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Predict the Cincinnati Bengals Schedule

TTBengals98 (6-0-2) vs Irving 4 president (17-42-1)

All right so just predict there schedule and try to have 2 changes or more

Week 1: @ Cleveland (L)

Week 2: @ Denver (L)

Week 3: vs San Francisco (L)

Week 4: vs Buffalo (W)

Week 5: @ Jacksonville (L)

Week 6: vs Indianapolis (L)

Week 7: ****BYE****

Week 8: @ Seattle (L)

Week 9: @ Tennessee (L)

Week 10: vs Pittsburgh (L)

Week 11: @ Baltimore (L)

Week 12: vs Cleveland (W)

Week 13: @ Pittsburgh (L)

Week 14: vs Houston (L)

Week 15: @ St Louis (L)

Week 16: vs Arizona (W)

Week 17: vs Baltimore (L)

I see them going 3 and 13 this year and if Baltimore has a playoff spot in week 17 then they will win there going 4 and 12. Please do not change the last game because then it will be a TD about Baltimore.

I have them beating Cleveland at home, Arizona at home, and Buffalo at home which I think is a pretty reasonable prediction. If you do not remember even though they went 4-12 last season and won 3 of those 4 games at home which I can see them pretty much following this year.

Good Luck to who ever takes this.

Week 12: Cleveland Loss

The Browns are a far superior teams to the Bengals this year. The Bengals lost their number one target and may have lost their starting quarterback to retirement. The Bengals did add A.J. Green but besides that they haven't done anything. I don't understand why they released Antwaan Odom? I know I didn't cover all of the additions for the Bengals so you can do that when you are defending the Bengals win.

The Browns meanwhile added Phil Taylor for defense and Jabaal Sheard. They have a stronger D and with a more mature Colt Mccoy they will be a good team. Getting rid of Delhomme helps too.

I don't see the Bungals winning this game.

2 wins for the Bengals.

Alright so we are doing Bengals vs Cleveland:

1) One the Bengals will be playing at home where they played very well at last year and have a advantage at. With a crowd behind you that hates the opposing team just as much as you do, the cheering is loud. The Browns lost to the Bengals at home last year for a reason.

2) Another reason is that the Bengals have the better overall offensive game. The Browns have no QB and do not act like McCoy is any good. Plus, I doubt that Palmer is just going to retire and if he does then the QB game is still equal.

Also, the Bengals have the better receiving end by a good margin with T.O., and a decent 4 others while the Browns have a only 2 good WR in Cribbs and Massaquoi. Adv. Bengals. The Bengals lead in offense by a little bit but the defense is what pulls them apart

3) Defense: The Bengals ranked 15th in overall D last year and the Browns were 22nd in the league. The Bengals also let up less rushing and passing yards per game. Out of all the things that have changed for the worse for Cinci there D is still the same and better then the Browns.

I still think the Bengals are good enough to win at home against the Browns

I disagree. I think Bruce Gradkowski would be their quarterback if Palmer retired. He is not equal to Colt Mccoy. Mccoy proved himself to be good and he'll be better with better recievers and a new head coach.

Yeah home field advantage. But this game is in Ohio so there's not much home field advantage here my friend. This is evenly matched when it comes to fans.

Te Browns defense has improved a lot from last year. There defense is younger and quicker. The Bengals lost a lot of talent from last year and they can't beat the Browns at home. They barely beat them last year at home with their full squad.

Last year doesn't matter. This year the Browns are better than the Bungals

You are correct that Bruce would be the QB, but who says that Palmer is going to retire. He needs the money and he still wants to play the game and I think he will sooner or later.

McCoy is not experienced at all and has not shown that he is proven at all. 6 TD's and 9 INT's with a 74.5 Pass Rat. is proven all of a sudden. Do not act like he is good.

He does not have better receivers and who says that his coach is going to be better then the last crappy coach in Cleveland.

About it being both in Ohio is bull, the two cities are 240 miles apart which is a 4 hour drive, its going to be nowhere as close to fans. The Bengals have more fans as it is and will have there fans cheering hard against there Ohio rivals. The Browns fans will be a mere whisper at this game

The Browns D did not make any huge improvements and I doubt that they are going to be much better then they were last year. The Bengals actually got slightly better on D even though they went down in offense. The Bengals have the adv. there by a lot.

Last year doesn't matter but I bet the outcome will be about the same. Browns win 1 at home the Bengals win 1 at home as always.

Palmer even said that if he doesn't get traded he will retire. He could even just go to a whole different league like the UFL or AFL. In an ESPN article he stated thathe had [/b]80 million in the bank!!![/b] That is one smart man. Gradowski is a very poor QB and the Bengals would be smart to look for a QB. ati-bengals/in/1715782

Right there and even Ochocinco said that he was very serious about retiring. Mccoy was first year QB last year. He beat the Saints and Patriots. That is a very good accomplishment.

How could Browns fans be a mere whisper? Browns fans live all over. It's not like theres a Browns zone and Bengals zone. That is absolute ludacris for you to say that Browns fans will be a mere whisper.

You doubt they made huge improvements? Phil Taylor they got in the first round was a great defensive stopper in his years at Baylor. The Bengals don't have an advantage at D. In fact losing Antwaan Odom make them even worse. We browns also got Jabaal Sheard in the draft who was the Big East defensive player of the year. Not to mention they got Dimitri Patterson. I'll talk more later.

August 3, 2011  10:14 AM ET

Good Luck, DJ

August 3, 2011  10:14 AM ET

Did not mean to put that comma

August 3, 2011  11:56 AM ET

1 -15.

August 3, 2011  12:03 PM ET

vote right... rookies can't win TD's


August 3, 2011  12:30 PM ET

Tabor, I think you're being generous. These are the Bungles.

August 3, 2011  12:34 PM ET

Tabor, I think you're being generous. These are the Bungles.

I am a Bengals fan, have to be generous some times. I mean everybody can beat Buffalo, Cleveland, and Arizona, how hard can it be.

Ill be damned if we go 0-16 like those Lions, we already lead the league in arrests

August 3, 2011  01:31 PM ET

Get out Cleveland will beat the Bungals on the road.

August 3, 2011  01:44 PM ET

I agree with the 3-13 record.

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August 3, 2011  03:41 PM ET


August 3, 2011  03:41 PM ET

He will have a stroke.

August 3, 2011  03:56 PM ET


We will beat the Packers in the Super Bowl!!! <burst into tears>

August 4, 2011  02:14 PM ET

I voted right because of the irrational hope that Carson Palmer will come back. Saying that he "needs the money" is just blatantly wrong, as he's on record of saying he DOESN'T need the money. He refuses to play for that team, and he won't come back unless the owner and GM come to their senses and trade his mediocre behind somewhere for a 3rd or 4th round draft pick.

August 4, 2011  05:01 PM ET

Dimimtri Patterson started nine games last season for the Eagles. Last season, Patterson recorded a career-high 62 tackles and four interceptions. That is pretty good because he didn't start the whole year.


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