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DetroitFan2255 (3-5-0) vs HOOTZ (33-14-9)

Ok we all knew this was coming.

Since Stephan Tulloch is taking a little bit of heat in the media for "Tebowing" after his 1st quarter sack of Tebow. I wanted to see how everyone else felt about it.

I for one am NOT against it. If an offensive player can do a little celebration when he gets a first down (Roy Williams). Why can't a defensive player celebrate a sack?

The reason for Tulloch getting some heat for this is because some people see it as a disrespect to Tebow's faith. While yes I see how it can be taken in that way lets look at a few things.

1) Tebow did this after the Broncos win against Miami. Yes it was an emootional win and I have no issue with Tebow celebrating the win.
2) The guys who parachuted in even "Tebowed" when they landed. I don't hear anyone complaining about that.

Taunting is a part of sports, trash talking, and mocking have always been used in sports. Especially football.

If you have an issue with "Tebowing" lets work it out......GL

It's a pleasure to be TDing with you DetroitFan2255 so lets get started.

To begin with we need to separate the nucleus from the atom. The outcry is NOT about Tulloch disrespecting Tebow. It's not about Tulloch disrespecting Tebow's faith. The outcry is a misinterpretation of Tulloch disrespecting GOD.

Tullock made it very clear after last Sunday's game that no ill will was intended against Tim Tebow. "It wasn't out of disrespect, it was out of fun". He approached Tebow after the game to make sure that was understood.

Now, I don't personally think Tebow was overly thrilled about the gesture Tulloch made...but, Tebow is from the 'School Of Hard Knocks' and believe me, what Tulloch did was not a hard knock. Tebow dusted himself off and continued the game.

It wasn't that easy for Stephen Tulloch. This is where the real debate begins. Tulloch lost his composure on that play. He exposed himself to the critics. You can get away with a lot of things, but disrespecting GOD isn't one of them.

Now, you call this Tebowing. In some circles it's called something very different. The word blasphemy is used.

The question is do people have an issue with blasphemy?


I fail to see how this is blasphemy when Tulloch made the point that it was not about GOD but about fun.

Is it blasphemy when the parachutist did it?

Tulloch is being scrutinized for his "mocking" of Tebows religion, however if Tebow is able to do this after a touchdown or big play; he should be prepared for others to do it back when they make a good play against him.

Mocking or poking fun at another players antics has been a part of the game for years.

When someone scores on the Ravens chances are they are thinking of doing the Ray Lewis dance. When they score in Dallas the opposing teams likes to go stand on the star (Deion Sanders), the dirty bird, the icky shuffle all antics and celebrations that have been mocked.

This is no different, other than it is Tebow and he has chosen to use his religion as his celebration. As Tulloch said "I have love and passion for the game of football, football is a form of entertainment. Have a sense of humor ??? I wasn't mocking God." and "The fact that anyone could say I'm mocking God is outrageous," Tulloch said. "It wasn't out of disrespect, it was out of fun."

Hell Tebow isnt offended by it, not sure why anyone else is.

I realize you fail to see how this is blasphemy. If you would read my argument more carefully you will see that I said that the gesture was misinterpreted meaning it was viewed differently by different people.

You're telling me that standing on the Dallas star after a touchdown, the Ray Lewis dance, the dirty bird or the Icky shuffle is "no different" than a player choosing to mock GOD???

I was quite certain that I had successfully seperated the random celebrations that take place on a football field on any given Sunday from what Stephen Tulloch did last Sunday October 30,2011 vs the Denver Broncos.

Would you please explain to me in greater detail how all these things are the same? You're losing me here. When people bow their head in prayer it's not usually meant for Ray Lewis is it?

When Tim Tebow starts Tebowing is that meant as a blessing to his Savior Ickey Woods? You see, now I'm starting to get uncomfortable. I think you're laying a topic on the table that is entirely foreign to you.

We're not talking about football anymore are we? Tebowing isn't to be taken so lightly anymore is it? This is about GOD not Jamal Anderson.

The bottle is half empty.

I appologize for making you uncomfortable, I assure you I am talking football. Which is exactly my point. This gesture was not directed at religion, it was directed at the player. Such as the Ray Lewis dance, Dirty Bird, Icky Shuffle, Etc.. But this issue is merely fan based. I don't see people up in arms when someone mocks one of the other celebrations.

If we are to have a problem with Tulloch "Tebowing" then we need to have a problem with the parachutist that did it, we need to have a problem with

They call it "Tebowing" for a reason, because it is directed at a football player not his religion. It is poking fun at a players celebration.

"He was just celebrating, having fun with his teammates and I don't take offense to that," Tebow said.

That is how this was meant to be viewed, different people have different perspectives. However if the man who the gesture was directed at doesn't have a problem with it and doesn't see it as mocking religion; I don't see how anyone else can.

If this is viewed as blasphemy, then isnt Tebow doing the same? How many religious Dolphins players are there that didn't have "god" on their side that day.

Remember what started the Tebowing craze? It was Tebow's momment of pause following a dramatic come from behind victory against Miami. That momment of pause was symbolic of Tebow's religious faith.

Some people were truly inspired by the essance of that momment. It was genuine. The
parachuters were paying homage in recognition of what Tebow had done. That wasn't offensive in character, or wasn't taken as such. SYMBOL= Men decending from Heaven.

Religion exists on the gridiron. I didn't put it there, but it DOES exist. If you choose to take it out of its intended context, then you're seeing it as something other that it was intended to be seen as. Are you familier with Reggie White "The Minister Of Defense"? Tebow is alot like him.

People are often offended by things that happen to other people. We already know that Tebow forgave Tulloch. So, you think everyone should? Doesn't work that way. You can't change human nature.

Tulloch sacked Tebow and then nelt down beside him and had a similar momment of pause. That momment of pause wasn't genuine. It was making fun of religion.

It was cocky arrogance, NOT a celebration of faith. Seperate the two gestures.

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November 2, 2011  07:50 PM ET

I would think there are several current NFLers that are just as religious as Tebow. My question is what makes Tebow any different from other NFLers that have strong faith?


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November 2, 2011  07:59 PM ET

Brian Dawkins. No one seems to hate him for it though.

See - I have no idea what he ever did to advertise it. But everyone knows about Tebow's faith through eye black, commercials, etc.

Maybe it's the age of media that we are in now vs then. Who knows.

November 2, 2011  08:02 PM ET

I should also state that I am not a Tebow hater. Do I think he is overrated...yes, but given time he may turn out to be alright. I personally think he would make a decent TE but we will see what the Broncos do with him. I do like how the Broncos seem to be playing him just to show the fans that they, as coach's, know more about football than a beer drinking, hooting (no pun intended) and hollering, rowdy fan.

November 2, 2011  08:04 PM ET

GL Hootz, I have read some of your comments and other TD's and look forward to this TD.

November 2, 2011  08:05 PM ET

See - I have no idea what he ever did to advertise it. But everyone knows about Tebow's faith through eye black, commercials, etc. Maybe it's the age of media that we are in now vs then. Who knows.

I think it started when he was going to be drafted. you know how they like to follow around some of the top prospects and build up their hype. I am pretty sure that when this all started, and when we all got to see his hot girlfriend lol.

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November 2, 2011  08:17 PM ET

This is very borderline. It can be seen as mocking his religion.

The only thing that makes this OK for me is the fact this is not a religious act, a prayer or something like that, like "crossing" yourself like the Catholics.

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November 2, 2011  08:23 PM ET

WAMU,In a contact/bloodsport? Yer opponent can see this as a weakness,and when yer nationaly televized ,praying? [or some other ritual] yer just opening the door for major embarassment, I don't have a problem with it, but anything you 'show' too an opponant,[that can be used against you]at a losing-compromising postion? yer gonna get called /ridiculed for it.

Its not a weakness. Is Ray Lewis's pre game dance a weakness, is the Saint 'who-dey' chant a weakness. Its part of who Tebow is as a person.

The weaknesses in Tebow are his awful throwing motion and inability to play the QB position in the NFL.

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November 2, 2011  09:34 PM ET

If Tebow is going to make the field a place to showcase his religion, be prepared for others to mock you. If you don't think it belongs, then don't do it yourself. Plenty of people are just as into faith (anyone see the Phillip Rivers chastity and Gift of Virginity commercials?): it's just that Tebow has the intensity that can make it annoying. And i don't just mean religious intensity i mean the man is just too intense in life to the point that it irks people. He gets away with it if hes a winner, but when he's not people get annoyed.


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