• 07/24/2011, 07:07PM ET

Swamp People TD- Which duo is the best?

CuntryBlumpkin (305-247-64) vs BM. (65-17-11)

This is sports related as Swamp People is a show about alligator hunting/fishing in the Louisiana swamps.

Note- Bruce usually goes alone, but you can choose him and his dog if you wish.

My selection is the duo of...

RJ and Jay Paul Molinere

This father-son duo definitely has the best chemistry of any of the other teams shown on the show. RJ and Jay Paul have been stranded in the swamp at night with a broken down boat in gator invested waters, they have had problems with people stealing their catch, and they've dealt with cannibal gators cutting into their profit by eating part of their catch.

Through it all, I've never seen them get into an argument on the show.

When they were stranded looking for poachers, they remained calm. When someone was stealing their catch, they ran them out of the swamp. When they had a cannibal gator, they caught it and made money off it.

Other things worth noting...

Of all the duos, Jay Paul does the best work with the gun, hitting the quarter sized target on the first shot more times than not.

And RJ is a 2x champion at arm wrestling.

Good luck MMT.

RJ and Jay Paul are impressive. That's a fact.

But there is a duo that trumps them by a country mile.

The phrase "Choot Em Liz!" can be heard coming from their boat from a mile away.

The duo I choose is Troy Landry and Liz Cavalier.

Troy buys 320 alligator tags every year, and he has NEVER had to return a tag. He averages 30-40 alligators per day, and the average length is 8 1/2 feet. The same cannot be said for RJ and Jay Paul. I believe they caught 210 gators this year. Troy and Liz bagged 1/3 more gators. Why? Because Troy knows all the secrets and tricks for catching gators.

Troy is not known as "The King of the Swamp" for nothing.

Liz Cavalier is basically one of the guys. Although she is married and has children, she's not girly whatsoever. She grew up in the swamp hunting gators with her dad. She baits the hooks, pulls the lines, and has deadly aim with a rifle. She can pick off gators in the water that aren't even hooked from like 50 yards away.

Individually, these two are excellent hunters.

Together, they are the best duo of alligator hunters on the planet.

Good Luck Outlaw.

Troy and Liz isn't a bad duo, they would be my second choice, but there's a few reasons why I have them behind RJ and Jay Paul.

First off, Troy only went to Liz when his original partner started his own turtle farm and didn't have time for gator hunting anymore.

Pretty much, Liz was Troy's second choice.

Second, Liz and Troy have butted heads on a few occasions. Their first time on the boat together, Liz was ready to kill Troy because he kept calling her Elizabeth, and to this day, Troy keeps on calling her Elizabeth.

And Liz might be good at long range in open water, but when the gator is on the hook, she frequently misses the target on the first shot while Troy is fighting the gator.

Jay Paul on the other hand hits the quarter sized target of a pissed off gator while RJ is fighting it on the first shot seemingly every time. In gator season, being able to shoot a caught gator consistently on the first shot is more important than hitting one in open water.

99% of the gators are caught on lines, not shot in open water.

RJ and Jay Paul are more calm and collected, they always fill their tags, and they take care of business.

Forfeited Turn

There's not much left to say.

Sorry you couldn't get to this MMT.

If you ever want a rematch just let me know.

This is pretty much a forfeited turn.

July 24, 2011  07:31 PM ET

I've only seen that show once, but it was pretty entertaining.

July 24, 2011  07:33 PM ET

I've only seen that show once, but it was pretty entertaining.

It's the best show in the history of television.

July 24, 2011  08:07 PM ET

Easy..... Troy and Elizabeth.

July 24, 2011  08:09 PM ET

Easy..... Troy and Elizabeth.

RJ and Jay Paul would easily kick their ****.

July 24, 2011  08:14 PM ET

I'll wait till he posts his argument before I comment anymore.

Comment #6 has been removed
July 24, 2011  09:23 PM ET

Haha awesome.I will definitely be arguing Troy and Liz.I'm not posting until tomorrow though.

Who I figured the pick would be.

July 24, 2011  10:09 PM ET

they're the ones that like to arm wrestle in the bars for fun?

July 24, 2011  10:10 PM ET

they're the ones that like to arm wrestle in the bars for fun?


July 24, 2011  10:27 PM ET

Alligators dont scare me because I can fly.

July 24, 2011  11:27 PM ET

Alligators dont scare me because I can fly.

You have to land sometime, and when you get thirsty, an alligator will be waiting.

July 24, 2011  11:37 PM ET

just started watching this haha its awesome

July 24, 2011  11:40 PM ET

The old ****!!!

July 25, 2011  11:01 AM ET


July 25, 2011  11:18 AM ET

I'll get to this in an hour or so.

July 25, 2011  11:24 AM ET

I have never watched this.

July 25, 2011  11:24 AM ET

I have never watched this.

That's just terrible.

Comment #18 has been removed
July 25, 2011  11:35 AM ET

Not my thing.

July 25, 2011  11:35 AM ET

Just sounds awful.


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