• 11/29/2011, 01:44PM ET

Favorite seasons lately.. All of sports..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

1. Nfl, this year..
sooo many story lines

2. Red sox, 2004,
breakin the curse of the bambino..
coming back from 3 games vs yankees..
dumping nomar before the trade..
wonderful personalities..

3. Arsenal, 2003,
going undefeated in regular season..
les invincibles

4. Nba, 1999 lockout..
i loved that 50 game season..
matches actually meant something..
and the good old boys jazz clinched top seed,
with carl malone winning mvp..
and the rise of the dynasty spurs..

5. The djoker, tennis 2011,
50 something winning streak!
and going 10_1 vs nadal and federer is unheard of..
stuff of legends..

2000 tour de france,
armstrong vs pantini doped up..
the only guy who could keep pace with lance in the mountains..

1-The Giants beating the Pats in the Super Bowl.

The biggest SB upset ever. Tiki Barber had retired and NY really had no expectations of making it to the SB, much less winning a wild card. Something they had failed do in 2 previous playoff appearances.

2-Red Sox 2004. Agreed.

3-The Dodgers beating the A's with Kirk Gibson's dramatic walkoff homerun.

LA was a huge underdog to Oakland, the WS favorites.

4-The Giants winning their first WS since 1954.

SF had an excellent pitching staff and an offense that heated up in the playoffs as they beat the Texas Rangers.

5-The Saints winning the SB. A city starved for a winner and they also overcame Hurricane Katrina. To me, this was a huge story and an achievement for a city that endured so much.


Good luck, HCF.

I like your list..
hard to rebute..

Ahhhh, you just had to bring up gmen vs pats..
as a pats fan, I try to fuhget about it..
but I give credit where credit is due..
it was very exciting and alot was on the line..
call me crazy, but I would rather go 16_0, and lose in playoffs,
than go 10_6, and win the whole shebang..
no one had gone undefeated for 37 years..
it is something I will remember till I die..
sides we all ready got 3 rings..
how many more do you need? Ha ha..

Im shocked you didnt say lakers, ha ha..
my 2nd choice was when lakers lost one game in the playoffs to phili..
pure dominance.. And the highlight of the laker dynasty..

To add more..
michael johnson 96 olympics, 19.32 is insane for 200metres..

Jona luma singlehandely taking new zealand to rugby world cup finals..

Vince young singlehandedly beating usc..

Michael vicks season, where he broke the record for all time rushing for a QB..

Bode miller and roberto tomba, dominating skiing..
a season..

Hate to say this, but man u winning the treble is good..
not as good as arsenals, but very good..

Federer in 2005, losing 5 matches all year!

"call me crazy, but I would rather go 16_0, and lose in playoffs,
than go 10_6, and win the whole shebang.."


You play to win the game!!!

*Flips a quarter to Herm*

The Giants beating the Pats was huge. NE was on the verge of history becoming the first team to ever go 19-0. But, they ran into a Giants team that was just too tough and they had an amazing TD catch by journeyman WR David Tyree to win the game.

NY's defense did a great job on Brady, limiting him to 29 completions in 48 passes for 266 yards and just 1 TD (82.5 Passer Rating). The Pats scored just 14 points after having a prolific offense in the regular season (36.8ppg, 1st).

The A's had an amazing team with Mark, McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Dave Henderson hitting homeruns while they had a very good piching staff led by Dave Stewart, Bob Welch, and Storm Davis.

Gibby was sick from a stomach virus and injuries, but I will never forget him limping to the plate and hitting a homerun in his only atbat the entire series. It set the tone for the entire series and the Dodgers won in 5 games.

Every year someone wins the SB..
once every 37 years, someone does the unthinkable,
and goes undefeated during the regular season..
i know what is more impressive..
if the gmen had abetter regular season,
it would ease my heart..
but they lost to romo twice,
and lost something like 41_10 to vikings, a sub .500 team..
plus they had a 4 game winning streak..
yeah, it was a beauty play off run..
but there regular season, leaves a bad taste..
its like the guy that dumps his wife for a w_h__ore..

Remember I did say season..
not some w_h_ore going on a 4 winning streak..
ha ha..

The rest of your list is great..
you would be a deserved winner of this td..

I sound bitter..
but im not..

Sometimes the w_h__ore wins in this crazy life..

Sorry if I offended any w_h_ores..

Damn, this got bumped off the main page and forgot about it since FN isn't sending 2 hour reminders and I didn't see it.

Not even the most diehard Giants fan could imagine them upsetting NE. That team was a freaking juggernaut. They were #1 in scoring offense with 36.8ppg and the defense wasn't too bad either. They were [B]4th, allowing just 17ppg.

NY was mediocre on offense (23ppg, 14th) and defense (21.9ppg, 17th). Not many thought they would be able to contain NE's offense, especially after allowing 38 points in the regular season finale.

The Giants winning the World Series was awesome as well. That pitching staff was excellent and the offense was a question entering the postseason, I remember being on here and people just saying SF didn't have the offense to win it all.

They did.

The Saints winning was just touching for all the city and their fans had endured. The SB win gave the fans hope and inspiration after all they went through. The win had to feel good to those long time New Orleans fans. That had just 1 pro franchise to root for such along time before basketball came to their city.

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November 29, 2011  02:03 PM ET


November 29, 2011  02:05 PM ET

1. 1995 Braves
2. 1994 NASCAR
3. 2002 UGA Football
4. 1998 Denver Broncos
5. 2007 UGA football

November 29, 2011  02:06 PM ET

Dropped it.

you had it when I clicked.....Now DJ has it.....LOL

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November 29, 2011  02:21 PM ET

Subjective of course, but: 1. THE 2010 GIANTS, all else pales in comparison.

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November 29, 2011  05:00 PM ET

1954 isnt really "lately"

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November 29, 2011  06:53 PM ET

2004 definitely was not a favorite of mine.

November 29, 2011  07:27 PM ET

My condolences, Rude!

November 29, 2011  07:30 PM ET

DJ's list is better but both you guys rushed it a it best storyline, best team , most dominate, Highway got Tour de France ???? carl malone lol

November 29, 2011  07:32 PM ET

96 Yankees
94 NY Rangers
04 Red Sox
yeah i know lately lol just throwin

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