' he's weird like that and has no manners. Just ignore the Twinkie! ;)

HA! Sweets and WinTwins on a hockey TD? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Armada.....I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your Yahoo league. It was a blast, and hope you keep me in mind if ya decide to do it again.

Interesting TD topic. Good luck both of you.

June 3, 2011  07:24 PM ET

Awaiting part 3........................

June 3, 2011  07:34 PM ET

Hey King....long time no see! How ya doin'?

June 3, 2011  10:03 PM ET

You're smoking too much schwag, Armada. I know the good stuff costs a little more, but it's worth it.

June 3, 2011  10:12 PM ET

Why do people keep on yelling my name?


June 3, 2011  11:43 PM ET



June 3, 2011  11:53 PM ET

Vancouver will win the Cup.

June 4, 2011  12:15 AM ET

Vancouver will win the Cup.


June 4, 2011  02:06 PM ET

The chances of another bad James Cameron movie are actually pretty high.

June 4, 2011  03:34 PM ET

Boston's power play kill sucks. Vancouver has an amazing power play offense.

Canucks in 5.

June 4, 2011  03:47 PM ET

Boston's power play kill sucks. Vancouver has an amazing power play offense.Canucks in 5.

Power play kill? The hell is that?!

By the way, Boston's PK is statistically identical to Vancouver's (81.2 vs 82.0)

June 4, 2011  08:19 PM ET

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