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Ethopian NFL team

Golden Grillz (116-117-21) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

Which NFL Franchise is most starved for an NFL Championship?
First eliminate any team that has ever won the SB.

I'm going to eliminate any team that has ever been to the SB, but feel free to choose from them for the sake of the TD.

What teams does that leave?


Jacksonville- Has at least hosted a SB, and an NFL franchise has been in this city for the least amount of time. Out

Detroit- Red Wings are model NHL Franchise, and keep Detroit people familier with championship parades. Also the Pistons have helped there. Out

Houston and Cle- Both have had franchises taken away and had to rebuild

Houston- Has had champions in the past 20 yrs with the Rockets. Astros while bad now, have been to the WS in the past 10 yrs. Out

Cleveland- Not only have they always gotten to the door step and failed, but failed epically. The Drive, the Fumble.

I don't even need to get into a certain guy taking his talents elsewhere on National Television.

The Indians are the only champions in the Cleveland. Their last WS ring coming in...1948. A drought only second to the Cubs. A drought longer than the SB era has even been around.


The city has had to deal with a lot over the past couple of years, especially with the way the economy has been that it has destroyed jobs, destroyed the city, basically, and a lot of people have been forced to move.

The fans have had to endure Barry Sanders retiring early when he still had a couple of years left in him and left because the team didn't want to go forward and supply him with better players all around.

The Lions had to give the fans a 0-16 season. Nobody else has been 0-16 in NFL history, and the Lions' fans had to endure that a couple years ago.

With the way the economy is, the way the city has been taking hits because of the job market, the city needs something to take them away from the struggles that they have to endure in their every day lives.

Sports are awesome when cities/people are in a time of need. Sports bring the city and all the people together and give them some hope. That's what the city of Detroit needs. Hope. And the Lions winning the Super Bowl would not only do that, but it would relieve the fans and make them forget about that 0-16 season just a couple of years ago.

Barry Sanders retiring early? How about the entire team leaving to Baltimore, and then going on to win a SB?!

This is equivelant to getting married. You love her. She slowly let her self go every year, but you stand by her because she's yours. You love her. Then one day, this unattractive shell of the woman you married decides to leave you.

She goes away, gets some cosmic surgery (way to go Ozzie Newsome), and becomes a Super model.

Barry Sanders leaving is like having a one night stand leave in the morning. You enjoyed the company while it was there, but ultimately you know it is going to end at some point.

Point being, players come and go, but the team is supposed to stay forever.

The salt on the wound. Detroit sports fans at least had the Red Wings and Pistons to comfort the blow. Even the Tigers have shown signs of being good (and have one a WS in the last 60 yrs).

Cleveland fans were left with nothing, and when they finally learned to love again. He went to Miami...

According to the 2010 Census. Cleveland is down 17% in population. One of the fastest declining cities. So Cleveland has it's economical issues too.

The Browns had 3 years of deactivation, but other than that, they've been around since 1946 and were one of the best teams of the AAFC. So they haven't been a failure that long.

Here's the best part:

The Browns won 4 NFL Championships before the merger with the AFL.

So are they really that lonely of championships?

The Detroit fans have had to deal with a horrible economy, people are rapidly moving out of Michigan to find new jobs and to improve their lives. They need football to bring them back together.

Sanders was still going, posting over 1000 yards rushing in each season. He still had some years left to give, yet he retired. A lot of Detroit fans were extremely upset with his decision. It hurt.

Detroit also just recently is coming off the worst season recorded by a football team ever! 0-16.

With that being fresh on their minds, the worse economical city in the United States, Detroit needs that Super Bowl more than the Browns.

The Lions last won a championship in 1957, giving them the second longest championship drought of anyone in the NFL (only behind the Cardinals, who won in 1947).

No team needs a Super Bowl more than Detroit.

First off the city of Detroit's economy is hurting just as much as Cleveland's. Truth is there's no where really in the US that is doing well in case you didn't notice.

The Lions may have not played in the Super Bowl, the city of Detroit has hosted the Super Bowl Multiple times.

SB XVI: SF v Cin
SB XL: Sea v Pitt

At least the people of Detroit have had a chance to attend the SB. People in Cleveland have never even had that option.

Championships. Cleveland won four before the SB era, but so did Detroit.

Cleveland's last championship was in 1960, and Detroit's 1957.

Difference though, that is the last time the people of Cleveland have been able to celebrate being champions in any major professional sport. Detroit on the other hand, had the Red Wings hoisting the Stanley cup as recently as 2008.

I love how losing 1 player is equal to 1 entire team... here's a lesson for you, players retire.

You're a Wisconsin fan guy, something in the water up there makes you guys go back and forth about retiring (Favre), but it happens.

Teams leaving on the other hand doesn't.

Cleveland was not successful before the team left. This is why they went away.

There isn't a place that's doing well, but there aren't places hurting as bad as Cleveland or Detroit, and no place is hurting as bad as Detroit.

Detroit has hosted two Super Bowls, that's correct. But wouldn't that make it even more painful for their fans to know that there have been 2 SBs in their city, where their team plays, yet their favorite team has yet to even go to a Super Bowl? Cleveland hasn't even hosted a SB, they don't know what they're missing like Detroit does.

Players do retire, you're right. But here's the thing: The organization showed that they didn't care much at all about getting to the Super Bowl when they provided Sanders with little around him. He was a driving force for the Lions. Him retiring hurt the team and it hurt the city.

It wasn't just him retiring, it was the reasons for which he retired. How the team didn't provide for him, and the fans realized that. It really hurt them because their best player in their history retired because the team didn't care.

The Lions need a Super Bowl.

Fans are struggling to attend the games.

The city is turning to ruins and they need something.

Lions need a SB the most.

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August 11, 2011  11:25 AM ET

The title made me LOL.

Good. So when you coming back to the Funke Family?

August 11, 2011  12:34 PM ET

Great title!

August 11, 2011  12:50 PM ET

The title made me LOL.

Oh hell yes. As soon as I saw the word starved in the argument I lost it.

August 11, 2011  12:50 PM ET

Oh yeah...


August 11, 2011  12:59 PM ET

isn't it Ethiopian?

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August 11, 2011  01:15 PM ET

isn't it Ethiopian?

Almost a great title!

August 11, 2011  01:18 PM ET

That title is so mean and racis....Hahahaha no, it's hilarious

August 11, 2011  01:23 PM ET

Oh yeah...RACIST!!


August 11, 2011  01:24 PM ET

Almost a great title!

A for effort.

August 11, 2011  01:55 PM ET

I'm feeling hungry now.

August 11, 2011  02:23 PM ET

isn't it Ethiopian?

My bad. Seems like everyone knew what I was talking about though. I just remember as a kid being told to eat my meal, because there are starving kids in Ethiopia.

August 11, 2011  02:25 PM ET

Oh yeah...RACIST!!

Didn't realize Ethiopian is a race. Is German, Spanish, or French a race too?

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August 11, 2011  02:36 PM ET

My bad. Seems like everyone knew what I was talking about though. I just remember as a kid being told to eat my meal, because there are starving kids in Ethiopia.

lololol i'm just messing. they have some good runners i think.

August 11, 2011  02:55 PM ET

Didn't realize Ethiopian is a race. Is German, Spanish, or French a race too?

Jesus Christ dude. The TD is Racist enough without this comment. What the hell is wrong with you?

And no, Germans aren't even human.

August 11, 2011  02:58 PM ET

Jesus Christ dude. The TD is Racist enough without this comment. What the hell is wrong with you? And no, Germans aren't even human.

I ate a lot of paint chips as a child. The off white ones were my favorite, with just a hint of lead.

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