• 08/09/2011, 11:52AM ET

2012 Super Bowl Tourney: NFC East, Who will be the Beast from the East?

UnBiasedPerspective (5-5-0) vs Argos. (183-101-29)

First, I have to remove my Cowboy gear, here's why. As of today, the pre-season fav has to be the Eagles. They had a good team last year. They brought most back, but also made some key acquisitions.

Lets look at the offense. Vick has been improving as a QB. His first instinct isn't to run anymore, but reads his progressions, the D and will move in the pocket to complete the pass before taking off. They added Young to back him up. This was smart for 2 reasons. They both have similar skills and styles, so they don't have to change the GP like they did with Kolb. 2ndly, if Young gets a chance to play, which odds are good he will, he will be playing lights out to try & win a starting job.

Next area, DBacks. They arguably have the best shut down CBs playing in the same backfield. This is going to be a tough nut for offenses to crack. It also allows them to come up with some incredible schemes for blitzing. It will force the opponents to rely more on the running game & short passes. Can they be overcome? Yes, but for a majority of plays, they will take away a big chunk of the field, & they still have a 3rd they could still get trade value 4.

This is just a start

GL Argos!

I'll go with the team that finished tied with them last season, the G-Men!

Lets go over Vick. He has only ever played 16 games in his career once, and I think we both agree that he wont be playing every game this season. But when he does play, there is no way he plays as great as he did last season. This year he is 31, with a ton of wear and tear already on his body, and last year he had a career year. You don't have career years back-to-back, that is why they are career years. He was terrific last season, but odds are the guy who only had a QB rating north of 80 in one season prior to last season will have another 100+ QB rating year.

Then you got Vince Young. He is Vince Young! Do you really think he is gonna win games in the tough NFC East?

And Vick is gonna take a lot of hits, playing behind a crappy O-line. Especially versus the Gaints great d-line.

The Giants strength is the run game. The Eagles defense will struggle against the run. They lost starting MLB Bradley. They now have an extremely undersized linebackers core, without a single LB over 6'1"!!!

They also have no LB on the team to ever record more than 55 tackles in a single season.

OK, yes they finished 2nd, but that's not the whole story. Vick QB rating, 100.2, Manning 85.3 and if a QB going from the 80's to 100, improving the last couple of years, where does a mid 80s go? not too much higher.

Now Power rankings, SI, Eagles 7, Giants 13. ESPN, Eagles 3, Giants 11. ESPN Fantasy, Vick 2, Manning 12, Young 33 & Rosy 56. SI F, Vick 2, Manning 15, Young 36, Rosy not in the top 52.

So with those fantasy #s, someone thinks the Eagles OLine will protect!

Vick has progressed every year since returning to the NFL. No reason he won't keep improving. manning has been hovering around mediocrity since he came in the league. Your argument is that Vick can't improve but Manning can? Where is the evidence?

All the numbers stack up in the Eagles favor. They beat the Giants twice last year by a total of 17 points.

So by looking at fantasy, reality and #s from last year, The Eagles are the team with the inside track. You want #s, there are your #s. And figures don't lie.

Waiting for the next argument!

Good dialog so far!

The Eagles also lost starting DT Bunkley. Bunkley and Bradley were not by far only their two biggest players in their undersized front 7, but also their two best players in the front 7. They didn't add any free agents at DT nor LB, not spent any draft pick in the first 3 rounds on player in the front 7, and only used 1 draft pick (4th round) in total in the front 7

The Giants were 7th in total defense last season, the Eagles were 12th

In passing D, the Eagles were 14th, the Giants were 9th. Yes the Eagles have improved, but how do they put all 3 CB on the field at once? We don't know how good they will be?

In rushing D, the Giants were 8th, the Eagles were 15th. But, expect a big drop off here for the Eagles, with an improved pass D, teams will run more and exploit the undersized front 7 and the losses of B&B

Scoring defense, Eagles were 21st!

The Giants maintained everyone, and added 1st round pick Prince Amukamara, the second best DB in the draft. They also added DT Marvin Austin the the second round

One more thing, the Eagles new D coordinator was promoted from O-line coach. He is the guy responsible for figuring out how to play the big 3 all at once?

Even with the loses, with the changes in coaches, with the this and the that, the new #s are what I stated. All new predictions are the eagles are on top. Period, end of discussion.

Power rankings for 2011=Eagles

QB ratings going into 2011=Eagles

Fantasy rankings for 2011=Eagles

Backup QB ratings going onto 2011=Eagles

NFL rankings for Offense 2010=Eagles #2, Giants # 5

NFL rankings for Defense 2010=Eagles 21, Giants 26

But more important than the #s, If a die hard Cowboy fan picks the Eagles, you should listen! LOL

Great challenge and a lot of fun Argos. Looking forward to the next bout!

The teams finished tied last season with Vick having a QB rating over 100. He has never even been above 85 before, odds of him repeating that 100+ QB rating are slim.

And Vick has progressed every year? It was 1 season!

No one is saying Manning will improve, he doesn't have to, they have won a SB with his play. He is solid and gets the job done on a team that runs the ball and plays great D.

They have 2 RB that averaged over 4.5 YPC, & have gone over 1000 yards in the past couple seasons. Heck, Brandon Jacobs is a lot bigger than every Eagles LB'er.

The Giants have a more consistent team. They had low turnover, and bring back one of the best defenses in all of football, who were great last season in what was considered a down year. The offense returns the leagues best two headed backfield, and Eli & his main weapon (Hicks!). You know what you are getting from this team, the Eagles are a mystery.

PS - Fantasy numbers have no indication on who is better, and power rankings are almost always way off to start the season. For example, last years pre-season power rankings had the Vikings #3, Cowboys #4, Eagles #17, Bucs #30, & Rams #32.

August 9, 2011  11:53 AM ET

Dang! Can't put my Cowboy gear back on till after this TD ends! LOL

August 9, 2011  11:57 AM ET

No comment(ha-ha).

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August 9, 2011  11:58 AM ET

You should just put all your Cowboy gear in the closet right next to your pride.

Says the pittsburgh fan that doesn't root for the Pirates(ha-ha).

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August 9, 2011  12:03 PM ET

Yes I do haha

LIAR(ha-ha). Just kidding!

August 9, 2011  12:08 PM ET

Why would I be in YOUR closet?!?!

THE closet! As in The closet...

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August 9, 2011  12:46 PM ET

Good luck.

August 9, 2011  12:49 PM ET

Next argument, the undersized defensive line of the Eagles.

August 9, 2011  12:54 PM ET

I didn't know the Eagles traded Brodrick Bunkley.

August 9, 2011  12:56 PM ET

Good start guys.

August 9, 2011  03:39 PM ET

"They also have no LB on the team to ever record more than 55 tackles in a single season. "

They also have one of the best d-lines and secondaries in the game

August 9, 2011  04:02 PM ET

The Giants with Eli at QB? The same guy who will lead the League in INT's this year?

August 9, 2011  04:17 PM ET

"They also have no LB on the team to ever record more than 55 tackles in a single season. "They also have one of the best d-lines and secondaries in the game

They don't have one of the best defensive lines.

They have a solid pass rush from the ends, but out side of Jenkins (who is often injured), they don't have a good run defense line. Even their star DT, Mike Patterson, is a pass rushing DT, and not a run stopper.

August 9, 2011  04:22 PM ET

The Giants with Eli at QB? The same guy who will lead the League in INT's this year?

He has never thrown more INT than TD, and he is a solid QB. Not great, but more than good enough for a team that focuses on D and the run game.

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