• 07/17/2011, 12:28PM ET

Dj's MMA Tourney, Round 2: PPV Non-Zuffa Fight Card

Clouis_39 (7-5-1) vs MMA Spartan: 4800 fans! (1-0-0)

Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko vs Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez

Ricco has lost a ton of weight, he and Fedor would bot be around 225-235. Ricco has won a staggering 18 of his last 20, and his career has gotten a shot in the arm in the form of his weight drop. We all know who Fedor is.

Eddie Alvarez vs "The Tobikan Judan" Shinya Aoki II

Aoki took a step back when he lost to Gil Melendez, but has since rebounded strong. Alvarez has won seven straight since Aoki beat him in 2008, and has finished all of his opponents with the exception of Pat Curran. Both have a legit claim to be the number 1 non-zuffa lightweight: let's find out who is right.

Hector Lombard vs Nate Marquardt

Hector has rattled off an astonishing 22 wins since he last lost to Mousasi 5 years ago. Nate is a perrenial top five fighter in the UFC, and became one of the highest ranked non-Zuffa fighters upon being cut. Plus, there is some bad blood there after recent interviews.

Marlon Sandro vs Patricio "Pitbull" Friere

Sandro has never lost to a fighter not under Zuffa contract. Pitbull has won a Bellator season at 145, and was robbed in the finals of another.

Fedor is under a Zuffa contract, even though he's on loan from M-1. So including him is questionable. However, I digress.

Eddie Alvarez (22-2) vs. Shinya Aoki (28-5-1NC) II

Hector Lombard (29-2-1-1NC) vs. Nate Marquardt (31-10-2)

I agree with those 2. (Not much to really choose from outside Zuffa) But my other three:

Joe Warren (7-1) vs. Patricio Friere (17-1) II

The first fight was closely contested, with Warren squeaking out a narrow (some say controversial) Split Decision victory. Warren is on a 5 fight win streak and is currently the Bellator Featherweight Champion.

Mamed Khalidov (23-4-2) vs. Ricardo Arona (14-5)

Khalidov's finish ratio: 22/23. That's nuts. He's last two victories he destroyed former UFC fighters James Irvin and Matt Lindland. Ricardo Arona, when right, is a force. He's been out of the game since '09, but is in the gym for a possible comeback. Who wouldn't want to see him come back against Khalidov?

Gabriel Gonzaga (11-6) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (47-11)

Like you said, Rodriguez is on a tear lately. But he really hasn't beaten anyone in the upper level of heavyweights. Gonzaga would be a good test.

Nothing questionable, Fedor never signed with Strikeforce. is contracts are with M-1 and Showtime, in no way is under Zuffa Control. And to exclude the biggest seller of PPV's in Europe and most of Asia is a grave mistake.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Todd Duffee

Gabe should be on this card, and a better opponent for him would be Duffee. Duffee has the physique of a super athlete, and is a monster similar in size to Gabe at 250+. Ricco has said that he is done fighting guys over 230, and is moving to 205. He said that he wouldn't even take a fight with a guy that size unless the money is astronomical, and I don't see that happening here.

Of Borin' Joe Warren's last 4 wins, it is widely held that he lost 3 of them. He is no fan favorite, and not a mover of PPV's. His most recent fight against Marcus Galvao drew the lowest ratings of the season for Bellator, for instance, at only 132,000 viewers on free TV.

Big oversight by you on the Arona vs Khalidov matchup, as the two aren't even in the same weight class. Arona is a huge 205 pounder. Khalidov has stated to the Polish press he will stay at 185 now, and I don't see Arona getting there.

Negative, my MMA cohort. Fedor's contract IS with Strikeforce, as with Showtime. It was even rumored recently that he was cut from his STRIKEFORCE contract. He signed an extension with them. The contract states that he will fight on television (Showtime) and events he's on with be co-promoted with M-1. So yes, he's under a Zuffa contract. It is, however, non-exclusive. Hence, questionable.


Does Duffee even want to be a fighter? He was cut from the UFC because he was just "ho-hum" about fighting. Then he gets KOed in 19sec against A. Overeem where he looked amateurish at best.

Warren may be boring, but he wins. You know who else is boring and still wins? GSP. Warren is the champion, and if, like you say, people don't believe he's actually winning, it would make perfect sense for Friere to get a rematch on PPV.

No oversight in the Khalidov/Arona matchup. Khalidov has fought multiple times at 205. Even if he's said he's staying at 185, money talks. A matchup with Arona would pay dividends. Stating that Arona is a "huge 205 pounder" is false. Multiple times he's weighed in well under 205lbs. His most recent weight has him pegged at 200lbs even.

Everyone on Fedor's end has always said that the contract is indeed with Showtime, not with Strikeforce. This is why Kogan said in a statement "Fedor???s contract is with Showtime Networks Inc," when asked about the purchase by UFC of Strikeforce.

This is also why Coker gives us quotes like this: "Fedor will be doing co-promotion with Strikeforce, M-1 and Showtime for many years to come."

You may find some headlines or stories that read "Fedor Signs With Strikeforce!", but they are all misleading, and poorly investigated.

You still haven't addressed why Ricco would take a fight with Gabe right now. There is no great prestige that comes along with beating Gabe now, and why would he risk losing?

Duffee had a fight on the most recent Dream card fall apart due to injury, but he definitly still wants fights.

Would a fight with Arona, who is largely unknown in the biggest PPV market today, the US, really make that kind of Money for Mamed? Arona was sick for the Eastman fight, which he stated caused him to lose weight and to postpone the fight. Arona was to compete in this years Abu Dhabi at 98 kilos, which is about 219, but then pulled out. He is well over 205.

Time to drink some gasoline and eat a lit match and breath flames on your arguments! Lol!

I wouldn't say ALL of them are misinformed. That's a lot of media to be wrong. And his guy even dispelled those recent rumors of him losing his Strikeforce contract.

As for why Ricco would take the fight...because it's a bigger fight than Doug Williams, James McSweeney, Daniel Tabera, John Juarez, Bobby Martinez....see where I'm going with this? Those are his last opponents. I doubt, outside of McSweeney, those guys even have Wikipedias to their name. And his upcoming fight with Seth Petruzelli? Child please. Fighting and defeating Gonzaga would be 10x better in the eyes of everyone.

Ricco wants back into the UFC. He's not going to do it by beating up chumps. Gonzaga is no chump and has a name, STILL.

As for the weight issue, a heavyweight fight is a heavyweight fight. And it's not like Gonzaga is built like Brock Lesnar. There really isn't a difference in terms of physique in Gonzaga and Fedor.

Great TD.

Shameless plug:
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July 17, 2011  12:29 PM ET

No Zuffa fighters, so that now means no fighters under Strikeforce contract.

July 17, 2011  12:29 PM ET

Had no room for it in the arg., but good luck Spartan.

July 17, 2011  12:42 PM ET

Started it too soon, but I forgot about the "wait till the 18th" part.

If Spartan wants to let it die, I'll resubmit tomorrow.

Comment #4 has been removed
July 17, 2011  12:45 PM ET

No more space, one more fight to come in argument #2.

Before everyon moans about it only being 4 fights:)

July 17, 2011  12:46 PM ET

So then, how can you have Fedor on your card?

I'm sure that will come up in the TD:)

Comment #7 has been removed
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July 17, 2011  07:27 PM ET

Um, 5 fights?

July 17, 2011  07:28 PM ET

Good luck to both and goes to the bookie to see who is the favorite.

July 17, 2011  07:52 PM ET


Comment #12 has been removed
July 17, 2011  10:40 PM ET

Rapid Fire style? LOL.

July 18, 2011  02:39 AM ET

This 1200 character limits sux balls sometimes. Lol!

Comment #15 has been removed
July 18, 2011  02:47 AM ET

And other times I'm tempted to add my grocery list as a filler.

Lol! Yeah, I can see that happening.

July 18, 2011  03:03 AM ET

Wlould not know what it is like to suck balls....Experience Spartan?

July 18, 2011  04:04 AM ET

Leaning right based on the snafu but I will wait till this TD is done. I sense this will be a very close one.

July 18, 2011  09:45 AM ET

Left is trying to use a cheesy semantic argument that is factually incorrect anyway to get an easy win....Fedor has a contract with SF which is now owned by Zuffa...even if he is allowed to compete elsewhere, he is still a Zuffa for technicalities....technically, Marquardt's separation papers have not been done and he is technically still under contract with Zuffa...probably so Dana can backtrack more easily after the licensing issue has been resolved. Or maybe because other things have been going on and they just haven't gotten around to the paperwork. Either way, if you are going to go for technicalities, you have to be consistent and use them picking and choosing which parts of reality you choose to recognize....

July 18, 2011  11:15 AM ET

This 1200 character limits sux balls sometimes. Lol!

Yes, it sux always!


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