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The angels sing the praises of the dearly departed.

DJRoxalot (1085-669-126) vs DonCorleone (34-10-4)

"Like I said in our recent TD, MF, the Colts are going to have the worst record in the NFL. There's no way a team led by Painter can be a winner."

There is no way a team can be a winner led by him? Really? Why is that? Because he has had so many starts to prove he is incapable of success or leading a team?

Curtis Painter will be making his first NFL start tonight. This is just his 3rd season in the League.

It isn't like he has gotten a lot of snaps in practice with Peyton Manning as the longtime starting QB.

Say what you want about the kid, but last week he looked alright once he calmed down. I am not talking about his stats either, 5 of 11 for 60 yards is not that impressive, even if it was against

He showed some poise as he led the Colts on their only TD drive of the game against a good Pittsburgh Steelers defense (3rd in total ypg, 5th in ppg allowed).

Now, I am not saying he will ever be as good as Manning, but it is a little early to be writing him off as somebody that cannot ever lead a team to a winning record.


Good luck, Ahmad. Please wait for 2 arguments before voting. Thank you.

Well, I already had A TD discussing why I think the Colts will be in last place this year.

I'm writing off both Painter and the Colts. The team, as a whole, is not that good at all.

Painter can't carry an NFL franchise like Manning did. Like I said in my other TD, Manning to the Colts is comparable to Lebron to the Cavs. We preach that one guy doesn't make a huge difference to the success of a team, but it sure has been evident with the Cavs, and now with the Colts.

Painter hasn't done anything in the NFL. He's been practicing with the first team for the past two weeks, so he's had plenty of snaps in practice.

The Colts just don't have a lot of talent on either side of the ball to compensate for a guy like Painter. You can say it's too early to write someone off, but it is just my opinion that the Colts won't do well.

The Colts are shaky on both sides of the ball, and with an inexperienced QB, that just makes matters worse.

Can Painter play well tonight and win? Anything is possible. Without good protection on the o-line and from running backs, odds are that Painter and the Colts will have a long season.

"The team, as a whole, is not that good at all."

Dallas Clark is 1 of the better TE's in the NFL.

Reggie Wayne is a heck of a WR. Replaced Marvin Harrison as the No.1 WR in Indy. Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie give Painter a nice trio of WR's to throw to.

Addai is averaging 4.8ypc on the season and ran for 5.1ypc vs Pittsburgh's defense. It looks to me like Addai has rebounded after some injury plagued seasons.

"Painter hasn't done anything in the NFL."

QB's never do, until they are given the opportunity.

Collins got a concussion in the game vs the Steelers. The week leading up to that game? Collins had the bulk of the reps. This past week leading up to tonights game? Painter has finally been able to get a better understanding of the offense by taking reps with the 1st team offense.

"The Colts are shaky on both sides of the ball"

It's real easy to say that. The defense looked awful vs Houston and Cleveland, but they limited Pitt's running game to 67 yards on the ground. And Indy's defense kept the offense in the game.

Dallas Clark is an ok TE, and TE's usually don't win games anyway. 83 yards receiving through three games isn't much.

Reggie Wayne is a good wide receiver, but not the weapon he was when he was paired up with Harrison. One wide receiver won't win games, especially if he doesn't have a QB to throw him the ball.

Addai has ONLY carried the ball 39 times through three games, so I think that's why you put up his ypc average. He's no Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice, who can can make differences in games.

Without the right personal, it is very difficult for a new quarterback, especially a career backup, to do well. All indications point to failure for the season.

There is no proof you have that the Colts will be anything but be bad this year.

I am not a pessimistic person, and I'd rather see good things happen to others. However, by the looks of the Colts and the "stars" that you mentioned, along with a quarterback that you believe has a chance, I am willing to bet on the Colts having a terrible season and differently grab one of the top three picks for the '12 draft. "Just turrble."

They didn't win, but it wasn't for a lack of effort by Painter. The defense allowed 287 passing yards and 192 rushing yards.

Painter completed 13 of 30 passes for 281 yards, 9.4ypa, 2 TD's with no INT's, and a 99.4 Passer Rating in his first start. He didn't complete a high percentage of passes, but that was more the play calling than anything else. They didn't throw enough passes to Dallas Clark. Caldwell was so intent on throwing to the WR's, 23 of the pass attempts to WR's, rather than safer high percentage passes to Clark and Addai.

"Without the right personal, it is very difficult for a new quarterback, especially a career backup, to do well. All indications point to failure for the season."

Painter is in his 3rd season and a "career backup" to Manning. Not some chump.

"Addai has ONLY carried the ball 39 times through three games, so I think that's why you put up his ypc average."

They trailed big to Houston and Cleveland. They were forced to throw the ball and couldn't afford to run the ball.

I am arguing that it is premature to write off Painter as not being a capable NFL QB. Which you obviously are.

LOL, I knew you were going to bring up Painter's ypa stat.

If you saw the game tonight, you'd know that 146 yards of those 287 yards were two passes to Garcon, who did all the work by breaking a tackle down the sideline after catching a short pass, and catching a pass on a screen pass for the second reception for a TD. Painter gets that stats padded thanks to Garcon.

Painter made a blunder with a lost fumble, and by my count, should have been intercepted at least three times, but the Bucs dbacks had butterfingers tonight.

I'm sorry, but I still think Painter is a chump. The Colts need a real leader, and he's not going to get the job done. The Colts are losing players through injury, and their depth chart is going to start adding more practice squad guys.

The three stars you mentioned in argument two, Clark, Addai, and Wayne, didn't do much tonight.

The Colts should have lost by at least 17 tonight, if it weren't for that field goal blunder before the half, and the dropped INT by Talib that would have gone for a TD.

Tonight, I watched a team that didn't look desperate to win. The Colts looked lost. They will not be a winning/good team with Painter.

October 3, 2011  01:01 PM ET

even if it was against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

Damn argument got cut off at an awkward place.

October 3, 2011  02:26 PM ET

Agreed, plus the Steelers are now terrible.

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October 3, 2011  03:59 PM ET

Haha, fanmailing me with my own TD. LOL.

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October 3, 2011  04:04 PM ET

Haha, fanmailing me with my own TD. LOL.

Classic DJ!

October 3, 2011  04:05 PM ET

Agreed, plus the Steelers are now terrible.

Especially their OL and DL!

October 3, 2011  05:31 PM ET

I agree with Right, but Left has countered the point very well and made a strong case for himself. Leaning to DJ so far.

October 4, 2011  09:27 AM ET

"Painter made a blunder with a lost fumble"

Because Addai missed a block.

October 4, 2011  09:27 AM ET

Should have had INT's?

Please. We have all heard about shoulda, woulda, coulda.

October 4, 2011  02:11 PM ET

Long season for the Colts.

October 4, 2011  04:46 PM ET

Should have had INT's?Please. We have all heard about shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Well, Talib clearly dropped an easy pick six, and there was another drop INT in the third quarter, and I think another in the second. Colts + Painter= Not a good season.

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