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2012 Super Bowl Tourney: Who will win the AFC South?

Irving 4 president (17-42-1) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

The Indianapolis Colts win the division. The 2010 Colts went 10-6. The team that I think can contend with the Colts is the Texans. But the Colts have always been to much for the other AFC South teams to beat the Colts to the division title.

Sure the Colts lost Bob Sanders but he was injured a lot so there was not much need for him. They also lost Kelvin Hayden. Anthony Costanzo was a great addition to the colts. They got Tommie Harris and Jamaal Anderson. Those two add great veteran leadership to the Colts. Harris is a great defensive tackle. Anderson is a DE and both of these guys are under 30 and can really help the Colts defense.

The Colts offense will always be powerful and productive with Manning at QB and Reggie Wayne at WR. The role players like Blair White and Austin Collie really help the high octane Colts offense. Pierre Garcon at 2nd WR ain't too shabby either. With Addai at Rb and drafting Delone Carter make the Colts great at RB. You can't forget Dallas Clark and Tamme. Anthony Gonzalez ain't too shabby either. So I see the Colts winning the division once again.

Good Luck!

While I think the Colts are a good team, I have them losing the division to the Houston Texans.

The Colts have a good offense, but here's what the offense can do: Pass.

Running the ball for the Colts was beyond embarrassing. They ranked last in the league.

The Texans not only have a solid passing offense with Schaub throwing the ball, but they also have a great running game with the emergence of Foster who ended up number one in the NFL in rushing yards in his first season.

While the Texans had a problem last year in their passing defense, they improved that greatly with the signings of Jonathan Joseph at CB and Danieal Manning in the safety position.

The big problem on the Colts defense is their rushing defense. They ranked 25th in the NFL last season in yards allowed. Signing Tommie Harris isn't going to do anything to that defense.

The Colts are already at a strong disadvantage to their divisional opponent's rushing games with the Titans having Chris Johnson, the Jaguars having Maurice Jones-Drew and the Texans having Foster.

Getting JJ Watt just bolsters the front line for the Texans and makes them just that much more dangerous on defense.

Nice argument. But I have to disagree with that. I think that this year the Colts will finally do what they need to do to be a super bowl caliber team: Run. You are correct that they aren't a good running team, but you have to notice something with the stats.

The Colts spread their rushing game around a few people. Donald Brown, Addai(who was injured a lot), Dominic Rhodes, and Mike Hart. You add all those guys yardage up and you get 1349 yards. That is actually a good running attack. If Addai stays healthy their running game could be even better. Last year their passing defense was the worst in the NFL. How do you stop the Colts with defense like that? Yeah adding Jonathan Joseph Helps but Daniel Manning isn't even that good. He had 1 pick in 2010 and 72 tackles.

Joseph is a great addition to the Texans but it won't make them like a top tier passing defense team. In 2010 Schaub had a worse year than he did in 2009. He had 7 fumbles in 2010 and he had 1 in 2009. Schaub had 24 tds in 2010 and 29 in 2009. He had 3 less picks than he did in 2009. It seems that Schaub could be getting worse. He's 30 and you never know.

I'll get back to the Harris statement.

Where are you getting the 1349 yards? Is that just off last year?

If it is just off of last year, that's a horrible rushing attack. They were 29th in the NFL in rushing yards. If that's good to you, then what do you call the Texans rushing attack? They were 7th in the NFL in rushing yards!

Addai is nothing special. He never has been and isn't going to be.

I've already covered the passing defense improving.

Joseph is a great sign. He now provides stable coverage on receivers. He helped the Bengals to the 14th best pass defense in the NFL last season. He can definitely improve the Texans' pass defense.

Manning has never had a lot of pass deflections or interceptions, but he's been doing a pretty good job in pass defense for the Bears last season.

Just looking at those 2 additions helps the pass defense go from worst in the NFL to middle of the pack.

Schaub had to play with an injured Owen Daniels for several games. He also had 3 games where Andre Johnson didn't play. That's going to effect the QB's production. Having a fully healthy receiving core this season is going to help a lot.

Texans > Colts

I know the Texans have a very good rushing attack. They have freaking Arian Foster. I'm saying that the reason why they don't have one guy with like 1200 rushing yards is because of injuries and the spread of work load to running backs.

Addai is nothing special and never was? Are you serious? He had 1072 rushing yards in 2007 and 12 touchdowns. And 3 receiving touchdowns. He made the pro-bowl that year. He helped them win a superbowl. Jonathan Joseph isn't enough to stop Peyton Manning and the Colts passing game. No one can stop him, especially the lowly Texans. They were at the bottom of the division with the Titans.

The Cotls were first in passing yards last year and the Texans were last in passing defense. Uhh that is a horrible sign for the Texans. How do you expect them to win the division when they can't stop the passing game? The Texans rushing yards per game was better and rush D. I'll give them that.

Sure the Texans have a better running game but the Colts have a better passing game and a better overall defense. Manning had to play with way more injuries than Schaub. I'll get to that.

The Colts easily > Texans

Foster had 1616 rushing yards last season. The entire Colts team had less than that. Who cares if they spread the work load of the RBs, they should still be able to get more rushing yards than 1 guy!

So he made a Pro Bowl that the fans vote players in? It doesn't show that he was deserving.

And let's face it, Manning didn't need Addai to "help" him win a SB.

But listen, Joseph isn't enough to stop Manning. There are only a few teams out there who can effectively stop Manning. That's not the point.

The point is, Joseph is enough to bolster up the pass D and not allow every team in the NFL to be able to pass all over the Texans allowing Houston to win more games.

Have you not been following along? The Texans improved their pass D. It's not great, but it will be around the middle of the pack now.

The Colts didn't help their rush D at all. And that's not a good sign when you face Chris Johnson, Arian Foster and Maurice Jones-Drew 6 times.

You'll get to the injures? You have no more room.

What injures? Manning had his top WR the entire season! Schaub had his top WR miss 3 games.

Texans will win the AFC South.

August 10, 2011  07:48 PM ET

1 of left's better arguments.

August 10, 2011  08:11 PM ET

Tommie Harris USED to be a good DT..

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August 10, 2011  08:18 PM ET

Good Luck, guys. Last TD of the 1st round has started.

In case I win you gotta explain to me how round 2 works. Right after this TD is over.

August 11, 2011  12:31 AM ET

Good luck.

August 11, 2011  02:28 AM ET

"With Addai at RB, and drafting of Dalone Carter the Colts are Great at Rb." Joe Addai has never been a great rb. He can't run between the tackles, he tries to rely on his speed and break outside instead of taking what's there. He does have good pass catching abilities though.

August 11, 2011  02:28 AM ET

The Texans have been the up and coming team for a while now.

August 11, 2011  02:30 AM ET

The Bengals were stupid to let Joseph go....

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August 11, 2011  03:51 PM ET

Win Twins is a liar


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August 12, 2011  05:46 PM ET

828 yards and 3.8ypc in 2009. That's the best season since 2007.

August 13, 2011  07:01 AM ET


August 13, 2011  02:31 PM ET

1 of left's better arguments.

It ain't too shabby either.


August 13, 2011  02:43 PM ET

Good game Dyhard and good luck in the second round of the 20102 super bowl tourney!

August 13, 2011  05:15 PM ET

I believe the Colts will win the AFC South but I leaned right on the arguments.


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