• 09/25/2011, 06:19PM ET

The rays will not win the wild card!!!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-63) vs GO_GATORS (2-1-0)

Red sox win tonight!
its a doubleheader.. hard to sweep a doubleheader..
We finish with baltimore..
you finish with yanks..
Good luck with that!

Lackey dont let me down..

We win tonight and its a 1 game lead..
That means we win..
We just need 1win vs orioles!

Nooootttt..... Red Sox are having one of the worst chokes ever. They are playing horrible and theyre going to get swept by the Yanks tonight. Then they go to play the orioles who have done very good against the red sox lately. The Rays are on a homestand which gives them a huge advantage against they Yankees. Since the Yankees have already clinched the division it isnt that big of a deal if they win. The Rays are going to bring all they have they want it bad. Plus coming off these wins against the blue jays is going the motivate the to keep going and strive for the wild card. The Red Sox are just to mentally unprepared to keep winning.

Ok smartee pants, the red sox won tonight!!!!
So you can kiss my kiss kiss kiss where the sun dont shine!

I know there are alot of Lackey haters out there..
But give the dude a break, his wife is dying/fighting cancer..
He kept the Sox batters in the game tonight, and that is all you can ask of a pitcher..

We are now up 1 game, with 3 remaining!
win 2 and we are in..
win 1, and we might play an extra game with the Rays..

Bottom line, I would rather be facing baltimore than the yankees..
Yankees might look at you like a priest looks at the virgin mary.. Know what Im sating? me neither ha ha..

Oh, and the yanks might rest their pitchers, but they wont rest their batters..
At best the Rays win 2..
The yanks bats will get hot at some point..
They dont want to go into the play offs on a 4 game losing streak, do they?

Red sox are in the drivers position..
Ellsbury, you beaut!

Red Sox pulled it through that second game but they are going to the Orioles. The Orioles have had very good stats against the Red Sox and have made them look pitiful. The Red Sox had to burn all there bullpen last night and are going to struggle against them on the road. The Rays are on a role lately and are getting their bats going. Yesterday they had four dingers against a pretty good pitcher. They will have to bring their A game this week and i definetly think they can. Yankees pitchers are inconsistent and so is their bats. I think the rays can get 2 games at least 1. I dont see the Red Sox beating out the Orioles. The Rays are back to their ace for the first game. Then they have pretty good pitching the rest of the series

Its even?!?!?!?!?!

Now it gets really fun..


This will break the hearts of red sox nation, oh well.. what can you do?

I would be surprised if the rays swept the yankees..
which means we only need to win one of two!

we are not dead yet..

Well the Redsox will probably win tonight's game and the Rays have already won theirs. So tomorrow i think they will both lose. Then got to the wild card game where it will be an all out battle and a heck of a game to watch. The Rays will win though because they got that swag.

September 25, 2011  06:28 PM ET

Damn, wish I got this. Sox will not win tonight with Lackey on the mound, and then the Rays and Sox will be tied after tonight. I don't see the Yankees playing all their starters the last 3 games, regardless of who it's against, but now especially since it gives them a chance to eliminate the hated Sox.

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September 25, 2011  07:04 PM ET

I challenged him directly cause beefy ruined his td..

Got it. Not looking good for the Red Sox right now, down 3-0 early

September 25, 2011  07:46 PM ET

Got it. Not looking good for the Red Sox right now, down 3-0 early

Isn't it **** great?!?!

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September 25, 2011  08:35 PM ET

What the hell??? Nobody is giving the Angels a shot?? Well me either and I am the biggest little Angels fan on earth. There is always next season Mike. Maybe we can find a couple of suckers to take Abreu & Wells off our hands for some top notch young pitchers in the minors.

I can dream if I want to!!!

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September 26, 2011  10:09 AM ET

Sox have been playing like dog **** for a while now. Even if they do manage to back their way into the playoffs, unless a starter or two gets hot, they will be making an early exit.

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September 26, 2011  09:25 PM ET

Red Sox are in big trouble, Beckett has given up 6 runs for the 2nd start in a row, and it looks very likely that they'll be tied at the end of the night. Go Rays!

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September 26, 2011  09:46 PM ET

Before tonight's game, Beckett had a 6.38 ERA against the Orioles this year.

And that only went up tonight


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