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Swamp People vs Deadliest Catch

CuntryBlumpkin (305-247-64) vs 7#bag _ Com (997-338-74)

Which show is better.

Seeing that Swamp People is, in my opinion, the best show on television, I'm obliged to pick Swamp People.

The Deadliest Catch has its moments for sure, definitely not a bad show, but to me the show is more about the dangerous water and weather conditions than it is about catching crabs.

Swamp People on the other hand, they battle, up close with arguably the most dangerous animal in America, the alligator. They catch them on lines, or treble hooks, reel in the 700+ pound pissed off beasts to get them close enough, and in good position to hit a quarter sized kill zone on the back of the gator's head.

To me, the Deadliest Catch gets old after a few episodes. With Swamp People, they show a variety of gator hunters, along with some of their side work which involves catching snakes with their hands, hoping it's not a water moccasin, and the Guist Brothers, who do pretty anything you can imagine in the swamp.

There's more variety in Swamp People, and to me, the theme of the show is more exciting, and interesting than the theme of Deadliest Catch.

Gotta go with DC.

1. The people can just leave the swamp, if they don't want to go gator hunting, they don't have to.
People on DC have a LIMITED time frame to get their quota, and if they miss it, or they don't catch enough, they are out of that money for the season, considering they are feeding a lot more than Momma back at the shed, the pressure MUCH greater.

2. The people in SP sleep in thier own beds at night, go home when they want and its not that bad out in the bayou.
The crew in DC are up 20-30 hours AT A STREACH and its eleventy billion below Zero 24/7 during some seasons.

this just in, that SUCKS.

3. We've seen the crews for several years, true, its the older show- and you never know when the swamp is gonna throw a new cousin on us- the mainstays at DC are always going to be there.

4. Phil Harris

Your first point is exactly the same deal for Swamp People. Gator season isn't year round you know. They have 30 days to fill however many tags they buy for the season. If they don't fill their tags, that's wasted money, and they don't carry over for next year.

During the gator season, they are out all hours of the night and day, and yeah, it's cold in Alaska, but it's hot as hell in the bayou, and there's a a bajillion mosquitoes and gnats, not to mention what they are going after could bite their arm off.

From your third point, it is clear to me that you've never watched Swamp people. The mainstays aren't astill there? Hate to tell you, but Troy and Liz, RJ and Jay Paul, Mike and T-Mike, Bruce and Tyler, The Guist Brothers, etc, they're on the show to stay.

This TD is about which is the better show, meaning which has more entertainment value, and the answer is Swamp People.

At this point on the Deadliest Catch, what can they show you that they haven't already showed? They are on a boat catching crabs.

Sometimes the season in the Bering sea is less than a WEEK.

Lets look into what it takes to catch a crab.

You have to get to the point where you want to drop the pot( cannot leave before the season starts)

Drop a test pot- let it sit there for 4-5 hours

The haul it up and HOPE there is something there.

The pound all the pots down there and let them sit for 10-12 hours and then see what they get.

Quite a bit of worry, time intensive work when you have 100+ pots there in sub-zero weather.

Now to get a gator

Go to a spot, throw the chicken, come back and pull out the gator, drink beer.

Not that there isn't danger- but what is the most dangerous occupation in the world? There's a REASON its in the Bering Sea. People survive gator attacks. People suvive for MINUTES in the Sea.


My point is we have seen DC for twice as ling as Swamp people, we've seen people come in as deckhands and move up to were they might get the big chair.

Seen that in Swamp People? Dropping in on Cash America can get you your own boat there.

You are arguing that The Deadliest Catch is more dangerous, that isn't what this TD is about, it's about which IS THE BETTER SHOW.

Of course the element of danger in both shows draws a lot of viewers, but there is more that makes the show good than just being dangerous.

The Deadliest Catch has been on long enough to where it gets repetitive. Not much changes from season to season. There might be some new boat captains, but overall the show doesn't change much.

There is a lot of variety in Swamp People. There are different styles from each team. Bruce goes it alone with his dog. Mike and T-Mike make their own treble hooks for snagging gators, Troy and Liz buy the most tags, so they are more pushed for time.

Swamp People shows more than just hunting gators. From Willie catching poisonous snakes in the bayou with a tube sock for protection, to Mike and T-Mike breaking out a shrimp boat, to the Guist Brothers jugging for gar.

Swamp People has more to offer, the show is fresher, and the highest rated show in its time slot for a reason.

Forfeited Turn

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November 7, 2011  08:48 PM ET

I'll watch both when nothings on, but i don't watch enough to take this. I did slightly prefer deadliest catch, but i kind of think it might be past its prime though where as Swamp People is the fresher newer show.

November 7, 2011  08:48 PM ET

Deadliest Catch is definitely more dangerous, but I haven't seen enough of either show to say which one is better. Family Guy on the other hand...

November 7, 2011  08:50 PM ET

Deadliest Catch is definitely more dangerous, but I haven't seen enough of either show to say which one is better. Family Guy on the other hand...

Family Guy= Dumbest show on TV. It's basically like watching reruns of the Simpsons, only they don't make it funny.

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November 7, 2011  08:56 PM ET

I used to get into Beavis and Butthead back in my stoner days, but now cartoon shows just suck.


Beavis and Butt-Head is awesome. Some with old episodes of the Simpsons, South Park, Aquat Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies and Robot Chicken.

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November 7, 2011  09:58 PM ET

Storage Wars! Yeeepppp

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November 8, 2011  09:01 AM ET

Storage Wars! Yeeepppp


November 8, 2011  09:44 AM ET

How can you not like a show where they need subtitles when speaking English?

Leaning left.

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November 8, 2011  11:40 AM ET


November 8, 2011  11:41 AM ET

Storage Wars! Yeeepppp

Pawn Stars!! Anyone?

November 8, 2011  11:59 AM ET

Storage Wars! Yeeepppp

The classy people show!!!

November 8, 2011  12:19 PM ET

Storage Wars!

I like Auctions Hunters too even though its only about the same two guys each episode.


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