• 10/03/2011, 08:50PM ET

The Dallas Cowboys WILL make the playoffs.

C-C-C (397-169-39) vs Schad - Notorious Deadbeat (54-39-9)

I figure at 2-2 and not looking like a serious contender is the best time to do this TD. Certainly can't be accused of going for 'an easy win'. Particularly with all the Cowboys haters reveling in the Lions loss.

Say what you want about Romo, and I'm sure the word "choke" will appear in the comments more than a few times, but the guy knows how to make the playoffs. In the 4 seasons he has finished, Dallas has qualified for the post season 3 times. The one year they didn't, Tony missed three games with a broken finger. The team went 1-2 in those games, including a loss to the awful Rams. They missed the playoffs by 1/2 game that season. It's a safe bet if Tony had been able to play, he'd be perfect in playoff appearances in seasons he finished.

Injuries. I know, all teams suffer them every week. Green Bay had a ton of them last year. But come on.


There are 6 pro bowlers and another guy almost certain to be, on that list. They have all missed time and/or played through serious injury thus far. And that's just starters. Just by sheer odds, that won't continue.

Next: Schedule

Injuries are a weak excuse. Every team has had injuries. Most of those teams having injuries have had major ones. I don't care about what players have done in the past when it comes to injuries, or how many former pro-bowlers were involved. I'm also not going to waste anyone's time with a list of pro-bowlers on other teams that have been out.

Also, every player plays with injuries throughout the season. Do you think there is a single player outside of kickers and punters that aren't playing with injuries of one form or another, every week?


He has cost his team 2 games this year. That's out of 4 played. He threw a couple of 2nd half touchdowns to players in blue and white yesterday. Unfortunately, they were playing for the other team. He threw a nice pass to a Jets defender a few weeks ago.

It isn't "Cowboy hate", it's realism. Next 5 against:

@New England
St. Louis
@ Philly

They could very easily be staring down at 4-5 after 9 games. After that, they have 2 games against the Giants, one more against the Eagles, @ Washington against whom they barely eeked out a win at Dallas against.

You can't guarantee a playoff visit.

Show me a team with anything close to the injury situation Dallas has faced through 4 weeks to critical players. You can't, it hasn't happened

Romo didn't 'lose' two games. Romo is a big part of the reason they were in position to WIN those games. I won't waste my time or characters rattling off the myriad of issues that led to those losses but Romo was far from the sole culprit

Yes, let's get to that schedule...In their first 4 games, Dallas has faced 4 teams that right now have a combined record of 12-4. 2 of the 4 losses were meted out BY the Cowboys. In fact, of their four opponents, the Jets are the only one that has lost a game to a team that DOESN'T call Dallas home. The others are 9-0 against other teams

NE - the ONE team that completely confused Brady last year was the Browns. Led by DC Rob Ryan, who now holds that job in Dallas. The Cowboys have MUCH better personnel to run the same scheme that made Brady mortal a year ago. +2 weeks to prepare

After NE is:

Rams - awful
Eagles - 1-3
Seattle- Pathetic
Buffalo - at Dallas. Lost to CINCY on the road
Skins - Beat them with the whole team hurt
Miami - Please
AZ - not in the same class

8-4, at worst.

So, Romo isn't why they lost when he threw those 2 "Pick-6's" against the Lions, but was the reason why they were in a position to win until those INT's he threw were run back? So, all credit and no blame?

As far as "predicting" injuries, you don't know. You'd be as successful as Nostradamus in predicting them, and Nostradamus has been dead for almost 450 years. You can't predict a random occurrence.

As far as the "much better personnel" that Dallas has to a random game from last year by the Browns, these same players gave up over 300 yards to Sanchez.

For the rest of your predictions, to say they are going to go somewhere between 6-2 and 8-0 with all these "injuries" seems a bit far fetched. Who are they going to beat? You seem to dismiss the Eagles because of their record, yet suddenly a 2-2 team is going to reel off a fantastic record for the next half season. You dismiss Buffalo because of a team they lost to, but the Cowboys lost to an Alex Smith led 49ers team and one of the worst offenses in the NFL.

Coaching is also a huge problem. What kind of OC decides to throw the ball all over the place with a huge lead? That won't change.

the Cowboys lost to an Alex Smith led 49ers team

Really? I'm sure the 49ers will be glad to find out they are now 4-0.

That was the game Romo broke his ribs and punctured his lung on the 3rd play of the game and then came back to lead the team to a 4 qtr WIN after Kitna had thrown a couple of ugly INT's

Of course injuries can't be predicted. However, the odds of so many play makers being out or playing with major injury at the same time is very small. It is reasonable to assume the situation will improve

I didn't 'dismiss' anybody. Nowhere did I predict which games Dallas would win, or lose aside from upsetting the Pats. I am simply pointing out that the Cowboys schedule over the next two months is substantially easier than what they've faced in the first month

Combined record of first 4 opponents - 12-4.

Combined record of next 8 opponents - 12-20. 5 of the 8 teams are 3-17 combined.

Then consider that since mid-season last year, Dallas has not lost a game by more than 4 points. And that with the bye week, they will finally have a relatively healthy team on the field again.

Schedule alone makes them a playoff contender. Health enhances it.

No, it isn't "reasonable" to assume that the rate of injuries will change. It is a random event. You have nothing to base this on. Some years, teams have a lot of injuries, some seasons they don't. There isn't a rhyme or reason to a random event.

You kept saying they are going to go somewhere between 6-2 to 8-0, yet you now say that you aren't predicting games. Which is it? Oh, you predicted that they would beat New England, in New England, where Brady hasn't lost a home game in years. Based on what?

You keep looking through your crystal ball and saying that their health is going to improve. I'm still waiting on how you know this based on the randomness of injuries.

Injuries have nothing to do with the interceptions Romo has been throwing.

Injuries have nothing to do with bad routes being run.

Injuries have nothing to do with the poor playcalling and coaching by the coaches of Dallas.

Their defense struggled with Sanchez. The same Sanchez that threw for slightly over 100 yards last week. The same Sanchez that is 28th in QB rating now. He was 27th last year. He's a bad QB and Dallas struggled with him. What are they going to do with a good QB?

October 3, 2011  08:52 PM ET

I fully expect to experience the 'Cowboys hate' on this one, and probably not a lot of support from very disappointed Cowboys fans right now, either.

But, I just did a blog on my 'State of the Cowboys' so it was fitting to TD it.

October 3, 2011  09:07 PM ET

A bit early for playoffs talk.

October 3, 2011  09:08 PM ET

A bit early for playoffs talk.

Oh snap.

October 3, 2011  09:12 PM ET

October 3, 2011  09:30 PM ET

Wait a sec... a QB doesn't make the playoffs.....

Also, you forgot to mention the year the Cowboys were 1-5 before he got hurt. No chance of making it that year....

October 3, 2011  09:31 PM ET

I agree. Another time, C-C-C

You take it, Schad.

October 3, 2011  09:35 PM ET

I agree. Another time, C-C-CYou take it, Schad.

Uh oh. This just got interesting.

October 3, 2011  09:35 PM ET

Wait a sec... a QB doesn't make the playoffs.....Also, you forgot to mention the year the Cowboys were 1-5 before he got hurt. No chance of making it that year....

No kidding.

Come back and read it again after you take that reading comprehension class I've been suggesting...

I didn't 'forget' anything. See, above.

October 3, 2011  09:38 PM ET

A bit early for playoffs talk.

Of course. But not too early to discuss why a particular team is poised to make a run at the playoffs.

I'm not about to predict which teams will be in the playoffs, or even which games Dallas will win (except 1) This is just about how their play to this point, and the factors surrounding it, lead me to believe this particular team is playoff bound.

Comment #11 has been removed
October 3, 2011  09:51 PM ET

Leaning left by a mile.

Well, considering it's the only argument up.....

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October 3, 2011  09:54 PM ET

Should have just waited for the Defend Yourself challenge.

I was preempting about 8 of them here...

October 3, 2011  09:54 PM ET

Grudge match!

October 3, 2011  09:55 PM ET

choke choke choke choke choke.

Just making sure it appears in the comments "a few times".

October 3, 2011  09:57 PM ET

choke choke choke choke choke.Just making sure it appears in the comments "a few times".

Thanks! I'd hate to lose on a technicality. ;)

October 3, 2011  09:58 PM ET

Grudge match!

Eh, we'll see if he makes a legit argument or just an anti-Romo (or CCC) rant.

October 3, 2011  09:59 PM ET

Grudge match!

This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

<flips a quarter to Sen. Fred Thompson>

Comment #20 has been removed
October 3, 2011  10:03 PM ET

Eh, we'll see if he makes a legit argument or just an anti-Romo (or CCC) rant.

Don't flatter yourself.


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