• 08/11/2011, 09:42AM ET

Draft re-do

Golden Grillz (116-117-21) vs Sabih (102-48-19)

Rules: Can't make trades, or undo trades. Whatever the order ended up being is what we're going by.

Re-do the top 15 picks of the 2006 NFL draft:

1. Houston- Mario Williams, DE
2. New Orlean- Haloti Ngata, DT
3. Tenn- D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT
4. NYJ- Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
5. GB- Greg Jennings, WR
6. SF- Vernon Davis, TE
7. Oak- Jay Cutler, QB
8. Buffalo- Demeco Ryans, LB
9. Det- Kyle Williams, DT
10. Ariz- DeAngelo Williams, RB
11. Denv- Elvis Dumervil, DE
12. Balt- Antonio Cromartie, CB
13. Clev- Brandon Marshall, WR
14. Philly- Santonio Holmes, WR
15. STL- Nick Mangold, C

DL is a hot commodity. Reason why every year DEs go high in the draft. This is why Houston keeps Williams over Ryans, a DE is harder to find.

SF could use a QB, but I don't think Cutler adds that much more than Alex Smith. Thus not making the team as a whole better. VD on the other hand does.

Balt plays a blitz style were CBs are critical, and have had recent woes requiring more players at that position.

Marshall over Holmes. Both are head cases, but Holmes has been suspended by the NFL more. Marshalls suspensions were from the team, which is different.


I listed original draft picks. Only HOU, SF and DEN have the original picks

1 HOU - M Williams

2 NO - Ngata over Reggie Bush

3 TEN - G Jennings instead of VY
TEN had Roos and Stewart @ T spots. Both are very good at their position. On the other the team had no WR.

4 NYJ - MJD over Ferguson

5 GB - Marshall over AJ Hawk
With Jennings gone, they need some help at the position. Enter Marshall.

6 SF - V Davis

7 OAK - Cutler over Huff
8 BUF - D Ryans over Whinter

9 DET - J Evans over Ernie Simms
one of the best G in the league. 2x Al-Pro selection.

10 AZ - Cromartie over Leinart
Physical corner to play opposite Rolle and help out a D that sucked. AZ had a RB in the Edge who ran for over a 1000 yards and 2 eventual studs @ WR in Boldin and Fitzgerald

11 DEN - Elvis Dumervil

12 BAL - Cortland Finnegan since Ngata is gone
Finnegan is a great cover corner and would fit in with the BAL system.

13 CLE - S Holmes over Wimbley
They needed help @ WR

14 PHI - D Hester over Bunkley
PHI was solid on offense and defense. With no great WR available.

15 STL - N Mangold over Tye Hill

Nice to see so many changes!

#3 pick
Ferguson not being drafted at all. How is this possible?! LT is a precious commodity, and one that wouldn't go ignored out of the top 15 picks. Especially a 2x pro bowler.

While you are correct that Ten had Roos and Stewart. Ferguson is an upgrade having been to the pro bowl 2x.

By not taking VY. The Titans still had McNair under center, and coming off a #9 overall passing team in the league. The passing game wasn't hurting. So the need for a WR wasn't there.

But let's say Ferguson slides past #3. No way the Jets are upset with him. He's been a starting LT on a team going to the AFC Championship game.

@ the #5 pick, how could you take Brandon Marshall in GB over Ferguson. Aaron Rodgers has been one of the most sacked QBs in the past 3 seasons. Nevermind the drama issues with Marshall.

Then at #9 you take a 2x guard over a 2x LT?! Not buying it. D'Brickashaw Ferguson goes in the top 15 of the draft. You might be able to debate which team, but he's going.

Also, Devin Hester came out of college as a CB, not a WR. This is why his # is 23, and he's a mediocre WR at best. Excellent return guy though.


3rd pick
The Titans had a bigger need @ WR. They had one of the best OL in the league. Roos is a 2x Pro-Bowler. Why take on another T when you have a huge void at WR.

The WR for Titans that year Jones, Bennet and Givens. Even now the team has little talent at the position.

5th pick
The GBP pass protection problem came in 2009 season. Not 2006. They Had Clifton and Tauscher at T positions. Ferguson would be a great pick if this was the 09 draft.

Without Jennings the starting WR for GBP is Ruvell Martin YIKES

Given how much Favre loved to throw the ball deep, a big target like Marshall could be an extremely good fit

9th pick

I have a 2x ALL-PRO over a 0x All-Pro Big difference. Evans is one of the best OL in the game.

You are a little too high on Ferguson. He struggled when he came into the league and I would not consider him to be one of the best OL in the game right now.

14th pick
I know Hester is not a WR. That is not why I put him there. It was his playmaking ability. He might be the only HOFer in this whole thing.

He could setup Eagles in great field position especially given the inability of offense to sustain drives

Comes down to Ferguson and DeAngelo Williams being a top 15 picks or not vs Hester and Evans.

2x All pro GUARD over a LEFT TACKLE.

Over the past 5 drafts here is how the T v G v C draft comparison:
24 OT (6 taken in the top 5)
4 G (0 top 5)
5 C (0 top 5)

Avg salary for a Tackle is higher than a guard and center.

If that doesn't show the importance of the OT versus Guard, then I need more than 1200 characters.

In 07 the following teams drafted a OT:

So why would they pass on a LT in 06?

Williams- All Pro & Pro Bowl RB
While he has had injuries over the past couple seasons he would make a lot of teams contenders. Why he got a big contract recently...

A team like Arizona that has been struggling to find a successful RB. EX:

- Brought in a past his prime Edge.

- Drafted Hightower, Wells

Williams on the Cards could have easily been the difference in making Cards SB winners.

Great Return man. Like a K or P, you don't overpay for a guy only playing 5 downs a game. He has proven he's nothing more than a #3 WR.

As for HOF, how many strictly KR/PR men in HOF? 0 (ie. Deion Sanders-CB)

How many of those tackles were really worth the investment.

I bet if given the choice, the Cards would rather have taken AP, Willis, Revis, Bowe or Beason instead of Levi Brown.

I know a T is more valuable than a G but Evans is still a very talented OL.

Since you mentioned DeAngelo Williams contract, NO gave Evans a 7 year deal in 2010 worth $57 million. Obviously the Saints, (who were defending champs at the time) felt Evans was worth it.

The thing with AZ is they were at the time a pass first offense. They threw the ball a lot especially when Kurt Warner was the QB. DeAngelo would be a great pickup but he is not a can't miss talent like Chris Johnson or AP.

Hester has scored 26 TDs as a return man and 3rd WR. Santonio Holmes has scored 27 TDs in his career so far.

Don't underestimate the impact Hester has had just as a return man. Not to mention, teams squib kicking kickoffs, punters booting it OB all to avoid Hester getting his hands on the ball.

When its all said and done, Hester will become the first return specialist into the HOF.

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August 11, 2011  09:49 AM ET

do you have to use the same 15 players that were drafted? or could players drafted lower in the draft be used?

Comment #4 has been removed
August 11, 2011  09:53 AM ET

never mind i see you can use anyone... however im going to decline... I would have to look back at each teams roster in 2006 to see if they would have been wise picks. I don't have that good a memory.

August 11, 2011  10:01 AM ET

Cutler should have been #1 overall! lol

August 11, 2011  10:12 AM ET

Cutler should have been #1 overall! lol

and this is why Bear fans have only enjoyed 1 SB championship.

August 11, 2011  10:13 AM ET

Mangold is too low, and why is Kyle Williams and Jay Cutler in the top 10?

Will answer after first argument.

August 11, 2011  11:20 AM ET

Mangold is too low, and why is Kyle Williams and Jay Cutler in the top 10?

id have reggie bush over kyle williams

August 11, 2011  11:22 AM ET

Why the hell is Jay Cutler going number 7?

August 11, 2011  11:26 AM ET

id have reggie bush over kyle williams

I'd have Devin Hester over Reggie Bush.

August 11, 2011  11:27 AM ET

Why the hell is Jay Cutler going number 7?

Because it is Oakland. I just couldn't resist...

August 11, 2011  11:47 AM ET

Why the hell is Jay Cutler going number 7?

Because it's the Raiders pick(ha-a)?

August 11, 2011  12:10 PM ET

Will get to this in a 8-10 hours. Gotta do some research on rosters @ the time and go to work.

August 11, 2011  12:33 PM ET

Will get to this in a 8-10 hours. Gotta do some research on rosters @ the time and go to work.

Ok, I would like to get this done by the end of Friday...

August 11, 2011  04:16 PM ET

Alex Smith will lead the Niners to the Super Bowl this season.


August 11, 2011  04:40 PM ET

Dude if the Browns got Brandon Marshall. We'd be so much more fun to watch

August 11, 2011  06:22 PM ET

Dude if the Browns got Brandon Marshall. We'd be so much more fun to watch


August 11, 2011  07:31 PM ET

Ok, I would like to get this done by the end of Friday...

Should have stipulated it was a "Rapid Fire TD."

August 11, 2011  07:32 PM ET

Because it is Oakland. I just couldn't resist...

The Texans have so many more playoff appearances and NFL titles, huh?


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