• 07/01/2011, 05:55PM ET

Vick and nike is wrong!!!!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs rsp (17-9-1)

Nike has their heads up their butts one this one!

This Is moraly and ethically wrong..

I have not probs with vick getting his job back..

But I will never buy nike again!!!!

What Next hitler models kosher hot dogs?
Bin Laden advertises planes?
Oj Markets leather gloves..
Bush becomes a spokesmen for shell gas station?

I knowk vick is not **** bad **** these guys.. Ha..

,But, trust me, dogs lovers,
And There are alot of us..
Want too pi_ss one this guys..
Literally pi# ss.. On this scum..

Rot In hell nike..
You Were never my favorite anyway..
YouShall havea not soul nor spirit..
YouShall not bep permitted to rise from they depths..
You shall be considered an abomination..

Onlyy In a country this sh$ itty could this happen..
And gay marriage is ilegal?

Nike is doing a good thing, he is a great player and is on par, or better than their other athletes. He has easily the playing ability to be sponsored.

never buying nike again is a huge over-reaction, even as a dog lover. This sounds more like you are the type of person who gets "Peanut butter wonder" (if you don't know what it is, look it up on urban dictionary)

all joking aside, he did a crime, and did his time. He fixed his life off the field and has changed. He has done all the right things since getting out of prison. there is nothing he has done to prevent this deal from being done on an ethical or moral standpoint.

"Michael acknowledges his past mistakes, We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field" -nike spokesperson Derek Kent

that about sums up the deal, Nike is not supporting what he did, but how he has changed. there is no reason to believe that he has not fixed himself up, he has repaired his image.

Our country is a forgiving country, he did his time. If you dislike it get the **** out.

Nike>whatever shitty company you use.

Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

**** much **** I would like to leave I cant..
My allegiance is with england
But My passport is american..
The Only way to get out of this is to marry a brit..

Since we are stuck.. Might **** well get along..

Torture is sick..
Bush And vick disgust me..
a dude on jim rome and 3 panelists on around the horn,
Agree With me..

We Only have one life..
If choose not to buy crackin nike stuff fine..

Vicks crime cant be rationalized, sorry..

You are the type of personal who would let rose in hf..

Dogs are important in modern society..
if they were not it would not be a felony...

Good luck

Go marry a brit. Please. and anyway, can't you get a passport to go back?

You don't have to buy Nike gear, but that is your choice. America is a great country like that where you have complete control over what you do. You can choose to buy lesser gear, and most won't care. this same freedom allows Nike the ability to sponsor Michael Vick. it's called freedom.

Vick commited a crime, for that he served 18 months in jail and 2 months of home confinment. He isn't allowed to have a dog as a pet. I think he should be, but that's another TD. It's not like Nike is sponsoring him to make dog-wear or something, just sportswear. If it were Dog-wear you might have a case but it isn't and you don't.

His crime isn't a sports crime, it is a dog crime. Nike is a sports company, not a dog company. He should be allowed to sign with Nike without anyone thinking worse of the company.

Dogs are pets, is he any worse than people who abuse other animals, or people? NO! just because it is a common, pet animal, doesn't make the crime any worse.

Vick has changed. Would you let him near your dog? I would.

I lived in england 15years on a visa..
I should have applied for dual citizen ship.
But I had my head up my butts..
So sorry..

This Country is a walking contradiction..
You Have religious right wing..
And then garbage like this happens..

This country claims it has high morals..
And Yet torture in the prisons of
Guantanamo and abu ghriab is acceptable?

And Now the biggest sports company is glorifying
a criminal??
Its a mind fuc_k for kids..
It Sends them the message that its ok to torture dogs..

Jesus died for the sins of mankind..
If Jesus was head of nike he would not allow this..
Only in america baby..

You had less than 30 words relating to why Vick should not be able to be endorsed by Nike.

I feel no reason to waste more time on this.
but I will anyway cuz I'm bored

I am a kid and i do not get the message that it is ok to torture dogs at all. I wouldn't want to spend 18 months in jail, losing millions of dollars like vick did. Vick is no worse than your neighbor or the guy down the street who tortures their cats, dogs, and fish. Vick just happens to be famous, and for good reason.

I'm not going to comment on the Jesus stuff other than to say he is dead and if you wish to believe it, in heaven. if Jesus were alive he would damn the whole NFL, by common christian morals they're all going to hell anyway, so he wouldn't support any of them.

repeat after me:
I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, (under God), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

America is the only country that is great enough to allow for this. Go back to your dictatorial, communist ways if you'd like.

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July 1, 2011  06:04 PM ET

Don't sugarcoat it on your next argument, HCF. Tell us how you really feel.

July 1, 2011  06:05 PM ET



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July 1, 2011  06:23 PM ET

ray ray killed a man, and he endorses old spice. and under armour.

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July 1, 2011  06:44 PM ET

ray ray killed a man, and he endorses old spice. and under armour.

sorry. i just love both ray ray and vick.

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July 1, 2011  07:12 PM ET

oops spirited debate

what's the difference between dog meat and cow meat?

July 1, 2011  07:12 PM ET

You really compared Vick to three murderers and a President? Seriously???

He did a crime, he paid for it. Move on already.

July 1, 2011  09:12 PM ET

Why penalize Vick when drunk drivers, rapists, wife -beaters, and drug dealers can play without the hassle.

July 1, 2011  09:31 PM ET

Vick committed a crime, a serious crime (but not as serious as some think). Went to jail. He has admitted he was wrong, tried to make amends for his actions. He has kept his nose clean since then.

Why doesn't he deserve an endorsement deal.

July 1, 2011  09:34 PM ET

what's the difference between dog meat and cow meat?

I am assuming morally different and not taste.

July 1, 2011  09:46 PM ET

But I will never buy nike again!!!!

I'll buy nike extra.

July 1, 2011  10:32 PM ET

what's the difference between dog meat and cow meat?

Cows are sacred.

How dare people think of them in terms of meat!

July 1, 2011  10:54 PM ET

Cows are sacred. How dare people think of them in terms of meat!

I still wanna steak(ha-ha)

July 1, 2011  10:58 PM ET

I am assuming morally different and not taste.

haha yeah, but hey, they all taste like chicken.

July 1, 2011  11:17 PM ET

I still wanna steak(ha-ha)

They are sacredly delicious.


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