• 12/02/2011, 05:03PM ET

Should the Bears sign Donovan?

OJ Simpson (40-9-3) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

Helllllzzz no.

People are saying that they should, because he is from Chicago, Cutler is gone and when on his game, he can be a great QB.

I say:

1) Who cares where he is from
2) Give the kid a chance, he got better as time went on last week.
3) He ain't great no more

Let's face it.

McNabb has timing and accuracy issues.

He won't have time to learn the offense well enough to dominate. The system in Chicago calls for something McNabb can't give them.

At least the backup in Chicago has been learning the offense for a while and knows what to do, he just has to implement it.

His time in Washington was terrible. His time in Minnesota has been no better.

So far this year:

4 touchdowns in 6 games
1026 yards in 6 games
1-5 record

And of course last year, he threw more picks than TD's.

If u wanna tweak this TD and argue ANY team (not just CHI) that should take him, go ahead.

Will they? Probably not. But yes, they should sign him. Jay Cutler is out for the year. He is expected to miss 6-8 weeks and he has said he is not sure he will return. is-season/

"His time in Washington was terrible. His time in Minnesota has been no better."

His time in Minnesota was a lot better than his time spent in Washington.

60.3%, 171ypg, 6.58ypa, 4 TD's, 2 INT's, with an 82.9 Passer Rating

Those aren't awful numbers, they are better than the player who replaced h

He led the Vikings to first half leads against San Diego, Tampa Bay, and Detroit. But poor coaching by a first year HC and a less than stellar defense that couldn't maintain some seriously huge leads.

It can't all be lumped on DM. QB's get too much of the credit when teams win and too much blame when they lose.

McNabb is just 1 player. Where is the the accountability for the other players?

*Houston would be the best fit, but they just signed Jake Delhomme. I doubt they would sign McNabb as well.*



Tell me you did not just say that!

The Texans are a playoff bound team and should not pin any hopes on McNabb. Granted, their situation is tenuous with any new QB going into the playoffs, but they have beast-mode running backs and one of the best WR in the league. They don't need a liability out there, they need a guy who can keep them afloat in the passing game.

In any event, why SHOULD the Bears sign him, as you say they should?

A QB rating of 82.9 isn't very good, O-line be damned.

Think about this. The Bears, Texans and Vikings all have great ground games. The ability to open up the field by keeping the defense honest is key to a QB's success. When you can alternate between Forte/Peterson/Foster and your passing game, it makes things for the QB easier.

McNabb couldn't do that with Peterson, so why would he able to do it with the other 2 teams we've mentioned?

McNabb isn't as mobile anymore. He's something like 25lbs heavier than his Philly days. That wouldn't be a bad thing, if he had a cannon and he could read the defense well. He can't.

"A QB rating of 82.9 isn't very good, O-line be damned."

Glad, you brought that up. Christian Ponder has completed just 54.4% of his passes for 190ypg, 6.8ypa, 6 TD's, 6 INT's, with a 72.6 PR behind that OL.

Adrian Peterson is an excellent RB, no doubt about that whatsoever. But he is pretty one dimensional imo. When McNabb was at his best in Philadelphia, what did he have? A dual threat RB in Brian Westbrook.

Matt Forte and Arian Foster are more complete RB's than Peterson. AP has just 16 receptions this season.

McNabb ran the ball 14 times (5 FD's) for 59 yards (4.1ypc) with a long run of 23 yards. He also ran for a TD. He isn't as mobile as he used to be, but he isn't ready for the rocking chair.

Hanie is not very accurate. This is not the time you want to have a youngster learn the offense. The Bears are fighting for a wild card. Bring in McNabb.

Houston would be the best fit, but they just signed Delhomme. No clue why, he is horrible. The last time he played in a Browns uni, he had 2 TD's to 7 INT's, with a 62 PR.

You can't compare Ponder's numbers to McNabb's.

Ponder is in his first season and isn't anywhere near the level McNabb was. You're comparing a rookie with limited skills (so far) to a guy who is coming down from a great career, when he was a top 10 and maybe for a few seasons, top 5 QB in the league.

Talking about Peterson's receiving numbers is irrelevant. A back who can catch passes is nice, but that doesn't help a defense know if the play is going to be a run or pass. What I was saying, is that not knowing when a team is going to pass or run is beneficial to a QB. Your offense can keep the defense on it's toes, which can give the QB a few more seams to work with.

McNabb won't work in a Mike Martz offense. He would be required to throw the ball where the WR aren't even at. He would need to know where they WILL BE and not look at where they are NOW. He would need to be fast, accurate and strong. He would need to throw the ball, knowing the offense and trusting his wideouts. He can't do that.

Bring The Pain!

"Talking about Peterson's receiving numbers is irrelevant."

Because it doesn't help prove your point, but it helps mine. I got it. The point I am trying to make is DM had his success in Philly when he had a RB that could run and catch the ball. Passes to RB's are safer passes than ones thrown to WR's.

Bring him in and have a scaled back offense for a couple games (Kansas City, Denver, and Seattle are the next 3) as he gets his feet wet. Look at what Carson Palmer has done with the Raiders. And McNabb has played this year, unlike CP who came to the Raiders without any game experience this season. McNabb has never been known as a turnover machine.

For the majority of his career he didn't have great WR's (except for TO and DeSean Jackson). But, McNabb would have some talent at WR in Johnny Knox. Knox had 4 catches (in 10 targets) for 145 yards against Oakland. Hanie completed just 40% of his passes to Chicago's best deep threat. McNabb is a lot more accurate than Hanie. Nearly 60% for his career.

Chicago has a playoff berth on the line. But Hanie is a better than McNabb? A career 55.6% passer with 6 INT's?

Um, no.

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December 2, 2011  05:15 PM ET

McNabb's time has come and gone. He's fooling himself into thinking he still has it.

December 2, 2011  05:19 PM ET

McNabb's time has come and gone. He's fooling himself into thinking he still has it.

Agreed. Although I'm not even sure he even thinks he still has it..

December 2, 2011  05:20 PM ET

cancel one of those "even"(s)

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December 2, 2011  05:29 PM ET

cancel one of those "even"(s)

Wouldn't that make it odd?

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December 2, 2011  06:52 PM ET

you fail to recognize, that at least in MN, he played behind a TERRIBLE O-line

That may be true, but he still has more problems than a weak line

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December 2, 2011  06:59 PM ET

I'm just here waiting to see how long it takes before fvckasm votes for OJ, thanks.


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December 2, 2011  07:05 PM ET

My momma don't dupe or dupe vote! That's a serious accusation

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December 2, 2011  07:17 PM ET


I'm not allowed to vote for friends I guess


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