• 11/06/2011, 09:48AM ET

Most intimidating pregame ritual..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Baun-ded=PH in MOTION (62-8-2)

The Haka,
performed by the NZ rugby all blacks..

Bunch of dudes, average weight is about 240lbs..
Doing an ancient war dance..
The lyrics?;

I live I live
I die I die
I live I live
I die I die

Its like something out of fight club!

While they are doing this dance, they make spas-dic faces, and stick out their tongues in weird angles..
And then to top it all off they slash their throats at the end of the dance and point at the opposition.. How they are allowed to do this in such a politically correct age, is beyond me!

so tell me sir, is there a more intimidating pre-game ritual?

One could argue that the BIG SMOOCH, that Laurent Blanc did to goalie Fabian Barthez before the games in the 1998 World Cup was intimidating.
How this started and why Barthez allowed it, we'll never know, but apparently it worked wonders. France beat a very talented Brazil team to take home the World Cup.

Entertaining as the Haka is, as far as it being intimidating to the opposition it fails miserably and only serves to fire up the other side. Similar to Baseball's Closer Dennis Eckersley pumping his fist at the Toronto Blue Jays bench in the 1992 World series and followed by the Jays overcoming a 6-1 deficit to go on and win!

QUOTED:"Alexander Ovechkin admitted to a Russian TV station that it helps his game to have sex before games."

Now that may not seem all that intimidating to you on the surface but as talented as Alex is on the ice, he is unquestionalbly one of the ugliest individuals off of it.

Draw your own conclusions from this but keep in mind that Alex is not married.
The team plays 42 games on "the road."

Being the Captain certainley has it's advantages and would indeed, "intimidate" fresh young rookies.
(See photo in comment 4 below.)

Have fun HWC.

well that is your opinion!

how an ugly dude having sex before a game is intimidating is beyond me..

My girlfriend is pretty busted, has a big forehead.

but guess what, thats why doggie style was invented..

so even if one of the 2 people par-taking in the activity is attractive, and the other is busted..
In that position, you dont have to see there faces..
You can just hammer away, and get the **** as fast as possible..
at the end of the day, an **** is still an ****, right!

Your example of 2 men kissing before a world cup game.. is.. right..
yeah, not really scary stuff either..

The dude who said Lewis doing his spasd-ic dance before a game, was better than you..
here is a murder, getting ready to kill someone on the pitch..

its the same with the haka..
a group of insanely fit individuals, basically saying, we want to put you in the hospital..
If you saw argentina, and the look on there faces while the haka was going on..
You would know, that for a sane rational mind, yes the haka strikes fear in the hearts of some players..

good luck!

It is rumoured that just before such encounters that Alex can be heard shouting, "Ready or Not here I come."
Now that is just the point...ready or not...HE has a game to play. Now if you don't think a big ugly man chasing you around naked and with a know, is intimidating, I don't know what is...just ask Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.

But let's get back to the Haka-Kapa-O- Pango.
Designed by Dereck Lardelli the throat slashing move represents drawing vital energy into the heart and lungs. So you're wrong there.

In 2008 Whales refused to move off the field after the reverse effect there.
In the same year, New Zealand did a Haka obviously they are not intimidated by it.

The Haka in no way suggests to the opponent they want to put them in the hospital. So you're wrong there or just don't know the tradition of the dance. It is designed to reflect the multi-cultural make-up of contemporary New Zealand.

They may indeed draw energy from the Haka...but it does not intimidate other "insanely fit individuals" any more than two boxers do staring at each other.

Well well well..

You my friend have ba-lls of steel!

For me personally, I would pi-ss my pants if I saw the mighty all blacks do the haka..
For me, the only thing more intimidating is playing in front of a hostile crowd in college or NFL..
It must be a very lonely feeling, one that I can not imagine..

You, being chased around by a naked man..
Makes me flabbergasted..
How would I react to being chased around by a naked man?
I dont know..
I guess if I was in prison, yeah, I would be pretty scared of being rap-ed..
But in the real world, I would just assume that the person that is naked, never got it out of his system in college..

If it was a naked woman chasing me around?
I would probably have se-x with her do-ggie style, even if she was busted!

The point is YOU might pi-ss your pants but YOU are NOT the other insanely 'fit' individual on the field.
So it isn't intimidating to the other side. If anything, it fires them up.
In Alex case, it's his ritual, not the woman's or other(not that there is anything wrong with that) so she has no choice, READY or NOT.
This happens 84 times per year, he needs help afterward relieving himself because he has trouble "touching his HOT STICK" as hockey fans know.
I've outlined in my previous arguments what the HAKA is about & why you are wrong.
That's why they're allowed to do it. If it was meant to intimidate the league would not allow it.

Not much different than a Sumu preparing himself before a match.

Being part of an Ali poem would intimidate me more.

Or the fear of ending up on the wrong side of a Rick Nash hi-lite reel.

In truth, there really is a very empty field of choices to compare the Haka. So your TD could be viewed as making a statement rather than a fair two sided debate.

I hope I have at least given FanNation pause to consider something via a 'debate' where there is otherwise none; thus not providing you an easy win.

That's my policy, see Dirty Harry's

November 6, 2011  11:02 AM ET

Anything by Ray Lewis.

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November 6, 2011  12:14 PM ET

For once, with no reservations, and no doubts in my mind, I can say this:

HCF is right on the money.

November 6, 2011  12:36 PM ET

add Boy George to that!

Now that's "intimidating"

Intimidating pre-game ritual
How about Super 8?

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November 6, 2011  02:27 PM ET

Your a sick, sick man! LOL

READY or NOT...Here I come...

November 6, 2011  02:35 PM ET

Intimidating pre-game ritualHow about Super 8?

Green looks scared in the background. Great descriptive arguments by both. I shall wait to vote on this TD.....

LMAO! This is funny!

November 6, 2011  02:36 PM ET

READY or NOT...Here I come...

HAAAAA! Great stuff! HAAA!

November 6, 2011  03:54 PM ET

Nice final argument HCF! HAAA! This will be hard to pick the winner. Let's see what Baun-ded has to say for his final......

November 6, 2011  06:10 PM ET

The Haka? I don't find it that scary.

November 7, 2011  12:20 AM ET

These TD args are going to be featured on an upcoming episode of A&E's Beyond Scared Straight.

November 7, 2011  01:44 AM ET

The Haka? I don't find it that scary.


New Kids on the Block don't stand a chance...

November 7, 2011  09:33 AM ET

I always thought it was pretty cool and intimidating how the whole University of Hawaii football team does the Haka before every game.

November 7, 2011  09:35 AM ET

The Haka? I don't find it that scary.

WOW! Talk about getting your game face on. These guys look like they'r ready to eat steel and spit nails. Yikes! :^)

November 7, 2011  09:35 AM ET

Voted <<===

November 7, 2011  10:14 AM ET

"In 2008 Whales refused to move off the field after the Haka...."

In all honesty though, was it because of the Haka or because whales don't have legs and experience serious mobility issues on land?

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November 7, 2011  11:09 AM ET

Nice final argument HCF! HAAA! This will be hard to pick the winner. Let's see what Baun-ded has to say for his final......

As I mentioned in my first argument...Dirty Harry says it best.


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