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Best pitching rotation made up of players that USED to be on that team

fvkasm2x (193-58-12) vs [Mahewman]Big Bad Bruins (19-15-3)

Use former pitchers of a team to make up a 5 man rotation to take the field "now." You can use retired players if you like.

You must also pick an active dishonorable mention. As in: "whew, they don't pitch here anymore."


1. Roy Halladay
2. Chris Carpenter

I won't bother with their stats. The names should speak for themselves.

3. Ted Lilly

10+ wins for 9 seasons in a row.

4. Shawn Marcum

3.52 ERA over the last 3 years.

5. Roger Clemens

I think the old guy can still do it and at the back of the rotation, he won't have the pressure or innings to add to his load. ERA under 3.00 for 3 of the last 4 years in the league.

Dishonorable mention:

AJ Burnett

When he was set to become a free agent, I heard rumblings that the Jays were going to try and bring him back. I hoped not, as I found him inconsistent and fastly overrated. Then the Yankees signed him for 5 years at $82.5 million to be their #2 and I laughed my butt off. His stats with NY?

34-35, 4.82 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 94 ERA+

He also led the league in hit batters or wild pitches in all 3 years. Pretty solid #2, lol.

Figured it could be fun.


1. C.C Sabathia

2. Cliff Lee

3. Tim Lincecum.

He was drafted by the Cleveland Indians however he ended up being released then re-drafted by the Giants.

4. Jake Westbrook

5. Bartolo Colon. Figured i would toss an old man in there to rival your Roger Clemens.

If the Lincecum pick doesn't count, ill go with Carl Pavano

The EW Pick.

Tomo Ohka

Cleveland is a good choice, but Lincecum is not.

He was never on the Indians roster, so Carl Pavano it is.

I'm also confused by your Ohka choice. He hasn't pitched on a MLB team since 2009. I asked for an active option, so if Ohka plays for a MLB team, let me know.

I like the team, but not the picks. I would have went.

Jeremy Guthrie
Kevin Millwood

With the DM being Kerry Wood.

On to your actual picks:

Colon showed flashes of brilliance last year, but he's just too old and too fat to get it done now. In his last 5 seasons, he's only had 1 year with an ERA under 4.00 and he also sat out the entire 2010 season. Clemens may be out of the game for a few years, but he's been pitching with his son and is talking about playing winter ball on the same team as him.

Pavano/Westbrook in 2011: 21-23 with 4.48 ERA & a combined ERA+ of 171
Lilly/Marcum : 25-21 with 3.75 ERA & a combined ERA+ of 204

So 2 of my back 3 outperformed your guys last year and I'd go with 7 time Cy Young winning Clemens over Colon. You might argue that Clemens has been gone too long, but he is still in better shape than Colon.

Since your argument is solely based on last years performances lets go down the list.

Halladay vs CC

Both Aces. Top 5 in there respective position. Call it Even.

Lee VS Carpenter
W-L 17-8 vs 11-9
Era 2.40 vs 3.45
H/9 7.6 vs 9.2
K/BB 5.67 vs 3.47

Lee Wins this match up by a landslide.


Bartolo Colon vs Ted Lilly
W-L 8-10 vs 12-14
ERA 4.0 vs 3.97
H/9 10 vs 8
K/BB 3.1 each



Shaun Marcum vs Westbrook

I will give you this match up


Clemens hasn't pitched since 2007 and turn 49!!!!!!!!!!! in august. When he did play in 2007 his era was 4.18. Which is similar to that of Carl Pavano.

The edge here is clearly Pavano who is currently an active pitcher with 13 years on Clemens. Clemens is a huge question mark.

The fact that you dont have a 5th active starter is a huge hole in your rotation.

1. You still haven't given me a dishonorable mention. The rules clearly state that you must have an ACTIVE pitcher for this selection and Ohka isn't active. When asked about this, you didn't even address it.

Burnett vs ???

How can I argue the topic when you refuse to follow it?

2. Colon's ERA over the last 5 seasons? 4.71

Yes Clemens is old and hasn't pitched in MLB for a few years now, but I think he could go out there give me 5 innings. I also think he'd post an ERA well under 5.00, which is something Colon can barely do.

3. Pavano ERA over last 4 years? 4.73
In 10 years, Westbrook has had an ERA under 4.00 only 3 times and in 2 of those, he started 8 games or less.

Lilly has been a 10 game or more pitcher for 9 years in a row. By comparison, Westbrook and Pavano COMBINED have only 9 seasons of 10 wins or more in that same span.

Last 3 years:

Marcum- ERA under 3.65 in all three, 1.15 WHIP average and has an ERA+ of 117.

Pavano - WHIP of 1.30 and ERA+ of 98

Westbrook: 1.40 WHIP and ERA+ of 90 over last 3.

Marcum & Lilly have outperformed your guys for their entire careers. Roger wouldn't do any worse than a fat Colon.

Alright so my dishonorable mention is Kevin Millwood.

Millwood played for the Indians for one year.

W-L 9-11
ERA 2.86

In 2005 Millwood had his career year for the Indians finishing 6th on the Cy Young ballot. Millwood then became a highly sought off free agent and signed a huge deal with the Rangers.

As we know by know, the Indians aren't big into spending the big bucks on stud pitchers.

Thus he leaves.

From then til know.

2006 ERA 4.52
2007 ERA 5.16
2008 ERA 5.07
2009 ERA 3.67
2010 ERA 5.10
2011 ERA 9 games 3.98

Not exactly numbers of a man making 12 million dollars a year.

Thus Kevin Millwood is my "Thank God we didn't sign him then" pick.

November 12, 2011  07:51 PM ET

* vastly overrated

November 12, 2011  07:54 PM ET

* vastly overrated

I prefer the term "fastly overrated"

Has a nice ring to it with slight undertones of religion based self-starvation.

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November 12, 2011  09:03 PM ET

I had a nice lineup of 4 guys, but I wanted to watch UFC instead

November 12, 2011  09:10 PM ET

Dyhard, you can't argue this. I have a Brewer, so you will have to vote for me.

PS. Check out my hockey blog. I was bored.

November 12, 2011  09:10 PM ET

Yeah, was going to take it and go with some serious pitchers who haven't played since the early 1900s, but it said "now" in your rules, so that obviously wouldn't work.

November 12, 2011  09:11 PM ET

Yeah, was going to take it and go with some serious pitchers who haven't played since the early 1900s, but it said "now" in your rules, so that obviously wouldn't work.

And I missed the "now" part in the beginning of the rules.

Vote for you? Ha! You have the Brewer who cost the Brewers a couple wins with his poor pitching in the post season!

November 12, 2011  09:24 PM ET

AJ is working out his problems, I think he is turning it around.

Could we send him to Venezuela for the winter, with all his gold chains?

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November 12, 2011  09:47 PM ET

Im thinking Cleveland. I'll research, but I may drop.

The "now" part makes this interesting.. marlins make an interesting choice

November 12, 2011  09:49 PM ET

Looked at both the Indians and Marlins

November 12, 2011  09:53 PM ET

The "now" part makes this interesting.. marlins make an interesting choice

I was thinking Oakland, but would have to dig a little.

November 12, 2011  10:13 PM ET

The Indians. Sob. the-CC-Sabathia-Cliff-Lee-ma?urn=mlb-198686

Sabathia and Lee is enough, I think...... and we got nothing back from either trade. Matt LaPorta and Jason Knapp? Awesome. One sucks and the other one is hurt. Gahhhhh I hate my baseball team.

Comment #15 has been removed
November 12, 2011  10:51 PM ET

I'm still unsure, and researching these guys from my phone is a pain...

Try submitting your argument on a BlackBerry. You'll come away with a sense that technology isn't progressing fast enough.

November 12, 2011  11:30 PM ET

iPads rock. Not.

November 12, 2011  11:44 PM ET

Im thinking Cleveland. I'll research, but I may drop.

We going to go with Boston because of Cy Young and Pedro Martinez... But the "now" part eliminates Cy Young, unfornuately.

November 12, 2011  11:44 PM ET

Was, not we.

November 13, 2011  12:18 AM ET

dang was about to take this but by the time i could figure out my password it was snatched up


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