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Bowling for Soup -- 1985

Dyhard (43-23-2) vs BM. (65-17-11)

TOPIC: Best sports related event from 1985

I think the best sports related event from 1985 has to be when the Kansas City Royals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3 after being down 0-2 to start off the season. I did have some other ideas like Dwight Gooden's 1985 season, but that isn't an event. The World Series? That's an event. The Super Bowl? That's an event. An entire season? No. This World Series is often referred to the I-70 Showdown Series. It's the interleague rivalry between the two Missouri teams as well and was a huge event for all Royal and Cardinal fans.

An even amazing feat for the Royals was that after going down 2 games to none, they won game 3 by the score of 6-1 but ended up losing 3-0 in Game 4 and being down 3 games to 1 game. They had to win the final 3 games and they did just that winning by scores of 6-1, 2-1 and 11-0. The Royals lost game 1 because Dick Howser decided to send Charlie Leibrandt out to close the game with a 2-0 lead and allowed 4 runs to be scored. In Game 6, there was a famous call that was known as "The Call" which is what this series is remembered for the most and the reason why it's the best sports event.

Good choice. But I'll give you one better.

It was one of the biggest (if not the biggest) upsets in college basketball history. To this day, this team is the lowest-seeded team to win the NCAAB tournament.

My choice is the 1985 Villanova Wildcats basketball team. They stunned a HIGHLY favored Georgetown Hoyas team 66-64, that featured a household name, Patrick Ewing.

The Hoyas won their first championship in 1984, and were the absolute favorites to win it again in 1985. They began the 85 season ranked #1, and ended the season ranked #1. Logically, they should have won the NCAAB tournament. Villanova was ranked #8.

What makes it even better is that the Hoyas beat Villanova not once, but TWICE earlier in the season, so who could have expected this to happen?

Villanova was on fire the entire game, shooting over 78% from the field. They missed only one shot in the second half. They also hit 11 of 14 free throws in the final two minutes of the game to hold off the Hoyas.

Your choice was good, and was an excellent series, but my choice is LEGENDARY

Good Luck Dyhard.

Anything can happen in a 1 game showdown and Villanova was playing well throughout the entire tournament. While the 1985 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Final was a big upset, it doesn't beat the 1985 MLB World Series. The Royals were a good team. The Cardinals were even better. Just look at the Pythagorean Win-Loss records... The Royals finished the season at 91-71. Pythagorean Win-Loss record was 86-76, showing that they should've had 5 less wins on the season. The Cardinals finished the season at 101-61. Their Pythagorean Win-Loss record was 100-62, showing that they should've had 1 less loss than they did, but were an even better team than what the original records showed.

In the 1985 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Final, Villanova was winning at halftime and didn't show any signs that they were going to lose. They kept their winning going throughout the entire game while the Royals had to make an impressive comeback after being down 2 games to none and then down three games to 1 game even. There was also history made in this game and something that has never been duplicated either. The last team to even come back from down 3 games to 1 was Kansas City! History.

The only claim to fame that the 1985 World Series is the fact that the KC came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series. Other than that, there wasn't a whole lot to write home about.

The 1985 NCAAB Championship game is an entirely different story. It was David Vs. Goliath. The team everybody expected to come out on top, and the team that toppled the giant.

You say anything can happen in a one game showdown. That isn't true at all. When was the last time a 16 seed took down a 1 seed? The answer is NEVER. So the whole "anything can happen" argument holds no weight. As I said before, Nova beating Gtown as the 8 seed is still the lowest seed ever to win a championship.

You point out the Pythagorean win loss record a lot in your last argument. No offense, but that is a completely lame argument. You basically used half your argument to say that the Cards were 14 games better in the regular season instead of 9 games better. Lame.

Your last paragraph is a bit confusing. You belittle Nova's win by saying they were "leading the whole game". Hell yeah they were leading. They shot 78.6% from the field for god sakes.

They embarrassed Gtown.

Much MTC.

The only claim to fame is coming back from a 3 game to 1 game deficit? That's wrong. They also came back from a 2 game to nothing deficit and it was the I-70 Rivalry series that meant a lot to the Royals and Cardinals' fans and made the rivalry just that much more. That's what there is about that. The 1985 NCAAB Championship Game isn't remembered for much more than a major upset. That's it. I bet most people who were alive and saw this game don't remember it. I bet more would remember the 1985 World Series than this NCAAB Championship Game that wasn't all that spectacular.

A 16 seed can take down a 1 seed. It can happen. Just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean that it cannot. And when I mention the Pythagorean win-loss record, I'm showing how the teams actually were, not just based off of their record, because that's mis-leading. The Cardinals had a clear advantage both talent wise and skill wise. They were the clear-cut favorites. They were even up 3 games to 1 game, yet Kansas City still came back and won the Series. That is why it was the greatest event from 1985. It was a great series, kept the fans into it, had an upset, comeback and a great series!

Here's the deal. Basically the only people that would consider the 85 World Series a better sporting event than the 85 NCAAB championship are Royals fans. That's it.

I was a very big baseball fan when I was younger, and I have never heard one word about that world series. I am not a basketball fan whatsoever, but the 85 NCAAB championship was the first thing that came to mind for me, even before researching the topic.

The fact that you are saying the NCAA championship game "Wasn't all that spectacular" is purely insane. That game has gone down in history as one of the most memorable CBB games of all time. The same thing can't be said for the 85 WS.

Of course a 16 seed CAN take down a 1 seed. But in all the years of March Madness, it has not happened. Anything can happen, but historically, anything doesn't happen.

The Pythagorean win/loss record is meaningless here. You are splitting hairs. So the Cardinals were 5 games better after the theory is applied. So what? That was the regular season. You said it yourself, anything can happen, remember?

The 85 WS was a good series no doubt, but it does not compare to the 85 NCAAB championship game.

Good TD.

June 7, 2011  05:39 PM ET

I think there is only one other thing from 1985 that can top this. Let's see what right chooses.

June 7, 2011  05:44 PM ET

I think there is only one other thing from 1985 that can top this. Let's see what right chooses.

Agreed. What did the Pens do in '85 again(ha-ha)?

June 7, 2011  05:52 PM ET

THE SUPERBOWL SHUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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June 7, 2011  06:11 PM ET

Well after re-reading your argument, I need some MAJOR clarification here.You say that an entire season cannot be considered an "event", but a series of playoff games can. That makes no sense.What am I limited to here?

The Pennsylvania state record for Coho Salmon was caught out of Lake Erie,k weighing in at 15 pounds 5 oz in 1985.

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June 7, 2011  06:25 PM ET

1985 Tour de France.First use of clipless pedals.Won by Hinault.

Libby Riddles became the first woman ever to win the Iditarod

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June 7, 2011  06:29 PM ET

Greatest sporting event of '85? The Browns getting Bernie Kosar! Is that being overly biased? ha-ha

June 7, 2011  06:29 PM ET


No, she was from Madison, Wisconsin actually.

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June 7, 2011  06:39 PM ET


I thought Amish lived in PA?

June 7, 2011  06:42 PM ET

Won by Hinault.

Twins, stop makin' stuff up! That's a car company(ha-ha)!

June 7, 2011  06:47 PM ET

Twins, stop makin' stuff up! That's a car company(ha-ha)!

I think you are thinking of "Renault" the French car maker...

June 7, 2011  06:49 PM ET

I think you are thinking of "Renault" the French car maker...

Oh I know, just being a smarta**. How have ya been lately Sweets and how's Vegas?

June 7, 2011  07:32 PM ET

the cancellation of the NASL

Man-U over everton 1-0 in FA cup

Pete Rose breaks all time hit record

Kansas city kings become sacramento kings

World Snooker Championship - Dennis Taylor beats Steve Davis 18-17 in one of the greatest snooker matches of all time

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