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Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs OlderthanDirt (88-37-13)

For anyone who doesn't know the story, Matt Holliday of the St. Louis Cardinals left Monday night's game against the LA Dodgers in the 8th inning.

The reason? He got a moth stuck in his ear.

You heard me - a moth. A **** moth.

The Cardinals are 9 games back in the division, and they were playing a tight game which they wound up losing 2-1.

And Holliday couldn't even keep playing because there was a moth in his ear.

This is so weak.

I could see if it was some kind of deadly African hornet or some such creature.

But it wasn't, it was just a moth. A simple moth.

Not some kind of dangerous moth or anything, just a regular old non-threatening lightbulb loving.

They don't have teeth, they don't have claws, hell they don't even have a stinger.

Wosrt thing that could've happened is Holliday might've got his inner ear all coated with moth dust.

And he left the game for that.

What a wuss...

I always liked Matt Holliday, now I realize that he's afraid of moths.

The moth got the best of Holliday and that's sad.

Disagree? This TD is for you.

Let's start with one reminder, MLB umpires are forced to try and "move the game along", so a trainer cannot stay out on the field for very long without the manager having to make a move.

Second, ever heard the old saying, "Let me put a bug in your ear about this". Why do you think that was made poplular as a saying to get someone to concentrate on something? I'll tell ya why. It does not matter if it is a gnat, a bug in the ear is extremely irritating and takes away all concentration from every thing else you may be doing.

I am suffering from an inner ear infection as I type and I can barely make a coherent statement. The fact truly is however, any thing that is crawling around inside the ear canal is very distracting and if , like this moth, it tries to burrow deep and get away from the "creature" trying to capture it, the distraction can become excruiatingly painful.

Physically when this happens it effects your mental concentration. It can effect your balance. It can even effect you vision if it rubs up against the sinus wall and causes your eyes to water and your nose to run.

And exactly how was he supposed to get it out? He evidently could not reach it. MMTC

Second, ever heard the old saying, "Let me put a bug in your ear about this". Why do you think that was made poplular as a saying to get someone to concentrate on something? I'll tell ya why. It does not matter if it is a gnat, a bug in the ear is extremely irritating and takes away all concentration from every thing else you may be doing.

Well, does putting a bug in your ear help you concentrate or does it distract you from concentrating?

At first you said the saying means it's supposed to make you concentrate.

If that's the case, Holliday should've been in perfect form to concentrate when that moth flew in his ear.

In any case, I can see how an ear infection can be very painful and distracting.

But Holliday wasn't suffering from an ear infection, it was just a moth.

Probably weighs less than one gram, and as I said, it wasn't stinging him or pinching him or anything like that.

It was a simple moth that even children are not afraid of.

But Holliday checked out of the game because the fearsome creature was attacking him so viciously... wait, that's not what happened.

He left the game over a moth!

A moth, I say!

Again, you miss the point entirely.

Even if it were a GNAT, which is much smaller than a Moth, were to crawl inside of your ear, the ONLY thing you would be able to concentrate on would be the freaking bug!

The size of this Moth has no bearing what so ever to the fact that he had to leave the game. And by the way, according to the report it was too big to turn around inside the canal and leave on its own due to its size. The fact the umpires would not let them continue to hold up the game while trying to get it out was not Matt's fault.

AND IF YOU KNOW THE RULES OF THE GAME...once you exit the game you cannot return at the Major League level.

So again, what you have him to do? The umpires were waiting for him to leave. The trainers could not reach the bug. He could not reach the bug. It was crawling around and burrowing itself inside his ear.

Was it biting? Don't think so.
Was it stinging? Nope

Was it painful? Don't know for sure
Was it distracting as hell? You bet your **** it was.

I GUARANTEE you this, IF the umpires would have let him leave the field , go into the club house and have the bug removed, then return to the field, he would have

I get your polint, but I think maybe you missed mine.

My point is Holliday should've sucked it up and kept playing.

Pretty sure there were two outs in the inning, so if he could've just dealt with the moth for another out, got it taken care of between innings, and he still would've been in the game to bat in the next half inning.

Remember, the Cardinals lost by a run.

Is some minor discomfort worth losing a game for when your team is in the middle of a pennant race?

I think not.

Is a minor distraction worth missing a game for?

Again, I think not.

Holliday makes a ton of money, and the Cardinals need him if they want to make the postseason.

But you're suggesting that the annoyance factor of having a bug in the ear is a valid reason to check out of a crucial late-season game?

No way.

Emmitt Smith once played football with a dislocated shoulder.

And Matt Holliday couldn't play a baseball game with a moth in his ear?

That's weak.

Sure, it was probably distracting.

So what?

Holliday's a professional athlete, and he makes a lot of money.

His team needs him, and he bailed over a moth.

That's weak!

Okay Sparky I hear you and I still think it is a lot of bunk.

1st: A bug in the ear is NOT a minor distraction. Like I stated before, a creepy of any kind, any size in your ear canal is TOTALLY distracting. It would be the only thing you would be thinking about. Don't believe me, go outside, catch yerself a bug and push it into your ear. I guarantee you will change your mind.

Here is something that neither of us has discussed until this point as well. You stated that it was just a moth. Well, you Sir were correct, but; how did he know it was "just a Moth" until he had it extracted? Answer: He didn't.

If fact , it could have been a much more threatening bug but it turned out to be a moth. It wasn't like he grabbed it and shoved it in his ear.

Imagine if you will, you are standing there in the field minding your own business and "bam" , from nowhere something is in your ear crawling inside. You don't know WHAT it is until you get it out. And believe me, thoughts of it being a wasp, bee or some other hurting type bug would cross your mind.

For all those that have had this happen to them, they will tell you that this is no trivial matter. That bugger has to go.


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August 23, 2011  04:09 AM ET

In some cultures, Moths are viewed as spiritual/symbolic. Who knows what religion Holliday praises.

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August 23, 2011  01:38 PM ET

Maybe the moth was a bomb and part of an evil scheme that he learned about, so he needed it out pronto?

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August 23, 2011  05:32 PM ET

Just another reason why ear plugs need to be made mandatory in professional sports.

August 23, 2011  06:29 PM ET

Just another reason why ear plugs need to be made mandatory in professional sports.

What will it take for them to realize? What cost must be suffered, oh the humanity!

August 23, 2011  06:30 PM ET

sorry, wrong thread!

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August 24, 2011  03:17 AM ET

Just another reason why ear plugs need to be made mandatory in professional sports.

You'll have to protect the nostrils as well, better to be safe than sorry.

August 24, 2011  09:40 AM ET

I agree with Marlins fan.

What made it worse was that with the Cards down 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth, Holliday would have been up, and instead the great Corey Patterson took that AB instead.

August 24, 2011  10:15 AM ET

August 24, 2011  10:15 AM ET

look at the distress this guy is in....I tell ya guys...A gd moth or any bug gets down in your ear canal the only thing you can think of it to get it out!

August 24, 2011  12:15 PM ET

Size does matter.

August 24, 2011  04:55 PM ET

It looked like it hurt him a lot to me! :^)

August 24, 2011  06:05 PM ET

see you guys tomorrow. Gotta go bowl tonight....

August 25, 2011  04:36 PM ET

The 1 thing I thought you guys might hit on is Liability. Not a sports contract guy, but because this happened during a game, he may have not had a say in what happened. If the trainers tell you to come out, you do what they advise. If he went against that, it could have affected his insurance. If the team allowed him to stay in, They may have become liable if it became more serious. The trainers were there to take care of a valuable player and took the course of action they thought best for the club. I don't fault either side in this issue.


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