• 10/03/2011, 07:40PM ET

Boston is a vastly overrated sports city

Yankees fan (1-8-0) vs DonCorleone (34-10-4)

I have not been here for very long, but one thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of Boston or New England fans in this place. As a result of this phenomena, I have concluded two things:

1. I must shed some light on these fans
2. I will most certainly lose in a very lopsided fashion on this throwdown, but I like stating my opinion so whether I win or lose will not make a profound impact on me.

My throwdown title says it all; though many sports fans and analysts claim Boston is almighty (even leading ESPN the magazine to dedicate an entire issue to Boston sports, like that's a good business decision....), this is a false belief. The Patriots have never won a superbowl without cheating. They can go 14-2 or 16-0 every year but if they don't win the superbowl, who really cares? The Red Sox needed 86 years (and plenty of juice from David Ortiz, Manny, etc.) to win a meaningful game. The Bruins just won their first Stanley Cup in nearly 40 years. Big whoop. I will give Boston fans the Celtics, that is their one true respectable team. But then again, it's the NBA, so it's not really respectable. And having one good team doesn't mean squat.

Boston is the one city in the entire country that is competitive in all four major sports, as well as in the MLS, the past decade. You can't deny this fact.

You didn't really specify clearly why you think Boston is vastly overrated, other than your perception that the Patriots always cheat. "Spygate" was ridiculous, because most of the teams did/do it in one form or another. The Patriots in dominance alone make Boston a sports city.

Bring up the argument that Manny and Ortiz were juiced, but the Sox aren't the only team that had juiced players. Again, all teams, whether we know the players or not, had players on PEDs.

Boston teams won seven titles in the 2000s. This includes at least in one in each of the four major sports.

All four teams from Boston, even with the Sox choke job, are good, and not just one like you said.

I know you're upset that the Cardinals lost to Eli, so I understand why you want to make ridiculous claims. Even with obnoxious Sox fans that sing their "Sweet Caroline" over and over and over again, I still can't fathom to think that Boston is anything less than a sports town.

My perception that the Pats always cheat? I never said that. All I said was they haven't won a superbowl without cheating. That means, since they stopped, they have been just like the 30 other teams every year watching the champions celebrate. And yes, I'm upset that the Cardinals lost, but that isn't really relevant to this throwdown. And I never said Boston is a bad sports city, just that they are overrated. They have one clean perennial contending team, and the others either cheat or come up short year after year.

That is all, thank you for your time.

You keep repeating yourself that the Patriots cheated, but you haven't clarified exactly how they cheated in each Super Bowl they appeared in. Is this just your opinion without factual proof? I'm assuming you're referring to Spygate. If you know anything about that, you'd know that even the assistant that did a lot of the video tapping between 2000-2002, Walsh, said that there was no videotaping of the Rams walk through before Super Bowl 36.

It is all speculation on your part whether the Pats cheated in each SB they won. So, your speculation is just that.

What your definition of a Sports Town? You make it seem like every team in a city has to win titles year after year and be "clean."

There isn't a city in this country that follow those guidelines, because those guidelines are ridiculous.

My definition is a city that has 3-4 of the major sports, and is competitive on a yearly basis, with titles ranging from conference/leagues titles, to championships. You also have to consider the fans that come out and support their teams. Boston sports, as a whole, probably has one of the top three followings across the country, which is quite impressive.

Don't be a hater.

Ok, let me set something straight, I never said many things that you claim I've said.

1. I never said Boston isn't a sports town
2. I never said you need to win titles year after year
3. I never said anything about fans, attendance, or fanbase whatsoever
4. I never said teams from Boston aren't good

All I said in the title, and this has been my argument the whole time, is that Boston sports are overrated. That doesn't mean they aren't a sports town. That doesn't mean they are bad. A team or city can be very good, but still be overrated.

At this point, it doesn't matter what I write, because what you have argued hasn't been in response to either of my prior arguments. Also, the Boston homers will vote based off of the title of the throwdown. I stick my by original statement. People herald this an an invincible sports city. They are not.

By saying that they're overrated, you're essentially insinuating that Boston isn't a Sports Town behind the lines.

Ok. So let's say Boston is "overrated." How are sports teams from Boston overrated? How?

You can talk about ESPN's hype, but they do the same thing for Chicago, New York, LOS ANGELES, etc. Every city that has a number of professional teams is always talked about.

You have failed to define what you perceive to be overrated about Boston, because your reasoning that Boston has only one good team (the Celtics) is untrue. I am not going to pull up the amount of regular season, playoff and championship wins the Boston teams have had the past eight years, so you can look that up.

If your sole reasoning that Boston is an overrated sports town because the Celtics are the only good team, then you are absolutely wrong. I don't know how else to put it.

I'm surprised you got votes. All the Boston fans aren't voting against you because of your title. Any voter that has voted against you did so because you're discounting the accomplishments of the Sox, Pats, and Bruins without good reasoning.

Other than that, please change your avatar. Kinda annoying :D


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October 3, 2011  07:44 PM ET

Damn, just missed it.

I'm not a Boston fan, but I guess this is the one time in my life I can praise Boston sports, other than my admiration for Ted Williams and Tom Brady.

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October 3, 2011  07:47 PM ET

Damn you, Ahmad!!!

October 3, 2011  08:13 PM ET

Hank is an idiot.

"ESPN is pulling Hank Williams' classic intro song from Monday night's broadcast of the game between Tampa Bay and Indianapolis after the country singer used an analogy to Adolf Hitler in discussing President Barack Obama.

In an interview Monday morning on Fox News' ''Fox & Friends,'' Williams said of Obama's outing on the links with House Speaker John Boehner: ''It'd be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.''

Asked to clarify, Williams said: ''They're the enemy,'' adding that by ''they'' he meant Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

In a statement, ESPN said: ''While Hank Williams Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to 'Monday Night Football.' We are extremely disappointed with his comments.''

The network didn't say its statement whether Williams' song, which features the line ''Are you ready for some football?'' would be pulled beyond the Buccaneers-Colts game."

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October 4, 2011  04:08 AM ET

Wasnt until around 2002 and the new Sox owners came arboard that they started playing that garbage song. Any real Sox fan will tell you that song needs to go. Its for girls... any guy that gets up and sings that song at Fenway needs to be slapped. My parents had season tickets from 1992-2001 and that song was never played. The same d.ouchbags that sing that song are the same people who if you asked them what a 6,4,3 double play was, would think your talking about the winning lottery number.

October 4, 2011  09:29 AM ET

Why?He didn't say anything idiotic. He made an analogy that happened to include Obama, Boehner, Hitler, and Netanyahu.What's the big deal?

The big deal is calling the president of the United States "the enemy" and comparing him to Hitler. Williams is just as a big a moron as the liberals who did the same with George W. Once again, we are seeing idiots with no more than 4 working brain cells dragging political discourse into the gutter.

October 4, 2011  09:33 AM ET

Let's see:

Red Sox have been around for over a century.
Bruins are one of the original 6 in hockey.
Celtics have been around since the beginning of the NBA.
Patriots have existed since the start of the AFL.

All these teams have multiple championships and many HOFers in their sport. And this just counts the 4 major sports. Add in the "minor" sports and college and you get the point.

Annoying maybe. Overrated, don't think so.

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October 4, 2011  09:41 AM ET

Annoying is pretty much the best word you can use. Makes every Boston loss that much sweeter.

October 4, 2011  10:38 AM ET

Annoying is pretty much the best word you can use. Makes every Boston loss that much sweeter.

So, you enjoyed last Wednesday evening? ;)

October 4, 2011  11:03 AM ET

The only city to ever have all 4 major sports franchises win a championship in less than 8 years. Love'em or hate'em you can't take that away. I don't if they are the number one sports city or not but they are easily on the short list. It is difficult to come up with a city that has had the same success across the board in a given period of time.

The left pretty much lost any chance of winning when he damaged his arguments with the Patriots cheating thing. It illustrates both a lack of knowledge about what the actual infraction really was, the history of such infractions and the punishments that have been doled out. When you allow emotion to trump logic, your arguments go down the tubes!

October 4, 2011  11:11 AM ET

As long as he gave the celtics their due i am good.... because that is the only boston team i like.....

October 4, 2011  01:00 PM ET

Whether your are a Red Sox or Celtic fan or not, you still have to admit Fenway and the old Boston Garden were two of the great temples of sport.

October 4, 2011  01:03 PM ET

Hank is an idiot.

Why did Fox News' have him on anyway???? He's a country singer, why should we care what his political views are? Hank should be interviewed about his next song or album release not his stance how how the country is being run. Don't ask the question if you don't know the response or aren't ready for it.

October 4, 2011  01:05 PM ET

*stance on how


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