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MMA Fans Please Just Admit the Truth

Frank Pentangeli (138-393-25) vs Sabih (102-48-19)

Fedor is not an all time great unless you are talking about building a reputation while dodging competition.

You have no arugment. He got 1st round KOd by a middleweight who is nearly 7 years his elder with just as many fights.

You can no longer make a logical argument.

He is in the deep end of the pool for the 1st time in his career and he has drowned. He is not old.

Fedor is an all-time great and arguably the best HW in MMA history.

Contrary to your belief, Fedor did not beat up on a bunch of scrubs during his career

He fought Ant??nio Rodrigo Nogueira three times beating him twice and one NC

He fought Mark Coleman twice defeating him both times in round 1 and 2 respectively via submissions.

2 more wins against Mirko CroCop and Tim Sylvia.

He never got to fight some of the others like Couture because of his feud with UFC. And the HW division is very thin as it is.

The Last Emperor is nearing the end of his reign but at his prime he was one of the best MMA fighters

If Nog hadnt gotten schooled by Mir I could agree. Nog is with Fedor, not a mark for Fedor. Lets face it, the only person Nog has beaten in the UFC is Randy by decision who is nearly 10 years his elder. It also was evident that if the fight had gone to championship rounds Randy was gettin the better of him towards the end. In the end however, Mir beat Nog like he was an amature. That is all there is to it.

He fought Coleman well after his prime.

CroCop? Who has he beaten? He is a punching bag.

Sylvia? Im not sure if you are aware but a near 40 year old Randy Coture advised Dana that Sylvia was weak and came out of retirement to whip him.

The only person in this grp who you can argue is an elite fighter that Fedor beat in his prime was Nog, but Nog isnt old and Mir beat him like he was an amature. Sorry. Facts speak for themselves.

I really don't understand what you are saying.

If you are calling all the guys Fedor fought bums or past their prime, than who is elite.

Look @ Couture, he got destroyed by Machida and Brock Lesnar. He also lost to Nog in 09. And if you start to pick apart his resume, his MMA resume is no more impressive than Fedor's

Frank Mir - who has he really beaten. People are going to talk about the accident and what he could have been, well the fact is we will never know what could have been. We can only look @ the facts.

Lesnar, Coleman, Sylvia,

If Fedor is not the greatest HW of all-time, then who is?

Fedor ranked as the best HW fighter of the last decade by most people.

From December 2000 to June 2010, Fedor won 27 of his 28 fights (1 NC to Nog). Has anyone in MMA put together such an impressive streak

He is obviously not the same fighter he used to be.

Maybe the 36 fights and the multiple Sambo Championships he competed in have caught up with him

Maybe the desire is no longer there.

You make no point whatsoever. You simply ask a question.

What is your point with Coture? Unless you are saying a man 10 years older than Fedor is fighting the top fighters in the world and losing in a more competitive manor than Fedor is? Hey, Randy still gets out of the 1st round. Everyone also ask yourselves this: If the Coture and Nog fight had been 5 rounds who would have won? You may not specifically answer that either way but you gotta doubt dont ya? Randy got the better at the end and Randy is old, Nog is not.

The streak is not the debate, the debate is the impressiveness of the streak. In the end, looking back the streak isnt impressive because those fighters arent that good.

If Fedor were the best in 2003 he should have fought the following:

Chuck Liddell
RodeRage Jackson
Tito Ortiz
Sho Gun

For the record, those men are as large as Fedor but Fedor has never been in fighting shape. He simply beat up a bunch of larger men who were untrained fighters.

In 2003, Forrest or Jeremy Horn would have stopped Fedor in the 1st round. You know how I know, b/c Henderson sure had no problem. Hendo is older than Fedor. That is all.

Now the argument is that Fedor should've dropped weight or "gotten in shape" so he could fight at a lighter division.

If Fedor was fighting at a division higher than he should have been, wouldn't that put him at a disadvantage because of a lack of endurance (since he was out of shape) and overpowered (because the fighters were legitimate HW).

Also, if it easy to fight at the HW division, why didn't any of the fighters you listed move up in ranks to challenge Fedor instead of weighting for Fedor to come down.

As for your reasoning that Forrest and Horn would beat Fedor 8 years ago because of what happened last week, that is weak.

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August 1, 2011  01:33 PM ET

This guy is a bundle of entertainment!

August 1, 2011  02:23 PM ET

Even if you don't think he is a P4P great, you'd be hard pressed to find a HW anywhere near his level when talking about an entire career

August 1, 2011  02:43 PM ET

Even if you don't think he is a P4P great, you'd be hard pressed to find a HW anywhere near his level when talking about an entire career

I think Mir would have beaten Fedor if Fedor stepped up any time that Mir wasn't out for his motorcycle accident....but Fedor didn't step up...

August 1, 2011  02:44 PM ET

If Barnett was in UFC and didn't take roids, he'd be Mir....if Mir did roids, he'd have been out of UFC and fighting in some stupid HW tourney in a 2nd tier league like SF....

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August 1, 2011  05:19 PM ET

Even if you don't think he is a P4P great, you'd be hard pressed to find a HW anywhere near his level when talking about an entire career


August 1, 2011  05:20 PM ET

How many more times are you going to do this TD, Frank?

Once Frank develops an obsession he doesn't let it go. Kind of like when he developed that obsession for Nicole Bass.

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August 2, 2011  12:57 AM ET

Any admissions yet? I've been trying to keep an eye on this TD series.

August 2, 2011  01:03 AM ET

TD series? LOL.

August 2, 2011  01:45 AM ET

TD series? LOL.

This is franks 3rd one isn't it? And id have to check but I think his only votes in his other 2 were the ones he cast himself. I mean maybe if they were close tds you could keep tying from different angles but when both were so lopsided just give it up

August 2, 2011  01:48 AM ET

Nice avatar, Pete.

August 2, 2011  01:48 AM ET

4 years on FN in December, Pete.

August 2, 2011  02:02 AM ET

4 years on FN in December, Pete.

Didnt really start contributing until 09. Forget why I joined in 07 but didn't get active on here till a couple years later

August 2, 2011  02:04 AM ET

Probably the SI T n R's, maybe? That was why I joined....

August 2, 2011  02:48 AM ET

You trying to find someone who can't argue this easy point?

Maybe in this one you will name a single heavyweight who was better than Fedor in his prime.

August 2, 2011  05:14 AM ET

Probably the SI T n R's, maybe? That was why I joined....

It was probably either that since they have tnr story links on the main page and I ended up on fn tying to rad it or I think it might have been an article one of their guys wrote and I wanted to comment on it I think. Either I'm here now and have been for a while lol

August 2, 2011  09:03 AM ET

You trying to find someone who can't argue this easy point? Maybe in this one you will name a single heavyweight who was better than Fedor in his prime.

I have, Frank Mir......if not for the motorcycle accident, Mir would have been a HW champ for a while in UFC...

August 2, 2011  11:36 AM ET

Coleman was 39 in the first fight and 42 in the second....if people are going to argue that Fedor is getting old at 34, what can you say about a 39 and 42 yr old Coleman?


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