• 11/20/2011, 10:21PM ET

FN's most entertaining posters.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs :CubanMissile: (59-24-6)

Alright, this is another TD that's a little silly, but hey, it's the weekend and there isn't any law against silly TDs, so...

Pick who you think FN's most entertaining users are. Pick one per "argument". You can pick someone who makes you laugh or makes you mad, someone who makes you think or makes you shake your head, pick whoever you want.

Again, this is more for fun than anything else. And there's probably a good chance of this TD being deleted anyway, so let's just make the best of it while we can.

My first selection is WWJ.

The guy has been on fire with the one-liners and witty comments this year. Plus he's 3-0 against me in TDs, if I'm not mistaken, so there's a little extra credit for that.

Anyway, I remember the other day WWJ said something that just had me rolling. I don't remember the exact wording, naturally, but I'll do my best with it.

There was a discussiong going and someone made a Stuart Scott reference and then added the obligatory quarter-flip at the end of the post.

WWJ responded by saying that due to Stu Scott's wonky eye, he never saw the quarter coming and it clanked to the ground.

That comment had me laughing for days.

I will list some choices that may not be the most popular members: but certainly fall under the most entertaining category.

I'll start with who is probably one of FN's most controversial members


Yes, yes i know: auto-votes against me for the pick. While people may not like to admit it, this site would be pretty **** without DJ. Hate him, like. or switch your opinion of him everyday the man kept this site going when pretty much nobody was here. He keeps the board alive and is the center of many arguments on this site.

Like most entertainers he has his loyal fans and crazy enemies. Like most celebrities he has his stalkers (who autovote against him) and even a fanclub (well fanmail subscribers but lets not nitpick) He has qualities that irk some people, but that's OK. We need that here. Every party, family, or in this case website needs that guy that drives conversation.

He's responsible for most of the TDs that take place and whether you like them or not: they spark conversation. I mean just think about how much DJ talk goes on: like it or not its entertainment.


Bring the Compliments

Ok, for my next selection I'm going with BassMaster.

Whether it's fart jokes from other users, or comments he made himself, everything is entertaining and usually funny when BM gets involved.

The man has way too many comments for me to sift through and find examples of witty things he's said, but the truth is I don't really need to anyway. We all know we've read some funny **** that he said at some point or other.

Plus there's the added benefit of his ongoing fued with Roy, I mean Sports by the Bay. I'm fairly certain that each and every one of us has been entertained by that little spat.

And of course there was that epic TD about who wins the Super Bowl. Round 2 has over 7,500 comments in it as of right now. Pretty sure some still use that TD today as a place to chat. Heck, even some FN's finest from TnR got involved.

Anybody that can involve TDers and TnRers is entertaining a lot of folks. Figure out a way to add Roy into the mix and it's FN gold.

BM has made us laugh, and even if you are one of the few who hasn't laughed at one of his comments, there's no denying that he has entertained us all in some way or another.

Entertainment and Canadian are two words that are rarely if ever used together. However, it appears my next selection has found a way to break barriers.

While some like to get fancy on the site and post youtube videos (perhaps using knowledge learned from Grue's user friendly HTML blog), only one member that i know of has taken the time to make his own. He's elevated fannation beyond typed words and brought a whole new type of entertainment.

I'm talking of course about Yoda.

Theirs his ground breaking documentary on the life of the infamous BCONN, his annual reports on the state of fannation, and of course the yearly fannation awards. Each video seems to get funnier, more complex, and garners more views.

His videos alone make him one of the best entertainers. Add in his TD skills, Zingers, and commentary and you have all-around entertainment that's just at another level: he's like fannations HBO.

He's easy to get along with and as knowledgeable as anyone on this site. While he's not always here, when he is it seems to draw out all kinds of users.

Legalize it

Yoda's a great choice; can't wait for the new video.

My last selection is a mass shout-out to all the other people who've entertained me over the years. There are quite a few of you, and I'll probably miss some. Sorry; wasn't intentional.

Here are my final selections:

The humorous group:

Justin Cyder
Slinky (maybe Slink should have his own group called the sarcastic commenters)

The great debaters:

Flambo Gus
LA Ahmad
my opponent, CM

The people best for conversation:

Ogre (come around more, man!)
ohio state and cleveland fan

The homers:


The uniquely entertaining:

Beefy Burritos (can't believe I'm giving him a shout-out...)

And of course my most frequent TD partner from back in the day:

513 (AKA and the Prophecy read...)

P.S. where you at, SXM?!

Sorry to anyone I missed! I know as soon as I post this I'll think of you. Thanks to you all for making FN enjoyable!

Members have left and the mods can't be found
But the quality left has kept this site sound
All aspects of sports still seem to be covered
theirs always new topics that can be discovered

A thank you to TD'ers, a nice job to bloggers
A danke to MR. Highway Crossing Frogger
So much uniqueness that makes this site grand,
who else has a drunk hunting Banana hand?

My "highest" regards to the man Mondo Jay
and Chosen1 i hope you are back to stay
Thanks to the Dexter avatars and their knife
and to MarlinsFan and his sport loving wife

To those from T&R and the message boards
i don't know you much, but i'm sure your adored
To the old guys like Twins, i'll let out a "cheers"
and the youngins like Assassin (well i guess just GO BEARS!)

You are all cooler then Snoopy in Sunglasses
well except Heat Owns and Beefy B. (their just ****)
So you Donkeys, you Zebras don't go insane
Know that you always do entertain

I don't have the room to mention you all
but i can give a shout out to college b-ball
OK, that is it. I am finally through
Happy Thanksgiving (in bold for grue)

Comment #1 has been removed
November 20, 2011  10:25 PM ET

I'd pick Outlaw. What ever happened to that guy?

Comment #3 has been removed
Comment #4 has been removed
November 20, 2011  10:36 PM ET

Ha! Thanks for the shout out, MF.

November 20, 2011  10:38 PM ET

Willie Wong Jong ... is really Connie Pho's little brother


November 20, 2011  10:39 PM ET

I'd pick Outlaw. What ever happened to that guy?

Married his Sister and moved to Upstate New York

November 20, 2011  10:39 PM ET

Willie Wong Jong ... is really Connie Pho's little brother ">66,666">

I saw you hit that before.

Damn deletions

November 20, 2011  10:42 PM ET

Gotta be honest here...right really has to bring it to earn my vote on this one.

November 20, 2011  10:46 PM ET

If it's all time, Shaun makienda has to be up there.

November 20, 2011  10:53 PM ET

Controversial and entertaining are different

November 20, 2011  10:55 PM ET


You do this a lot. It seems exceptionally [EVIL

November 20, 2011  10:55 PM ET

Controversial and entertaining are different

"You can pick someone who makes you laugh or makes you mad, someone who makes you think or makes you shake your head, pick whoever you want"

I'm sorry but that's DJ. Every bit of it.

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Comment #15 has been removed
November 20, 2011  10:56 PM ET

"You can pick someone who makes you laugh or makes you mad, someone who makes you think or makes you shake your head, pick whoever you want"I'm sorry but that's DJ. Every bit of it.

Except for the laughing and thinking part.

I kid. But Rude was thinking it.

November 20, 2011  10:58 PM ET

Except for the laughing and thinking part.I kid. But Rude was thinking it.

Now I feel guilty for being High school.

November 20, 2011  11:01 PM ET

Except for the laughing and thinking part.I kid. But Rude was thinking it.

Well i'm sure Rude laughs when he's trying to figure out what the hell DJ was thinking

Comment #19 has been removed
November 20, 2011  11:05 PM ET

Jay Cutler out for season! WTF.

No NBA, NO Cutler, Another OU loss: suicide watch is on


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