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Team of tommorow

U. Wrex (10-26-3) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

Please wait until my opponets second argument to vote

Build a NFL team full of players 25 years old or younger. They must be 25 today so if they turn 26 tommorow they are okay. So must of been born July 4 1985 or sooner.

Either style of defense as long as the player fits it. Offense needs 5 linemen, 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and one skill position of your choice(RB, WR, or TE).

My extra position is WR

QB-Josh Freeman-23

RB-Jamaal Charles-24

WR-Calvin Johnson-25

WR-Mike Wallace-24

WR-Hakeem Nicks-23

TE-Jermichael Finley-24

OT-Ryan Clady-24

OG-Josh Sitton-25

C-Jeremy Zuttah-25

OG-Andy Levitre-25

OT-Michael Oher-25

My defense is a 3-4

DE-Ndamukong Suh-24

NT-BJ Raji-24

DE-Sedrick Ellis-25

OLB-Clay Matthews-25

MLB-Jarod Mayo-25

MLB-Lawrence Timmons-25

OLB-Brian Orakpo-24

CB-Devin McCourty-23

CB-Joe Haden-22

S-Eric Berry-22

S-Earl Thomas-22

Good Luck and please make sure the site that you get the players age is updated.

Please wait until my opponets second argument to vote

Okay, my first change is Arian Foster at RB.

327 carries, 1,616 yards, 4.9ypc, 101ypg, 16 TD's

8 100 yard games to just 4 by Charles.

66 receptions, 604 yards, 9.2ypc, another 37.8ypg and 2 more TD's.

Steve Johnson instead of Nicks.

He caught 82 passes for 1,073 yards (13.1avg), 67.1ypg, 401 YAC, 61 First Downs, 10 TD's

2 changes.

BRING IT!!!!!!


Charles=2x 1000yarder. Foster=one year wonder.

Foster has more yards because he has nearly 1.5 times as many carries but Charles is the more productive runner.

Charles had only 149 less yards on 107 less carries. Charles had 45 runs of 10+ yards compare to Fosters 42. 19.6% of his runs were for more than 10 yards. Foster broke a 10+ yard run every 12.9% of his runs. That's a huge difference.

70 out of his 230 runs were for first downs. Thats 30.4%. Foster had a first down on 27.2% of his runs. That's a big difference.

Foster got more TDs because Jones came into the game in the redzone for KC. In the redzone Charles averaged 4.1 ypc and had 4 TDs on 20 attempts(20%). Foster had 13TDs on 66 attmepts(19.7%) averaging 2.1ypc.

Charles only had 4 games over 100 yards but he only averaged less than 4.0ypc in one game. Foster averaged under that in 7 games.

Charles only had 3 games with 20+ carries. He had over 100 yards those games. Foster had 7 games with 20+ carries reaching 100 yards in 5 of them.

Charles has allowed 11 pressures the last 3 years. Foster allowed 10 this year.

So Charles is a more productive RB and better blocker.

Nicks v Johnson next.

"Charles 2x 1,000 yarder. Foster=one year wonder."

Could that be because Charles has played 4 NFL seasons?

As opposed to Foster's 1.5 seasons and 381 rush attempts?

"Foster got more TDs because Jones came into the game in the redzone for KC."

Jones had 6 TD's, a whopping 1 more than Charles.

Charles is 5-11 and 199 pounds.

Foster is 6-2 and 227 pounds. Foster is built to be a workhorse while Charles is more of a homerun hitter but he doesn't hit that many homeruns. Huh, weird about that.

FB's block. Vonta Leach is the Houston FB. Blame him. RB's run the ball.

Besides Cassel is a little more mobile than Schaub. 125 yards on 33 carries, 3.8ypc and 8.3ypg.

Schaub ran for 28 yards on 22 carries, 1.3 ypc and 1.8ypb.

Foster had 89 First Downs to Jamaal's 70.

Easy on the stats Sparky. People get overwhelmed when they see too many numbers....

Charles has played one more year than Foster.

Also the QB actual helps Foster. Sqhaub is a better Qb with better WRs that takes more pressure of the run game

Now Nicks vs Johnson

Nicks played in 3 less games.

In those games he had 3 less receptions, 21 less yards, and 1 more TD. Had he played the full season he would easily have had more catches and yards.

Nicks is also the better deep receiver. On passes thrown 21 or more yards he caught 8 pass for222 yards and 4 TDs. Johnson had 2 catches for 70 yards and 2 TDs.

Nicks also had 20 plays of 20+ yards. Johnson only had 11.

Johnson caught 82 out of 142 passes thrown his way. That's 57.3%.
Nicks caught 79 out of 128 passes thrown his way. That's 61.7%.

Johnson also had 13 drops last year so you can't blame the Qb for his lower catch percent.

I can't find Nicks since he wasn;t in the top 15 or bottom 15 in drops. He is somewhere inbetween but has better hands than Johnson.

Again Nicks is a better deep receiver and has better hands. He scores more, averages more yards per game, and is an overall better receiver.

Good TD.

Nicks was much better in the 1st half, 45 catches for 684 yards, 15.2ypc with 9 TD's as opposed to 34 catches for 368 yards (10.8) with just 2 TD's.

Johnson? 26 catches for 388 yards (14.9ypc) with just 1 TD but in the 2nd half? He turned it up as he caught 56 catches for 685 yards (12.2ypc) with 9 TD's.

Nicks had 3 drops in 1 game!!! He is a good WR but his hands are not as good as you believe they are.

In losses?

Nicks had just 30 catches for 397 yards (13.2ypc) with 3 TD's while Johnson did everything he could to help his team try and win. He had 60 catches for 788 yards (13.1ypc) with 6 TD's.

Johnson was a bigger surprise last year and I think he would be a better 3rd WR, especially when you consider their stats in 3 WR sets:

Nicks, 27 catches for 380 yards (14.1ypc) with 4 TD's

Johnson, 32 catches for 440 yards (13.8ypc) with 5 TD's

Good TD, Wrex.....

July 3, 2011  08:56 PM ET

If you missed it:

Please wait until my opponets second argument to vote

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July 3, 2011  09:01 PM ET

Would that be the 4th, or tomorrow somewhere else? LOL

Well if they were born on July 3rd today would be their 26th birth day and they wouldn;t meet the requirements of being 25 or younger.

July 3, 2011  09:01 PM ET

Would that be the 4th, or tomorrow somewhere else? LOL

Just trying to make it clear.

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July 3, 2011  09:07 PM ET

What if I'm currently on the East coast, but live in Central time?


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July 3, 2011  09:11 PM ET

Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up. LOL

I guess

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July 3, 2011  09:36 PM ET

I think I'm going to vote after one argument..

July 3, 2011  10:47 PM ET

1200 exactly.

July 3, 2011  10:57 PM ET

4 out of the 22 are Packers. Next year Bulaga, Sherrod, Cobb, Shields, Burnett, Zombo, Neal, and Starks will probably be on it. Possible Walden or Jones.

July 3, 2011  11:17 PM ET

LeSean McCoy - 23
DeSean Jackson - 25
Jeremy Maclin - 23

July 3, 2011  11:26 PM ET

it is so **** to take a TD like this and only make 2 changes. if your opponent formed an entire TEAM then you do your research and do your own TEAM. some might be the same but not more than 1/2

July 3, 2011  11:40 PM ET

it is so **** to take a TD like this and only make 2 changes. if your opponent formed an entire TEAM then you do your research and do your own TEAM. some might be the same but not more than 1/2

Alabama knows what "****" is.

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July 4, 2011  01:15 PM ET

What, no T. Pryor(ha-ha)?

July 4, 2011  01:21 PM ET

DJ says easy on the stats and uses more of them.But right is a guzzelscum so i'm conflicted.

Vote with your gut feelings.

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