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Andy Reid is making DeSean Jackson sit?

J-Business (78-66-19) vs sportsfan809 (2-7-1)

The Eagles are 3-5 and in a fight to make the playoffs.
Their star receiver misses a team meeting so coach Andy Reid decides to sit him.

I for one, agree with Andy Reid's decision

A few things should be noted
Although this is the first time, Jackson's been forced to sit out, it's most likely not the first time he's showed up late or missed a meeting
His excuse was "his alarm didn't go off". While this is possible, it's still a very lame excuse

This is their livelihood and they have to be professional
On top of this, players have agents, personal managers and everyone in between to make sure they're on time for meetings and events, so the alarm excuse is rarely acceptable in pro sports

The backdrop to all of this, is that Jackson has been complaining about his contract and was even advised by Terrell Owens (of all people) to sit out a game

The Eagles are a team of "stars" and they're not playing like a team

It's obvious with the Eagles that they have the talent to win games however, all of the players aren't on the same page.
Stuff like this is what causes separation in the locker room and Andy Reid is trying to send a message.

And I agree

I understand that Andy Reid is trying to send a message but now I think Reid has to realize the consequences. That move just took the Eagles out of playoff contention.

He needs to realize the lack of depth that the Eagles have shown at the Wide Receiver position:

1) You have Jeremy Maclin...he's a big factor with D.J. in the lineup because while 2 men are covering him downfield, Maclin is open so much about 10-15 yards down the field. Take Jackson away and who is there to focus on? Maclin. BOOM! He's gone.

2) There's Brent Celek...a reliable receiving tight end. He's great in high pressure situations. You can always rely on him.

3)...? Steve Smith? Great pickup in the off-season, but he and Vick haven't worked together for a lot of the season. That equals no chemistry, as you saw in the game...Avant? He's useless....Cooper? C'mon man!

The Eagles have absolutely no depth. Jackson isn't the best receiver on the team but he the attention grabber for opposing defenses. In the game, you saw the safeties play 10 yards back, but with D.J, that's usually 20 yards.

Good Luck!

This isn't a scouting report about Jackson
Nor is it about if he's the best receiver on the Eagles

This is about a player, who missed a team meeting and was subsequently benched.
The Eagles are 3-6 for a reason and a lot of it has to do with them not playing as a team. They came into the season with the "Dream Team" label and now they're falling apart.

They're at a tough point in the season and the star wide receiver misses a team meeting. What kind of message does this send?

That's it's okay for him to miss a meeting?
The "alarm clock" excuse was a bit "Iversonesque" and it really shows the mentality that Jackson is bringing to the locker room.

Don't think this was a one time thing. I'm sure players and coaches saw this coming

If Reid had allowed it, other players would have lost respect for him and it would have undermined his authority.

Had Andy Reid not disciplined Jackson, would they have won?
We don't know but he definitely didn't make a difference in the other 5 games they lost.

If you allow one player to get away with this, you'll have other players doing similar things
Reid did what was best to salvage the dignity of the team

I wasn't writing a scouting report about jackson. And nor do I think he is the best receiver (Maclin..cough, cough). I said that he has the biggest impact to a defensive plan.

I doubt he missed the meeting because of the contract dispute. He had the holdout...but that didn't go long. Other than that, he's been very mature about the contract. He hasn't complained or whined about it to the press, making it a bigger deal than it is. He hasn't talked about the contract at all, therefore, in my opinon, eliminating the contract idea.

When it comes to dignity of the team...the team wants to win. That's why Nnamdi, Smith, Jenkins, Young joined the team. To join Vick, Maclin, Jackson, McCoy, Celek, etc... To win. I think the Eagles would understand Reid if he let Jackson play. They want to win. I can't emphasize that enough. The team realizes how much Jackson means to the team. He's a big part in their production, although stats may not show it.

Reid benched him to prove a statement to Jackson. Not the team. He wanted to show D.J. that they can win without him. Apparently, without D.J, the Eagles aren't any better than a 2-6 team without their average starting quarterback.

A sports team, whether professional, college or high school is like a family. In general, most people have an idea of what's going on with each other

When one of your top players misses a meeting the day before the game, everyone knows
And you want to know what's on their mind?
What's the coach going to do?

If the coach doesn't do anything, you want to know what happens next
Maybe someone else gets "sick". Or maybe some guys don't go all out during practice

Come game time, maybe the QB, doesn't make the tight pass to Jackson because he doesn't think he's serious about the game

Guys take plays off
The intensity decreases because the perception is, some guys can do what they want.

The "alarm" excuse is one of the lamest in the book.
The area in which the Eagles practice is not in downtown Philly and is quite accessible from numerous routes. Basically, he could have at least gotten to the meeting late, if he'd tried.

Pro football is about teamwork and effort.

Whether the Eagles won or not, Reid has to make sure all 53 players are on the same page otherwise he loses the locker room and ultimately his job (which will probably happen anyway)

I personally don't think he loses his job. He's the best coach Philly has ever seen. I don't know why they would fire him.

Anyway, "maybe the QB, doesn't make the tight pass to Jackson because he doesn't think he's serious about the game"? Disagree. The QB hasn't been throwing to him at all this season.

I think he's only good for attention for opposing defenses, and his speed on special teams. He's one heck of a playmaker but he hasn't been making those plays.

I think it would have been right for Reid to sit down and talk to Jackson in front of the other 52 players and the other coaches. Get everything into the clear. Let the players know what Jackson is thinking, more importantly let the coaches know what he's thinking, and to see if this is about the contract. I find it more effective to make everything public to the team.

All in all, Reid shouldn't have benched Jackson. Jackson is a big part of the offense, stat-wise or not. Many players have a purpose on a team. Jackson purpose is the deep-threat. Without him, the deep threat is gone. And any team knows that. Not smart when that a 100% must-win game.

November 13, 2011  01:00 PM ET

There's no real argument against this except that... the Eagles are trying to make the playoffs and that they're playing the Cardinals.

Desean did mention that it was his alarm clock though- so maybe he didn't ditch on purpose.

November 13, 2011  01:26 PM ET

I expect this kind of story out of college football... there's no excuse at the professional level.

November 13, 2011  01:30 PM ET

And if DeSean Jackson wants to see that fat contract in Philadelphia, he's going to need to cut out this crap and play better on the field.

With the kind of numbers he's put up the last three weeks, Philadelphia won't be missing him anyway.

November 13, 2011  02:20 PM ET

There's no real argument against this except that... the Eagles are trying to make the playoffs and that they're playing the Cardinals. Desean did mention that it was his alarm clock though- so maybe he didn't ditch on purpose.

I found the alarm clock excuse "Iversonesque".

November 13, 2011  02:50 PM ET

Thanks for this. For some reason I checked here before checking my Fantasy pools. I had Jackson starting, saw this and went to change it with 15 min to spare. Saved me for my weekly matchups :-p

November 13, 2011  02:58 PM ET

I found the alarm clock excuse "Iversonesque".

Oh yea for sure.

Iverson was too good for practice anyways :P

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November 13, 2011  03:53 PM ET

And the Cardinals tied it.

Because the Eagles have Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on their roster...

They chose to cover Larry Fitzgerald in the red zone with Joselio Hanson.

That's after covering Larry Fitzgerald with a linebacker (his first TD of the day) in the red zone earlier in the game.

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November 13, 2011  03:58 PM ET

Big INT by Aso.

As long as Michael Vick doesn't turn the ball over they should end this drive with the lead.

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November 13, 2011  04:03 PM ET

Skelton has outplayed Vick. Wow.

If you don't count Skelton's pick six.


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